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Travel Package General Discussion Thread

Travel Package General Discussion Thread

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Legacy to New Travel Package Conversion (effective August 2018)
A Marriott supervisor can currently convert your legacy travel package into the new category mapping. If you hold a Category 6, 8, or Tier 1-3 legacy certificate, it's ideal to downgrade your certificate before converting so that points don't potentially get lost in the process.

When converting your legacy certificate to a new certificate your prior certificate is cancelled and your new certificate will (in most cases) have an expiration date that is 12 months from the date of issuance (today).

The codes for the New Category partial packages are:
5-night packages
  • OC5=530T/P530 is now NC4 QP53
  • OC6=570T/P570 is now NC4 QP53
  • OC7=610T/P610 is now NC5 QP61 (refund value: 45K)
  • OC8=650T/P650 is now NC5 QP?? (Refund value: 75k)
  • OC9=690T/P690 is now NC6 QP69
7-night packages
  • NC4 QP83 = OC5 830T/P830 (refund value: 45K)
  • NC4 QP87 = OC6 870T/P870 (refund value: 75K)
  • NC5 QP91 = OC7 910T/P910 (refund value: 105K)
  • NC5 QP95 = OC8 950T/P950 (refund value: 135K)
  • NC6 QP99 = OC9 990T/P990 (refund value: 165K)
  • NC6 QP99 = OC Tier 1-3 L830 (refund value: 195K)
  • NC7 QL87 = OC Tier 4-5 L870 (refund value: 315K)
Other 7-night packages
  • NC5 QP88 = OC7 P880 (refund value: 135K)
  • NC5 QP92 = OC8 P920 (refund value: 165K)
NCx = new certificate category
QPxx = post-merger converted partial package
OCx = old certificate category
QLxx = post-merger converted partial package (only QL known so far is QL87 for NC7)
xx0T = initial package;
Pxx0 = partial package;

************************************************** *******

MARRIOT UK: +44 20 7012 7312

For best practices on converting OC to NC, I’ve copied post # 1181 here. Thank you jameswes!

(Also, never use the word UPGRADE. You must say you want to CONVERT your certs.)

New data point for the new year.

I've read/followed the majority of this thread and now that I have a plan for how to use the travel certificates I made it happen

Last July, I purchased two OC1-5 travel packages. I have an upcoming trip that I wanted to use the certificates to book two rooms at an NC5 hotel.

1) Verified that I had an extra 120,000 MR points in my account (2x60,000 to upgrade from NC4 to NC5)
2) Call the UK Marriott # in the wiki (+44 20 7012 7312). In total, the call took about 25 minutes.
3) Explain that I have a booking I wanted to make, and I wanted to Cancel my two 830T certificates and convert them to two QP91 certificates. I did need to be clear with the rep that I was going to be using additional points from my account to upgrade the certificate.
Canceling two 830T (OC1-5) added 90,000 points (2x45000) to my account
Ordering two QP91 (NC5) subtracted 210,000 points (2x105K) from my account
4) The rep said that their "specialist" wasn't in the office, but she would leave detailed notes and have him do it the next day
5) True to form, the next day (today), I got an emails saying that my old certificates were canceled and new certificates were ordered.
Email clearly states that 830T certs were canceled
Second email clearly states that QP91 certs were ordered and 210K points were redeemed
Email (and account) state that the expiration is one year from today
As typical, App is up-to-date, website doesn't show the updated information yet.
IMPORTANT! Possible Points Advance Implications of March 5 category changes: There’s a (potential) issue with the category changes and Points Advance reservations. Marriott included the following information when they emailed some of us about the upcoming changes: “Points Advance — Members who wish to book a points advance redemption under the current Marriott Rewards and SPG award chart are encouraged to order redemption certificates before March 5 to lock in the rate. On March 5, redemption bookings are subject to the new unified program award chart.” We’ve reached out to Marriott to confirm the practical implications of this verbiage, as it sounds like Points Advance reservations will revert to the new pricing if they don’t have certificates attached prior to March 5. To be on the safe side, if your hotel is increasing in category be sure your TP certificate is attached to the reservation before March 5.

Concerning use of TP for peak or off-peak, see post 2179:

Originally Posted by Marriott Bonvoy Lurker View Post
The new award redemption chart will not impact Travel Packages. After these changes go into effect, you'll be able to book a hotel within the category assigned to your Travel Package, regardless of whether the dates at the hotel are in off-peak, standard or peak rates.
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Old Sep 4, 19, 2:52 am
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So a few days ago I posted here that I had an expiring cert attached to 7N booking that was just slightly after expiration date.

Called Titanium line and asked if it would be a problem - agent said "likely yes".
I told her kindly that I did not realize this was the case, and that the cert was attached quite some time ago, and was told everything was good to go.
Then I asked her if there's anything she could do to extend it by a few days so that it's valid for the stay.

Agent put me on hold and a few moments later told me she would extend it and reattach, so I guess all will be good!
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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
Is the certificate that is attached an OC or a NC? Based on some DPs reported in this thread, if it is an NC all you need to do is to cancel it online yourself, and the NC returns to your account automatically, with the same expiration date.

Seems only the OC bookings required human handling in order to properly return the cert to your account. It would be a HUCA - best to just call a second time when the initial rep is not familiar with the OC - given the talk about many old reps have left during and after the merger, it is not surprising the new reps came onboard would have no clue on how OC works because Marriott probably would not train them due to OC bookings will soon to be the dodo bird.
It was a NC. I wanted to call in to do it instead of just cancelling in case anything went wrong and the cert gets lost.

I had a trip to Hong Kong but decided not to go anymore because of the current situation.
I called up to change the flight first and Singapore Airlines were happy to waive the change fee for me despite not needing to.
Called Marriott next and they try and go out out of their way finding rules that don’t exist to prevent helping me. I got there in the end but with pushback and escalation and was still told I couldn’t make any more changes.

I have no status with Singapore Airlines and Titanium with Marriott.
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Originally Posted by lsed View Post
So a few days ago I posted here that I had an expiring cert attached to 7N booking that was just slightly after expiration date.

Called Titanium line and asked if it would be a problem - agent said "likely yes".<snip>
So much for the theory that if the certificate is attached, it must have been extended.

You were wise to call and check.
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Given all the changes to Travel Packages over the last year, there is a new TP thread to discuss the current rules: New Travel Package General Discussion (Sept. 2019 Onward).
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