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Originally Posted by teemuflyer
We're scheduled to land at SYD around 7:30 AM so should be at the hotel by 9:00 AM. The last time I did this, I was able to get my room around that early, but that was a few years ago.

Any recent experiences with getting a room early (especially useful since there is no arrivals lounge at SYD )?
When we arrived in SYD last August, we also arrived at the hotel a little after 9am. No problem getting a room...Diamond upgrade to Lounge floor might have helped...
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I was last there in April but came off the red-eye from Perth arrived by 7 and got a room straight away. Said I wasn't bothered about upgrade and got a room. Breakfast in lounge by 7.30. A lot will depend on previous nights occupancy.
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One time I can recall when a room wasn't available, I was allowed to relax & breakfast in EL
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Flight arrived early so we were at the hotel a little after 8:00 AM on a Friday morning. They did not have a room ready yet, but they asked if we wanted to have breakfast the EL or the Brasserie Glass, and we chose the latter.

They had taken our cell number to text us when the room was available. Right on cue, we got the text near the end of breakfast. Didn't get upgraded, other than a high level floor (42), but we were OK with that getting to take showers and hit the road early.

The EL wasn't too crowded on Friday or Sunday evening, but the food selection wasn't that great either. Drinks were served from the coffee nook as usual, and the quality was OK, but nothing special.

I should note that we had gone out to visit and have dinner with a FT friend on Saturday, and thought to try out the "famous" Marble Bar for a nightcap.. well it turned out it is turned into a loud nightclub on Friday and Saturday evenings. Nothing against it personally, but just be aware if you had other expectations.
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Originally Posted by turtlemichael
I think the breakfast in Glass has declined substantially in recent times. This seems to follow on from the arrival of the most recent general manager There is the issue of charging for barrista coffee and tea, the alternative being stewed muck from the pots they carry around. I also see a substantial decline in the juices, fresh fruit selection, cereals and yoghurts. It is basically now standard Holiday Inn fare.
Glass has declined a lot over the past few years. I used to adore the super fresh, incredibly delicious yogurt in flavors such as pomegranate, passion fruit, etc. Amazing stuff. I used to be amazed at the variety of fresh fruit, and how ripe it was. Plus the talent of the fruit person in peeling kiwi. All that's gone now.

I haven't been to a Holiday Inn in many decades, but I assure you that Glass, with all it's decline, is still several orders of magnitude better than most U.S. properties in their restaurant. It may be worse than most Asian and European properties.
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I agree. With this hotel, if you don't get a suite, it will be a very disappointing affair. The normal rooms are very small, the executive lounge (whilst better than nothing), is very average.

Glass breakfast, whilst the surroundings and furnishing in the restaurant is of high quality, the food is average. No doubt they feel they can get away with it as long as the restaurant furnishings are nice.

The juices didn't taste nice at all. Is it really that hard to get sweet oranges?
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Stayed 2 nights last week, got early check-in at 9am which was appreciated. Breakfast in lounge was only average, evening fare was a little better, the cocktails and bar are nice touch and the staff were friendly. I also stayed at the Park Hyatt during the trip and that was much more memorable, of course PH to a Hilton may not be a fair comparison especially since the rate at PH was closer to $1000 AUD. GP diamond I got a really great suite with amazing views of the Opera house. For HH Diamond not sure I could tell if the room was an upgrade although I think it was an exec king on floor 35.

Anyway Hilton perfectly fine for a business trip, PH memorable for a family visit.
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anyone have experience here booking multiple rooms as a Diamond?

looking to book 6 rooms but not sure what to expect

upgrades/breakfast etc.
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Originally Posted by mingzie
anyone have experience here booking multiple rooms as a Diamond?

looking to book 6 rooms but not sure what to expect

upgrades/breakfast etc.
Previously had lounge/brekky extended to 1 other room. I think 6 rooms total would be a stretch... just email and ask.
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Anyone have recent experiences with bringing family (children) to this property? I read through the thread a bit, as well as looked at the room types on the HH app, but didn't see if some of the rooms had sofa beds, or what the rollaway situation was.

This place is already silly expensive, even for the area, but I was thinking about taking my wife and two teens for a couple days over Christmas break... we don't mind slumming it and shoehorning into one room, but usually that's when there's a hideabed or such. One king and a desk chair isn't going to cut it.

Anyone know if there are family suite type rooms?

