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Is It That Time? The Official 2015 Secret Santa Announcement!

Is It That Time? The Official 2015 Secret Santa Announcement!

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Please remember to PM wharvey both when you ship your gifts (with contents and tracking for each recipient) and when you receive your gifts (with contents and a name for your santa if possible)!

Posting photos:
Alternatively: Upload your image to somewhere on the internet (a list can be found in the wiki here, and I also can recommend imgur). Once the image is uploaded, right click on the image (control-click or click with two fingers for those of you with macs), click on "copy image URL". Then in your post in this thread, paste the image URL that you previously copied between two image tags, so the result looks like:
[img]your URL here[/img]

There is no "gifts sent" part this time around-PM your sent gifts to wharvey! (though feel free to post it in the thread)

Gifts Received
Please please please PM wharvey when you have received/opened your gifts!
Include pictures if you can-and please only link to posts once you have unwrapped your gifts!
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Old Dec 16, 15, 3:01 pm
Join Date: Apr 2013
Location: Ohio
Posts: 245

what a day! was having a not so good day at work today and i got surprise from BOTH of my secret santas!

the look of my employees when I said it was presents from my secret santas; was priceless!

thank you to @compubit and @PSUPaul (please check your private messages as well!)

Secret Santa @compubit

Very personalized letter explaining my gifts! peppermint and lemon gibralters (the old fashion) / haribo ingwer zintrone, CHOCOLATES!, Jackery mini charger, portable speakers, and a leather pocket notebook! Will always think of you when eating and utilizing your gifts. Trust me they will be put to good use!

Secret Santa @PSUPaul

Very thoughtful card and Paul went above and beyond to find the things I like. I didn't really take the time to fill out my likes, hobbies etc but Paul you nailed it as well! Wine was dead on. I drink everyday and has become an expensive hobby of mine right next to flying! Thank you for your snacks and the best BBQ chip! will go lovely when i drink with your wine. Will always remember you know whenever i see BBQ chips!

Paul, my dog Mimi and Mocha loves your treats!

Thank you for the FT community for the experience!

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Old Dec 16, 15, 3:05 pm
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Originally Posted by santina91 View Post
A big thank you to a (still secret) Secret Santa for the Laboratoire Remede Body Contour Lotion and Body Wash -- better known as St. Regis bath products! The lotion is my absolute favorite and I'm excited that I no longer need to ration what I took from the hotel
So glad you liked them!

I received a UPS package today filled with goodies from Secret Santa miko2a. Thank you! The wrapped packages are going under the tree, but the 2 bottles of wine from a local vineyard will be opened before then - can't wait to try them! Thank you!

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Old Dec 16, 15, 3:30 pm
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I received an awesome gift from my SS in TX yesterday! He sent me a Amazon gift card (perfect for buying books to load on the Kindle my mom got me for my birthday), a pass for access to a United Club (perfect for my upcoming trip to Europe) and an adult gift to be used on my European vacation (he wrote a note saying that he's been on Contiki trips and knows how crazy they can get -- which makes me even more excited for my trip!).

Thanks, Secret Santa!
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Old Dec 16, 15, 3:33 pm
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Originally Posted by levenhopper View Post
.. an adult gift to be used on my European vacation
I'm intrigued. It's only useful in Europe? The instructions are in German maybe?
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Old Dec 16, 15, 3:45 pm
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Yesterday I received a package from Linda containing Cards Against Humanity and the first expansion, a Calvin and Hobbes collection, and a thermos. Very exciting-can't wait to get some friends together for CAH and the thermos will be a very welcome addition to my office. I haven't seen a C&H book in years and it's definitely one of my childhood favorites

I also believe that Lindamadguy2 is responsible for another gift, Cards Against Humanity's 8 Sensible Gifts of Hanukkah (CAH's annual holiday gag gifting). So far I've gotten 5 days of gifts-the first three were a pair of socks with menorahs lighted with 1, 2, or 3 candles (check it out), the fourth was $1 as part of a US securities fund (so far a ROI of .01% in 5 days! haha) and a "Jew Pack" (Jewish-themed set of 15 CAH cards), and the fifth was a membership to WBEZ (public radio station responsible for This American Life, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me, etc) and a small memo book from WBEZ. Can't wait for what the last three days have in store for me

Thanks so much!

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Old Dec 16, 15, 3:51 pm
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Originally Posted by MrDplus View Post
I've bought all three gifts, and received the first one.


