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Your guide to spending Avios | 2021 edition

Your guide to spending Avios | 2021 edition

Old Nov 14, 22, 3:27 pm
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Are the tables shown in post #5 above up to date?

if not, does anyone have updated values?

Also, I seem to recall reading a single from EU to UK had lower fees, is that still the case?

Am looking at doing a trip (for 2) to AMS in June, during off peak season, which I could do LHR>BRU AMS>LHR as the Peter Gabriel gig I am looking at is in Antwerp... but struggling to work out best value on flights

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Old Nov 14, 22, 4:13 pm
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Originally Posted by KARFA View Post
You should be able to price up an open jaw like that as a cash ticket on ba.com, then look at the price breakdown to see what the TFC is.
Originally Posted by BlueThroughCrimp View Post
Thanks, been a while since I've done an open jaw redemption.
That agrees with the Matrix round trip price.
I called and booked, but the Avios deducted and YQ isnt what it should be, to my favour.

I did query it during the booking call, but was assured it was correct.

I have a ticket number, shows in MMB, etc.
If I do nothing, will this cause me problems?
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Old Nov 14, 22, 6:02 pm
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Originally Posted by onlysuites View Post
Would anyone know if this routing would work with a 2-4-1.
GRU-LHR (stop) LHR-DEL > DEL-LHR (stop) MIA or a Caribbean destination on BA.

I can price up the one way with a stop online but errors out when I try do return. Should be no YQ on entire journey right? Just Airport taxes and APD.
Bump.... Anyone?
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Old Nov 14, 22, 7:44 pm
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Originally Posted by onlysuites View Post
Bump.... Anyone?
To be honest I'm not really sure as it's been a number of years since I redeemed a 241. As I understand it any type of open jaw has to be done by phone and if your a UK based member you have to start and finish in the UK I believe.

Probably best posting your original query in the 241 Main Thread where you will no doubt get a precise answer.Sorry I can't assist anymore than above but it will be better if you bump your question there I think.

BA American Express 2-4-1 Voucher Discussion
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Old Nov 17, 22, 4:08 pm
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anyone know if you can add an leg to a avios reward without incurring significant cost/penalty.?

I booked SEA-LHR but I want to add YVR-SEA but the agent I had said I needed to pay something ridiculous + more avios. It's only a hour flight.

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Old Nov 17, 22, 4:16 pm
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Originally Posted by spark787 View Post
anyone know if you can add an leg to a avios reward without incurring significant cost/penalty.?

I booked SEA-LHR but I want to add YVR-SEA but the agent I had said I needed to pay something ridiculous + more avios. It's only a hour flight.

You can certainly book YVR-SEA as a separate, stand-alone redemption. And AS will through-check bags on separate AS-BA tickets, but you probably would not be protected in the event of IROPS. If you want to replace SEA-LHR with YVR-SEA-LHR, you would have to pay the change fee and any additional taxes, or pay the cancellation fee and rebook.
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Old Nov 19, 22, 12:39 pm
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I'm trying to book an itinerary using BA Avios that is AAA-BBB-CCC-DDD (AAA-BBB and BBB-CCC on BA and CCC-DDD on AA). Each segment is available when searching separately with Avios and the entire itinerary shows up on AA.

However, when I put in AAA-DDD on BA's Avios website, it says there are no flights available.

Are there any ways to get this to be bookable online or do I have to call. I have to transfer the miles from Chase so need to know the total before transferring and booking.
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Old Nov 21, 22, 5:00 pm
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Originally Posted by flyingcrooked View Post
Thanks, yes, I have the Amex Platinum, although I find lounge access is unreliable because lounges can be closed to PP/Amex users.

I'm not sure I understood what you said about LHR-YUl UuAs. Can I just double check (new to BA so have no idea how upgrades work)./ Are you saying you saw upgrades from Premium Economy into Business for 37,500 Avios plus 770GBP for a return trip? I think that's what you meant, except 37,500 Avios at 17 pence each = 6375, and there's no way a J ticket cost that plus 770GBP plus whatever the premium economy fare cost in the first place. (If you meant 1.7 pence instead, that brings total cost of the J return to about 2200, assuming the original premium economy return was 800.)

Related question, if you have time: Are upgrades typically some number of points plus something like 800 on top of the points? Or can you go all points and/or all pounds sterling? Thanks.
Hi flyingcrooked :
So sorry about the delay in my response, I was away from my computer for some time, just got back home. The Amex Plat is probably the best bang for the buck lounge access in Canada now as PP is increasingly useless. There is some special dark magick involving the AC lounges but that's a different story.

As for the LHR-YUL UuAs, the math I did was based on the following: 7,200 (roundtrip in J) less 770 = 6,430; 6,430 / 37,500 = 0.17/Avios. This does not include the cost for the Prem. Economy fare which was why it was a bit off. The data is also biased because I rarely book flights more than a few weeks in advance, at most. Redoing this math, with updated info:

Unfortunately, I do not see availability for UuAs for those particular dates but at least the cost diff is proven out between WT+ and CW.

In my experience, it is indeed typically GBP+Avios but if memory serves there are a few different combinations possible.

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