Sigh. If only there was an ES in SYD.

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Not sure about the rooms, but I've definitely seen plenty of kids in EL, so guessing that suitable accommodations are available for families. All the best, enjoy my hometown!
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A mediocre stay in a mediocre hotel

Hilton Sydney

Map| 2 Reviews | 50% Recommended

Hilton Sydney

488 George Street Sydney, NW AU 2000

A mediocre stay in a mediocre hotel (4 Photos)

Hilton Sydney

We returned to the Hilton SYD and everything about the stay was average.

Check In

On the day of check in saw that we had been upgraded to an Exec Room via the app. When I questioned this and said there were higher category rooms available was told 'policy is we only upgrade one category.' I stated that isn't what the HHonors terms are.

I had notified the hotel of a special occasion, however they had no record of this. They made it clear they were making "a very big exception" to offer us a King Relation Suite.


We were assigned a room on the 31st floor. While the suite was 55sqm it still felt small, however it had a huge spa bath.

For contrast we also had an Exec Suite at the Sheraton on the Park for family on the same night and these suites are 70sqm.

The other stark contrast was the size and lack of windows. Living in SYD I know the windows look tiny from the outside but the rooms lack natural light and the size of the windows make the rooms feel smaller than they are. Most hotels have glass windows to overcome the lack of size but the Hilton has the exact opposite design.

The room had views of QVB, the Anzac Bridge and surprisingly Sydney Heads but one had to stand in the window to see it.

No welcome card as a Diamond, however did get a letter on club benefits.

Later that evening and after filling the spa for 30 mins we found that the jacuzzi didn't work. It appeared to be turned off at the pump as the buttons and lights weren't working. Given it was 10PM we weren't going to call engineering and just skipped it.

And whoever came up with the concept of the window blinds being controlled by buttons that must be held down the whole time is an idiot. I can only imagine how long it must take housekeeping to reset each room.






During the evening we went to the Exec Lounge which was completely full. The staff were overrun and dirty plates were left all over the counters. While they had King Prawns the rest of the food was like a cheap buffet. And making guests line up for drinks from a makeshift bar is hardly five star service, there were ten people in the queue at any one time. Compared to the Sheraton Exec Lounge (that is one of the best in the World) it was a very poor experience. As we left one of the bartenders dropped all of the used glass bottles which smashed on the tiled floor and the guests began to clap in unison. Who does that? Well it would appear that loudcruise ship passengers do because that's what filled most of the lounge.

The only other dining we experienced was breakfast at Glass. I have had many corporate lunches and dinners at Glass and been throughouly impressed by the quality of the food but breakfast is a different story.

They did make Eggs Benedict to order but they were average. And even with the extra charge for coffee they weren't worth the $5.

We were in and out of breakfast in 15 mins.


The hotel is in the centre of the CBD and across the road from QVB.

While the location is useful the views aren't great. The Westin, Sheraton and obviously Park Hyatt all have much better views.


Overall, it was an average stay in an average hotel.

The Hilton is a corporate (and apparently cruise) hotel that isn't luxurious or feel five star. It may tick the boxes to get that rating but the lobby is bursting with people, the lounge at capacity and the lifts always busy.

It is the complete contrast to the Sheraton on the Park or Westin and we definitely wouldn't be returning.

A mediocre stay in a mediocre hotel

Would you like to write a review on the Hilton Sydney?

No, thank you.
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Thanks for the update on the hotel, seems nothing has changed, the exec lounge is still a uni cafeteria, rooms miraculously have not expanded, and no doubt prices still reflect poor value for what's on offer. I spend the last two nights at the Meriton Mascot, car park was $25 a night, had stacks of room and a full kitchen as well as a supermarket next door. If I needed to be in the city, the train station was 200m away and it's two stops to the city circle. All for $114 a night. Sure no lounge, and no cruise ship passengers, but I wasn't paying five star prices and getting less than five star facilities either.
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That description of the lounge could not be more perfect. And the low ceilings make it even less appealing. The tables are so close together that you have no privacy whatsoever.
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Hotel Going Downhill Fast

Just completed a two night stay here - I was told there was no upgradable rooms available as I checked in. I checked the app and could see there was suits etc
not impressed - the room was very small. The club lounge is really like a zoo, the food was ok, but there is no privacy and it seems like the staff just do not care.
I prefer the Marriott and the Sheraton for Sydney stays.
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