Americana Huckleberry Retro Soda, United-branded laptop bag, CA PJs, Chocolate hazelnuts.

Thanks, Erik.

I'm looking forward to trying that soda, although I might end up using it as a mixer with Vodka
Hope you enjoyed the presents-I'm a huge fan of the soda (I bought a case of 24 for myself a while back )
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Old Dec 16, 15, 4:00 pm
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Both of mine are sent out. I received one so far. I had some evil elves stealing boxes from my building. So if the other SS had sent theirs around beginning/middle of november, let Santa know and i can add to my report i filed at the police station.

Madguy2 i believe sent, a book Pilot Confidential, an external battery pack, and other stuff along with some cards in the mail. Many thanks madguy2. Im glad amazon reshipped the items. Bad karma will come to those who stole what you graciously sent.

One good thing has come out of it, all three packages that I know were delivered and stolen have been reshipped at no charge. I was very surprised that only 1 phone call to each place was all it took. Customer service ISNT dead.
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Old Dec 16, 15, 4:39 pm
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Originally Posted by danam View Post
I'm intrigued. It's only useful in Europe? The instructions are in German maybe?
I am intrigued by this also!
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Old Dec 16, 15, 4:54 pm
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Thanks to my Texas-based SS! Got my book, spices, salt and treats today, and looking forward to making good use out of all of them
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Old Dec 16, 15, 5:34 pm
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Originally Posted by danam View Post
I'm intrigued. It's only useful in Europe? The instructions are in German maybe?
Originally Posted by PSUPaul View Post
I am intrigued by this also!
My European trip is through a trip organizer called Contiki. They organize trips all across the world for young adults aged 18-35. They also claim the 50%+ of their participants come on the trip not knowing anyone else. As such, Contiki has a reputation for being a party trip with a very active nightlife.

My SS wrote a note saying he's been on some Contiki trips in the past and wishes he was still old enough to go on them because they're so much fun. So he included a box of condoms in his Secret Santa package. Regardless of if they'll get used or not, they earned quite a laugh from me when I saw them in the package!

For those that are interested, I've already started a trip report. Feel free to check it out: 7 countries in 13 days - am I crazy?!?
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Old Dec 16, 15, 7:04 pm
Join Date: Sep 2015
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Oh joy!

Got my secret Santa gift and I must admit I squealed! An awesome bag in my fave color and classic movies! What hit it out of the park was the living single dvd's! Linda you're the real MVP!
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Old Dec 16, 15, 7:16 pm
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I hadn't read your post when another box arrived today! So now I know what I have put past recipients thru not saying anything, just teasing them with gift after gift after gift. Very exciting!

Love the latest, starting with that big ol bag of Dry Roasted Macadamias with Sea Salt And the amazon box was barely open before I cracked the can of Butter Candy Glazed Macadamias, OMG! Tossed the Kong Teddy Bear to hub to knife outta the pkg while I kept eating just one more nut, really just one more, ... til half the can was gone. But enough about me, the dog has CLAIMED that little bear, cutest thing ever by the way. He is taking a nap right now, but until then all we heard was the squeaker going off, he loves it! Thanks so much for making it fun and for ALL the wonderful presents!

Originally Posted by The Deal Mommy View Post
Since I'm already busted , just a quick note to let you know the last three three items are on the way from Amazon. Happy Holidays!

See Sammy below with his new toy, did I mention he was actually a horse? Just Kidding!! He's our big guy, a Newf actually, but he just had a bath and shave with a Furby do, so he went from looking like a black bear to a miniature horse

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Old Dec 17, 15, 4:08 am
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Originally Posted by steveman518 View Post

I also believe that Linda is responsible for another gift, Cards Against Humanity's 8 Sensible Gifts of Hanukkah (CAH's annual holiday gag gifting).
I actually got you the 8 hanukkah gifts I figured one of your other gifters might have sent you Cards Against Humanity so I went for something a little different and more obscure.
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Old Dec 17, 15, 4:10 am
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I've received two packages by USPS. One from New york and one from Seattle. I'll attempt to wait until christmas to open them. I just got back from a very long vacation and have a ton of work and mail piled up to keep me busy.

Also got a priority mail from Award HQ Arlington Heights, IL and an Amazon envelope.
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Old Dec 17, 15, 7:04 am
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Received my first ever amazon package today It was a lovely package, with a note saying it was reading for my next MR �� Indeed the amazon shipping manifest outed the contents so I might be reading about the fall of Pan Am

Looking forward to it

I will add photos soon

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