W Hotel chain embraces prostitution...

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Originally Posted by bigbuy View Post
In 1991, I went with a friend to Costa Rica (way before it was ruined by migration from the USA). We stayed at the Holiday Inn downtown in San Jose. On the way back to the airport, my friend was looking at his bill from the Holiday Inn. He asked me what the two separate $20 charges were on the bill. I told him that if he had been a priority club member, he could have gotten points on the 2 hookers he took to his room as the HI charged that amount anytime a paid guest brought a hooker to the room. They had to register at the front desk.
How was this fee described on the itemized bill? It would have been interesting if the friend had sought reimbursement from his employer or client.
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Originally Posted by Dr. HFH View Post
How? Based on what? A girl in a tight blouse and short shorts shows up at the hotel and comes up to my room. Is she a prostitute or my daughter in college? How about a woman in an evening gown?

I start chatting with a single woman sitting a couple of stools down from me at the hotel bar. Prostitute? Or, like me, lonely business traveler attending a conference? Is the hotel going to decide based on the substance of our conversation? Will it become the bartender's responsibility to eavesdrop and make that decision about who she is and why she's there?

And what about the lawsuits which start the first time the hotel wrongfully decides that a particular woman is a prostitute?

I remember getting my passport checked and details recorded at the front desk when visiting my dad on one of his business trips during one of my school holidays. There might have been a call to my school and my mum too who was on a business trip of her own in another part of the world. They were very polite and professional about it and explained that it was for my protection. In retrospect, it's quite sad because they felt that an 10-yr old might have been exploited. This was of course a few decades ago and kids jetting in from all over wasn't quite as common as it is now.

More recently it's been just plain refusal to serve or I get the stink-eye during my entire stay. It's been mostly a case of plain prejudice on the part of the staff and their stubbornness when confronted. It wasn't what I was wearing because I was checking in with my team and we were all in suits.
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Originally Posted by kamel123 View Post
Aha, so charging works, but at the same time the hotel would be unable to prevent it? This is exactly what I am saying, it is an ancillary source of revenue for hotels, typically not officially billed but cash in someone's pocket. That's why they have no interest in even trying to prevent it.
Not sure if your logic totally applies to hotels in the USA. We were in a foreign country with different cultures and I assume the hotel was locally owned.
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Originally Posted by kamel123 View Post
I find some of the comments here incredibly off base, I have to say. If only half of the story is true (the woman was physically assaulted in the lobby) - which of course we cannot know - she has every right to go to court, and the hotel's behavior is unacceptable. And this comment on what she was wearing - incredibly funny! So any woman in a short skirt is a prostitute? This attitude is plain disgusting. How would you feel if this happened to your wife?

If hotels wanted to, they could put an end to prostitution on their premises. The reason they don't do this is that it's a service that is demanded by some guests, and it's a source of revenue for concierges etc. I don't want to turn this into a general debate on prostitution. But I think the minimum everyone can agree to is if hotels condone prostitution, then they should do in a discreet way, ensuring the safety of their female guests at all times.

With regards to W as a brand, I have stopped staying there some time ago. There were many reasons, including mostly incompetent staff (but with an attitude) and failed interior design. But one reason was the overtly sexual vibe: Dark corridors and elevators with red lights and velvet (W Paris). Different types of condoms for sale prominently on display on top of the minibar. A bottle of wodka and an ice bucket waiting on the coffee table. Couches in the room that you cannot sit on because they are so deep but only lie on. Come on, are we in a brothel or what?
Hey, you made me want to pay a visit to W Paris !


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Originally Posted by X-ON View Post
A similar thing happen tome in DXB, I lived out of a *wood hotel for over 2 Years and my wife was there to visit me registered to my suite as a guest. One night after leaving the car to the valet she followed me to the elevator when she was stopped by a very recently employed over eagerly security guard being quite rudely questioned. First I became furious but after I could see that the security guard was seriously sorry so I settled down
However the thing is that I am a white boy and my wife is of Arabic decent so we both felt the we been ethnically profiled...

At the end (the day after) the GM personally came to my suite and apologized and gave flowers and champagne to my wife after this incident

The moral of the story: trying to dress code/ethnically profiling ladies as prostitutes or couples as prostitutes/Johns is associated with the blow back that you end up insulting your paying guests...this type of policing is best left to whatever (no pun intended) authorities in charge of such policing instead of inexperienced hotel employees...
My sister and I were in NYC back in the late 1980's. When we walked back into the hotel after seeing a play, I got on the elevator and the door closed but she did not enter. I decided to go back down to the lobby and danged if security hadn't stopped her thinking she was a prostitute following her client back to the room. It did not help that she had on a red dress, so I guess they also profile dress color too.
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Originally Posted by Moriens View Post
Yes. (The W Hotels store used to carry Jimmy Jane vibrators.)

Also (for example) wscottsdalehotel.com/fantasy:
Seems that those are unneeded.

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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Try Russia.
Try the Sheraton LAX. http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/22904883-post251.html
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Interesting to read all these posts
A while ago , when i had to stay NY-NJ border - close to jersey city , another chain hotel , i observed the similar environment. I thought it is random or rare , seems like not.
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Guess that couple can cross off pretty much every hotel in Southeast Asia.
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Originally Posted by EnvoyBoy View Post
The "ladies" at the bar at the Abuja, Nigeria Sheraton just come right up to you!
Is that Direct Marketing ?
Originally Posted by schmoove View Post
Will I get double points if I use my AMEX?
Doesn't that depend on how the service is coded ?
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Sounds like an advertising campaign by W to me.
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W hotel - Montreal

I travel for work every now and then and try to stay with SPG chains.
On a trip to Montreal, the Westin was not available so I stayed at the nearby W hotel. It is the ONLY SPG hotel I have stayed at (in North America) where they had condoms for purchase in the in-room amenities.
Good thing they promote safe sex
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Oh wow.

There's one thing to PROMOTE or encourage hookers and what not to the point that it makes guests uncomfortable...ie. being accosted at the bar or public areas and staff not doing anything to stop that.
Condoms, lube, etc in the "intimacy kit" of the minibar? If you think that is put in every room for a John to use with a hooker I have to question what else you think goes on in every day life. I was just staying at a The Dream in SoBe packed no rubbers because I didn't think any of that was going to happen yet I brought home someone from a bar that I paid $0 for and requires the kit.
My Dad goes to Vegas about 3-4x a year and I know he had some flussies on his speed dial who he'll take to Louis Vuitton and what no but should the hotel give him the 3rd degree over who he has staying with him?
When I'm in Berlin I stay at the same hotel and after 4 years, probably a combined 60-70 nights I've had about 40 models meet me in the lobby or come up to my room as it's easier to chat there, change into something to go out and shoot in. Should the hotel ever start question why I have beautiful 16-20 year olds legitimately visiting me I would be taking my $200/night elsewhere.
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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
How was this fee described on the itemized bill? It would have been interesting if the friend had sought reimbursement from his employer or client.
It is tax-deductible as a business expense.
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Originally Posted by cleanfloor View Post
It's always been an open secret that half the bar at any W is on the clock.
So half the bar is filled with lawyers?!
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