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Long call wait / delay / hold times for AA phone lines (master thread)

Long call wait / delay / hold times for AA phone lines (master thread)

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AA operates non-status, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Pro combined call center as well as Executive Platinum, Concierge Key dedicated call centers.

Read on for alternatives

There can be several causes of lengthy call answering, among them irregular or off schedule operations (OSO / IROPS) caused by weather.

● Call wait times extend as OSO develop - storms, etc. particularly affecting hubs, which produce knock-on effects that may persist a day or two.

● You can see current AA travel policies: https://www.aa.com/i18n/travelInform...avelAlerts.jsp

● You can always check FlightStats current North America airport delays, for example, to see how things are - here.

● For other useful links, tools etc. see the wiki for AA OSO, IROPS / IRROPS, delay, cancelation etc. resources (master thread).

Try using the AA Twitter team: @AmericanAir can help. Send them a request they follow you so you can send them DM (Direct Messages), then you can send them your AAdvantage number and EP status,which they can add to their profile on you. Then you can DM them privately with your PNR etc. (You must have a Twitter account.) This can be useful and rapid.

● At times like these AA may open their OSO (Off-Schedule Operations) desk to help inconvenienced travelers. 800-446-7834 is the number, and the desk is only staffed during severe OSO. (Please call only if your travel is disrupted, of course.)

● Others have called 1.800.222.2377 (web services) and had shorter response times.

● If you speak Castilian Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese or use a TDD, you may get faster attention; see numbers below.

● You can try calling non-USA numbers, listed here:

bchandler42 reports "During weather events, the elite line will have the option to press 1 for the callback. I use that, longest I've ever waited was about 40 minutes which was accurate with the expected time it gave me."

giblet called Thailand using Skype (2.3 cents a minute).

● There is one call-handling nexus, with prioritized lines for Gold, Platinum and Platinum Pro status holders, and separate Executive Platinum and Concierge Key "desks". Gold, Platinum and Platinum Pro callers are prioritized to be answered by the same agents that respond to non-status customers.

Telephone numbers for speakers of Castilian Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese:
 English (Ingls)
 7 days a week
 Japanese 1-800-237-0027
 6:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. CT 7 days a week
 Mandarin Chinese 1-800-492-8095
 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. CT Mon - Fri
 8:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. CT Sat and Sun
 Spanish 1-800-633-3711 7 das a la semana
 TDD 1-800-543-1586
 (for hearing impaired or deaf people /
 para personas con discapacidad auditiva o del habla)
Link to archived previous posts in ARCHIVE: Long wait / delay / hold times for AA phone lines (2014)

"Transplanted from another post, for those affected overseas.

So many ways of calling AA directly; I'd try:

Smartphones that will automatically switch to using Internet for calls.
Skype 2 cents per minute), Google Hangouts or other VOIP services, including WiFi or Internet.

English 800-433-7300 24 hours, Daily

Japan +81 03-4333-7675

If you are calling from outside the U.S. or Canada, you may reach U.S. Reservations by using the following procedures. (Please note that the call is not toll free.)
  • Access the website http://www.business.att.com/bt/access.jsp. The site lists eligible countries and phone numbers.
  • Dial the AT&T access number provided on the website (it is different for each country).
  • An AT&T operator or English language voice prompt will ask for the telephone number you are calling. Dial 800-433-7300 for all American Airlines departments (except AAdvantage) or dial 800-882-8880 for the AAdvantage department.
  • After the tone, enter your regular AT&T Calling Card number (not the international number). You may also use the AT&T Corporate Calling card and many other U.S. local phone company cards. MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover/Novus or Diners Club cards can be used from many countries to place calls back to the U.S.
  • For assistance, press zero or stay on the line for an AT&T operator.

Originally Posted by Dr. HFH View Post
I'm currently in BKK, and needed to talk to AA about my rezzy. I didn't want the local number which would be answered in who-knows-where, I wanted a direct US number. Looked around both AA.com and FT (which is how I found this thread). Found nothing particularly helpful or which worked. The back of my EXP card has only an 800 number for the U.S., no local DFW area number.

Eventually, I just dialed +1-800-xxx-xxxx, the regular 800 number on the back of my EXP card, the same way I dial regular, non-800 numbers from abroad. Voila!!! I was connected with the EXP desk, just as if I were in the U.S.


There are several ways to contact AA's U.S. numbers by telephone from outside the U.S. & Canada:

1) Those with Skype, Google Hangouts or other VOIP internet phone providers may be able to dial various AA 800 numbers directly toll free. Direct dialing an 800 number from a landline or mobile phone overseas may or may not work, and will not be toll free.

2) Use AT&T World Traveler Service to access AA 800 numbers from overseas. Long distance charges will apply and can be paid using an AT&T Calling Card, AT&T Prepaid Phone Card, credit card, or via collect call. AAdvantage elite customers (GLD, PLT, EXP) can dial their elite 800 number using this service and AT&T's systems will recognize these numbers and put the call through without asking for a payment method.

3) Call the AMR Headquarters number at 1-817-963-1234 from any telephone. Either an operator or the IVR system can then connect you with the appropriate department.

