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American Pilots Authorize Strike Ahead of Summer Travel Season

Frustrated with contract negotiations, American Airlines pilots organized under the Allied Pilots Association have authorized a strike, which could affect summer travel plans.
Another group of pilots are considering going to the picket line after overwhelmingly approving a strike.


Representing unionized pilots at American Airlines, members of the Allied Pilots Association have authorized a nationwide strike, starting with an informational picket on Monday, May 1, 2023.


Union Claims Proposals Would Improve Reliability and Stability for Everyone

The union opened the vote through the month of April 2023. With 96% of the 15,000 organized pilots participating, 99% voted to begin a formal strike.


Pilots leading the Allied Pilots Association claim their proposals would not only increase the airline’s overall reliability, but also setup workers for long-term success. Citing internal data presented to the Fort Worth-based airline, the group says improving scheduling, revising work rules, and signing an industry-leading contract will create success for both the carrier and passengers.


“The strike authorization vote is one of several steps APA has taken to prepare for any eventuality and use all legal avenues available to us for contract improvement and resolution,” Capt. Ed Sicher, president of the Allied Pilots Association, said in a press release. “The best outcome is for APA and management to agree on an industry-leading contract – achieved through good-faith bargaining – benefiting our pilots, American Airlines, and the passengers we serve.”


In order for the strike to formally begin, both the airline and the union must meet with a mediator, who agrees that the two sides are hopelessly deadlocked. No formal walkout has been scheduled as of the time of writing.


American has not publicly commented on the strike vote.


American Pilots Second Group to Consider Walkoff

The Allied Pilots Association’ workers are the second group who are considering a strike action as a result of contract negotiations. The Southwest Allied Pilots Association opened their strike vote on May 1, 2023, with results to be announced soon afterwards.


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Pilots get their raises, next will be attendants, and then maintenance workers, and other staff, and AA will pass the buck to flyers while suffering from never on-time performance and endless mechanical failures.  US Airline industry was once the model of the world.  What happened?

Danwriter May 3, 2023

The last airline pilots strike was in 1997, and DL pilots have already secured a 34% pay increase, so it's likely that AA's drivers will get a similar settlement, avoiding an actual strike. But it still sends a reminder to AA flyers of the its growing failures, on top of the airline's already miserable on-time performance. In terms of maintenance issues, AA is giving Aeroflot a run for its money.