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McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

Old Oct 24, 99, 9:38 pm
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McD's also had trouble with the planning commission in Helen, Georgia (which enforces an Alpine-village theme). They wouldn't budge on the fluorescent beams under the roof overhang, so they were told not to build! (There is a Wendy's, built in theme, there.)
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Old Oct 25, 99, 5:47 am
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On my reecent family trip to California, I visited "The Train McDonalds" right across the street from Knotts Berry Farms.

A regular indoor McDonalds with thousands of feet of "G" scale track and electric trains traveling around the store.

My children (who already think McDonalds is nirvana) were besides themselves with glee. French fries AND trains! Wow!

They've had no less than 4 fits since returning, demanding we go back, not understanding that there's only the one in California.
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Old Oct 25, 99, 11:52 am
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The McD's in Branson, MO has a waterpark in front. The bumperboats were running full tilt while the traffic on "the strip" (US 76) crawled by.

Thank God my kids weren't with me - we'd still be there.

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Old Oct 25, 99, 12:55 pm
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This whole thread has given me indigestion!
But CMDR Catcop says it kind of works because there are travel references in here.

With apologies to all the Flyertalkers with kids and who are kids at heart... the only thing I do like about McDonald's is the French fries.

I do like the McDonald's with the trains... becuase I LOVE TRAINS!!! Had a Lionel train set but my dear aunt gave it away becuase she felt at 15 I was too old for "toys."

ON retrospect, McDonald's is a step above perhaps the WORST Fast food out there: White CASTLES!!! BLEH! If I go, I order fish with a big bottle of Mallox.

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Old Oct 26, 99, 1:14 am
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McDonalds French fries
White Castle Hamburgers
Nathan's hot dogs and French fries
Burger King Whopper, fish sandwich and onion rings

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Old Oct 26, 99, 2:07 pm
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mcdonalds yummy
but makes fat
ho-hum tummy

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Old Oct 26, 99, 11:21 pm
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The only McDonald's I have visited outside the US was in the Bahamas where they served Goombay Punch as a beverage. Tasted like fruit punch to me...

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Old Oct 27, 99, 9:08 pm
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Guess in which city you can buy the cheapest McDonalds in the world and which also has the biggest $ turnover of any McDonalds' outlet.
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Old Oct 28, 99, 2:42 am
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The McDonalds in Salzburg lacks the golden arches as well, but (like most shops there) they have a wonderful wrought iron hanging sign (well, OK, the sign doessport a small image of the arches).

The closest I've come to actually eating in a foreign McD's was in Hong Kong last winter. I needed to eat soon in order to take some pills with food...but once inside I just couldn't do it and went instead to the noodle place across the street.

Stimpy, I think there are McDonalds in Israel (although I may be remembering a Burger King instead). Whichever, it's kosher: no cheeseburgers!
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Old Oct 28, 99, 1:42 pm
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There's plenty of non-kosher food on the west bank.

But I didn't see any McDonald's there either. Not that I would have gone as Palestinian food is excellent. Especially the dessert's.
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Old Oct 28, 99, 2:59 pm
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Here's the scenerio: you pay several thousand dollars for air tickets, hotel reservations, etc, travel thousands of miles and what's the first thing you want to do???


I almost caused an international incident on a tour bus a few years ago in Vienna when the bus stopped at a light and this silly woman (who was the one who said loudly at the start of the tour in Budapest to her idiot husband "Isn't that so weird honey? that Man traveling alone? It's not normal.") Well Sister SIlly says "OH LET'S go to Mcdonald's!"

Remembering her insult from Budapest I said loud enough "If every restaurant and pastery place in Vienna burned to the ground and all that was left was McDonald's.. I would cross the border to Germany.""

Her husband called me Un American. I told the bus I am not American but International (someone who goes to different places and is determined to try the local cuisine and do the local scene.) Rudi is International. I think most of us are.

Silly Sister's Hubby (with a fine gutt from years of Big Mac) said nobody likes a smart (word for backside) and before it went further I just put on my shades and looked out the window.

They ended up stopping at McDonald's on the way back. I went across the street and find this little Vienne place and had interesting chicken in sauce (I ordered something that tasted like poultry in horrid German.)

But on the other side of the French Fry: Rick and I hit Hong Kong starving and Rick is very very finicky. he has a sensitve stomach and does not like strange cuisine. He wanted to go to Mcdonald's and me being the easy going friend went there. We had fish, and I liked the pineapple sundae.

But like WHEN I GO to Israel, I would want all the local cuisines (and ask stimpy where to go.)

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Old Oct 28, 99, 8:48 pm
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Sometimes seeing those golden arches (on foreign soil) brings back some happy memories. I Remember back when I was 14 and attended the 1971 Boy Scout World Jamboree in Japan. We had traveled from Tokyo to Kyoto to Osaka to Hiroshima, we camped out at the base of Mt Fuji for a week during which we were evacuated and survived Typhoon Olive. We were all from Hawaii so the native Japanese food was close to what we were used to in Hawaii (though the plastic plates of food took some getting used to) But when we spotted that Mickey D's in Tokyo, you should have heard the cheer go up from a group of famished scouts.

ontherun in Austin,MN (SPAMtown)
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Old Oct 29, 99, 2:35 am
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Don't knock the golden arches.

Whether you liek the food or not it is the most reliable source of western style toilets in any country you may be visiting. I mean - have you ever seen a Mcdonalds with squat toilets?

cheers Peter
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Old Oct 29, 99, 10:45 am
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... and some people travel for the sights, not the food. I have a very weak stomach (I take Prilosec daily) so I don't like variety. When my wife and I went to Paris we dined out twice for local Parisian fare. We didn't like it that much, so we went to the local McDonalds from then on about 70% of the time.

There was a guy from Motorola in the USA stranded in Paris waiting for a visa to his final destination in Africa. He told me he went to McDonalds for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days in a row.

It's also a society thing. Most places outside the USA eating it a slow, long procedure to be savored and enjoyed. If you are on a short trip, you want to eat fast and keep sightseeing. My $.02
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Old Oct 29, 99, 11:11 am
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combine the two things: sighseeing and the eating experience

Zurich: Restaurant Kronenhalle (art collection)
Paris: Jules Verne, half up the Eiffel tour
or le train bleu
etc. etc.

plus: choose your companions wisely, being worth a sight-seeing-look themselves

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