In addition, AA provides local numbers in many countries here: Worldwide Reservations Phone Numbers

See also the AA Wiki for additional information: Contacting American Airlines

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Link to USA airport delays (FlightAware)

Link to FlightAware Misery Map (graphic representation of troubles on a USA map)

Link to AA cancelled flights today (FlightAware)

Link to cancelled flights (today, to two days out - FlightAware)

Link to FT Original Routing Credit thread in cases of involuntary reroute

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Old May 17, 22, 9:20 pm
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I called AA early this morning - very early, around 330am East coast. I happened to be sort of up anyway - half-heartedly watching old episodes of Monk on cable because I couldn't sleep - and remembered I needed a couple of awards redeposited.

Good news: Zero wait time and call completed competently and efficiently in under five minutes.

Bad news: It was 330am.
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Old May 21, 22, 12:32 am
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1:30 am in Dallas and no weather and was quoted 4 hrs call back time at EXP #.
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Old May 21, 22, 6:56 am
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I got through in 5 minutes at 6:45am on Friday. I am Platinum which is fairly low on the totem pole.
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Old May 23, 22, 10:17 pm
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Called a couple hours ago. Quoted 2;45 to 11:00 wait, but I stuck it out. Got agent in 20 minutes.

EDIT: This was phrased oddly. It sounded like "eleven hours to 2:45", but perhaps that was "an hour to 45" which is still an odd ordering but makes more sense otherwise.And still a significant over-estimate.
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Old May 24, 22, 9:25 pm
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I just wanted to post that I had an extremely positive experience with "Stacey" tonight. Got a call back in about 10 minutes about an upgrade request. "Stacey" was absolutely delightful to speak with, wish I could get her every time.
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Old Jun 16, 22, 7:43 pm
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2-3 hours wait as a platinum
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Old Jun 17, 22, 9:04 pm
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Plat pro, ticket on hold, need to ticket by midnight.

cant spy flight credit online, have yo call in. Quoted more than 8 hours, which would be 4am or later.

try to schedule for tomorrow, at 9:40 am , told it would be before my hold time would expire, try another. Then told that 3:30 pm time would be before my hold time would expire and Ive reached the maximum number of tries.

after 5 calls, scheduled a call back for 24 hours. 23 hours was not available
all the airlines stink these days.

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Old Jun 18, 22, 4:21 am
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^ka there a current glitch or something that tickets go on hold for a while?

same thing happened to me trying to redeem miles for an award ticket with Iberia.
ExP, fast answering but the agent had trouble, she could see there was an award space for my itinerary but when trying to book it, it would give her an error.
She called Iberia and they said it was AAs side that was producing the error. Her management team then told her it was IB, she called IB back and they gave her some steps to do. Finally with that the ticket was booked but on hold/request. All this took about an hour, not really AAs fault and thankful for the agent that knew how to handle it. Ticket was finally confirmed about 24 hours later.
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Old Jun 18, 22, 8:15 am
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Originally Posted by beachfan View Post
Plat pro, ticket on hold, need to ticket by midnight.

can’t spy flight credit online, have yo call in. Quoted “more than 8 hours”, which would be 4am or later.

try to schedule for tomorrow, at 9:40 am , told it “would be before my hold time would expire, try another”. Then told that 3:30 pm time would be “before my hold time would expire and I’ve reached the maximum number of tries.”

after 5 calls, scheduled a call back for 24 hours. 23 hours was “not available”
all the airlines stink these days.
This happened to me a few months ago. Received a callback ca. 4 AM (about 4 hours after the ticket on hold was supposed to expire). It took almost an hour (and the approval of some sort of supervisor) but I was able to purchase the held ticket.

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Old Jun 18, 22, 9:47 am
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I tried calling this morning about a canceled flight and was quoted an EIGHT HOUR wait. I am Plat Pro, which i guess is worthless
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Old Jun 18, 22, 12:27 pm
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Originally Posted by jlb3 View Post
I tried calling this morning about a canceled flight and was quoted an EIGHT HOUR wait. I am Plat Pro, which i guess is worthless
Eight is the minimum they quote,i.e., "more than 8 hours". If you see my note, when I tried 12 hours for a call back, and then 16 hours, they said that was earlier than my estimated hold time and I had to do 24 hours.
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Old Jun 18, 22, 1:45 pm
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Wait as a EXP was less than 10 minutes this afternoon.
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Old Jun 25, 22, 1:16 pm
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Had to call Friday AM as my CVG-DCA flight was parked on the tarmac at Reagan waiting for a gate to open. Knew there was no way to make my connection as we were late departing CVG. Tried the app to book, but nothing showing available to MCO. EXP line was answered in less than 5 minutes and the wonderful agent was somehow able to get me on the next flight despite it showing J0, Y0. Ended up being a long day as FL was a mess with thunderstorms, but made it home.
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Old Jun 26, 22, 3:10 am
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OK - calling @ 11AM CET (so it's 5AM ET, etc) and, as PPRO, get quoted 8 hour wait for a call. Can't ticket WebSpecial on hold for my wife online. I'll stick on hold for 20-30 minutes to see if quoted time is BS but AA either has to support all transactions online or raise the bar on phone support. It's ludicrous that you can't reach someone to ticket a flight.

Dumped to call & trying the Italian #. will see if that's any better...
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Old Jun 26, 22, 8:38 am
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Call back times varied from calling on my phone (no status) - 15-20 min call back and as soon as I pressed to confirm my name it called me back. Using my wifes phone (no status) said more than 8 hrs. Spent 4 1/2 hrs on phone with 5 different agents with no resolution and now have been on phone for 2 hrs and 6 minutes and still waiting to get resolution.
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