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I'm going to start using the FA call button. Why not?!

I'm going to start using the FA call button. Why not?!

Old Apr 24, 17, 1:20 pm
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having flown Qatar alot this year, I find that the FA actually encourage the use of the call button, (a La carte menu) it seems that would rather you call then. At first I was not quite sure , but it seems to work out just fine
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Old Apr 24, 17, 1:24 pm
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While I don't see the call button as something for emergencies only, I do see it as something that requests urgent attention. I try not to press it for service requests unless I'm trapped in a window seat and I'm in J/F.

OTOH, the one time I was probably drunkest on an AA flight, my seatmate and I were having drinks while chatting and he kept hitting the call button for refills. The FAs appeared cheerfully every time and obliged our refill requests. Never thought I could drink so much between DFW and LAX...

I've never seen an indignant reaction to someone pressing the call button (on AA--I sure have on DL), but I sure have perturbed the crew when walking to the J galley to make a request midflight on the 77W.
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Old Apr 24, 17, 2:44 pm
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I have had several Flight Attendants tell me they prefer working in J or F because they had something to do. They preferred the service element of the flight rather than sit around in the galley. A flight attendant that snaps at you for using the call button for a drink is more than likely an outliner.
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Old Apr 24, 17, 5:53 pm
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Originally Posted by PUCCI GALORE View Post
What is extraordinary is that people seem to have a problem dealing with situations and do not speak up at the time.
I agree.

It is also interesting that people on this thread seem to have already predetermined the possible outcomes or scenarios and written them into little compartmentalized buckets. Either they'll sit there stewing and dehydrating, unwilling to push the button for 8 hours, or they'll passive-aggressively hit it, rarin' for a fight and assuming the FA is ready to take their head off.

How about just being nice and/or civil? Press the button, when the FA comes over, greet them with a smile and thank them for their response before they can get a word out. Then politely make the request and see how it goes. If the FA really is just a horrible person and treats you like dirt then well, at least you took the high road. But just try it.*

*This also goes for hotel desk agents, wait staff, etc. I've had rather good luck personally.
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Old Apr 24, 17, 5:53 pm
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I just flew from JFK to HKG and back in J. The menu snack item was a burger available "on request" and I used the call button to order it when I wanted it, and also to order drinks when I wanted them outside of mealtimes, and the FAs seemed perfectly fine with it. After all with "on request" you have to request it somehow.
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Old Apr 24, 17, 7:28 pm
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Im on 583 to phx and I just used it. The flight attendant didn't seem miffed at all either. After the first round of drinks she bolted to her jump seat and hid. lol In 2D i can't see her to get her attention and wanted another heineken so yeah I hit it. She is a very pleasant flight attendant.

FWIW after handing me my can she made her rounds again.
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Old Apr 24, 17, 7:42 pm
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Pssh I used it a few times when nonreving for goodness sakes lol, so you should definitely use it for service if necessary as a revenue pax. I was thirsty and I noticed the FA's hadn't made any effort to check on people in quite awhile on a longhaul flt.

I would simply say it is all how you present yourself. If they come up and you are rude and say "I've been waiting for you to bring drinks forever" they probably won't be nice.

A simple "Hey, sorry to ring the bell but I was wonder if I could _____" would be just fine. Honestly, even though you are not really sorry nor should you be, just be fake nice enough in a mature conversation.

IF you get some rude FA who tells you it's only for emergencies, take their name down and report them upon landing. No need to get in an argument or get heated over it.

But alas by all means use the FA call button (within reason of course). If you can, try the restroom visit/ask. If you don't feel you should have to, then don't, ring the bell. FA's, although primarily there for safety, are also there to make pax comfort better. No matter how important some think they are.
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Old Apr 24, 17, 7:54 pm
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I press the call button whenever I need something.

That said, I'm always in first for long-haul travel, and if not I'm in business (I point that out not to boast but to emphasize that "real service" carriers such as CX and SQ and EK and NH and EY and LH and LX and JL aren't prone to throwing hissy fits when their flight attendants are asked to perform their duties when a call button is pressed, vs. "non-service" US legacy employees). That said, I also don't fly US carriers for long-haul travel (last US carrier I flew was a UA segment in first Europe to Dulles in 2014 on an award).

...and now that I've written all that, I am reminded that this is in the American forum, and is really about American...so never mind.
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Old Apr 24, 17, 9:23 pm
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Originally Posted by danielonn View Post
How about having an option on the Inflight Entertainment Screen to order a drink or snack ...........
Fly Virgin America and your wish is granted.

By ordering through the IFE, they bring your order the first time rather than having to ask what you want. A great system.
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Old Apr 25, 17, 12:08 am
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Again zero issues here in using the call light
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Old Apr 25, 17, 11:07 am
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I am waiting for an enterprising airline, perhaps UA, as this seems to be right up their alley, to request to Boeing and Airbus that the call button be engineered in a manner that delivers a mild - or perhaps even not so mild - electric shock to the person who pushes it.

Alternatively, AA might request that the aircraft manufacturers implement a software enhancement to the FA call button whereby pressing it automatically decrements 500 or 1000 AAdvantage miles from the seatholder's account.

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IIRC, on Etihad and Qatar (The J cabins I've flown in the past few months) the call button does not make a sound, only a light comes up.

Is it really that loud on AA's aircraft to disturb other pax?
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Old Apr 25, 17, 11:45 am
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I always thought that needing my Second Glass of Wine with my dinner...Was an Emergency
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Originally Posted by DeweyCheathem View Post
I am waiting for an enterprising airline, perhaps UA, as this seems to be right up their alley, to request to Boeing and Airbus that the call button be engineered in a manner that delivers a mild - or perhaps even not so mild - electric shock to the person who pushes it.

As MonkeyClassDonkey123 said recently, soon the service will be enhanced so you simply get slapped in the face by an FA as you enter the aircraft. "Welcome aboard" *smack* "Across the aisle and turn right."
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I think it's hard to make the argument that the call button is for "emergencies only" when many of them look like this:

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