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Airlines Gain over 2,200 Workers in March 2024

Good news for flyers: There are now over 2,200 more personnel ready to serve you throughout the travel process, with a total of over 800,000 employed by airlines in full- or part-time capacity.
The aviation industry is working to add more staff as the demand for travel continues.


The latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics say airlines added over 2,200 more jobs in March 2024, bringing the total employed by airlines to over 800,000 people.


Delta, United Add Most Employees in March 2024

Passenger airlines hold the most employees in the industry, with over 500,000 working for an air carrier. In March alone, Delta Air Lines added 845 employees, while United Airlines added 511 workers. Regional operator SkyWest, who flies on behalf of the major carriers, added 210 flyers.


Overall, the airlines have increased staffing by over 50,000 since the post-pandemic recovery period in March 2022. The increased employment coincides with an increase in passengers carried both domestically and internationally. According to the BTS, U.S. airlines alone carried 70.4 million flyers around the world, an increase of 8.6% compared to the previous year, and 164.6% compared to three years ago. 61 million travelers flew domestically, while 9.4 million went international, setting an all-time record for February.


The hiring numbers come as airlines find themselves at odds with some of their labor unions. In 2023, the Allied Pilots Association and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants – both representing employees at American Airlines – voted to authorize a strike. While the APFA continues to campaign towards a strike, the Allied Pilots Association approved their contract by August 2023.

DirektornSE May 11, 2024

Good news for US passengers, will not help the rest of us that much :)