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McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

Old Jul 10, 01, 2:39 pm
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McDonald's checks in as hotel operator

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Old Jul 10, 01, 7:31 pm
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I learned on vacation that Montpelier, Vermont, is the only U.S. state capital without a McDonald's.
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Old Jul 10, 01, 10:13 pm
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by KiraNarise:
The McDonalds in Bangkok opens at 6:00am but does not serve breakfast. They close at 3:00am, so its burgers & fries 21 hours a day.</font>
I know that one or two are open late in the Silom-Suriwongse area, but most in town, such as along Sukumvit and Ploencit seem to uniformly close at 10pm.
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Old Jul 11, 01, 3:10 pm
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Not as exotic as some of the other responses but...I just had a McBrautwurst at the Mickey D's at the Cleveland Zoo. Only in the Midwest !!!!!!!!
P.S. Certainly not health food but it tasted pretty good.
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Old Jul 11, 01, 4:25 pm
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I've seen McDonalds with shrimp salads, sub sandwiches, beer, burritos, patty melts, spicy hamburgers, curry sauce for the fires, espresso, fried chicken, steamed danishes, yogurt parfaits, and sausages.

I've seen McDonalds that didn't sell hamburgers at all, and McDonalds that only had little burgers -- no 1/4 pounders. At the MSP airport is a McDonalds kiosk that only sells drinks and desserts.
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Old Jul 11, 01, 6:27 pm
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I did one of the ones in Moscow (near or on the Arbut?) several years ago. We didn't really plan to go, but our regular plans fell through.

I was there in January, at a time few tourists are in town, and the amount available of fresh food is limited. It was actually kind of nice to get a taste of home (and decent restrooms)! I did a milkshake, fries, and bacon double cheeseburger. The bacon turned out to be what they call "canadian bacon" here and put on the Egg McMuffins, really a round piece of ham.

Incidentally--the McDonalds in Sedona, Arizona, just north of here is the only one in the world with teal arches. Zoning wins a small victory!
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Old Jun 26, 03, 10:47 am
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When I was in Malta, McDonald’s was serving such odd items as the McToast for breakfast and the McMexico sandwich.

Apparently because of a dress code, many of the employees at a Malta McDonald’s were a blue shirt. Men wear dark ties and pants; women wear dark skirts and shoes — in many cases, high-heeled shoes.


Whether it is Australia, Italy, Japan, Malta or New Zealand, has anyone ever noticed that McDonald’s is consistently overall far better (in terms of service, freshness of food, cleanliness, etc.) around the world than in the United States?
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Old Jun 26, 03, 12:43 pm
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Some more McDonalds facts:

1) McDonalds used to have a plane that flew and served McDonalds however they couldnt serve fries as the hot oil was a health and safety hazard.

2) The McDonalds that I worked at for some time in the summer of 2000 made the same amount of profit in a month as Terminal 4 airside does in an hour!

3) The McDonalds I went to in Wall Street, NYC had a live piano player who had to climb up a ladder to get to his position

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Old Jun 26, 03, 5:19 pm
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There is a fascinating book, "Golden Arches East," that is an academic discussion of the affect of McDonald's appearances in South-east Asian Countries. As I recall there was discussion about Japan, Hong Kong, and China, to begin with -- but its been several years since I've read it.

The exact title is "Golden arches east : McDonald's in East Asia" and it was edited by James L. Watson )Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press) 1997.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by ontherun:
I know the subject is McD's around the world, but some of the McDonalds in the US serve an additional regional specialized food fare. For instance the Boston area McDonalds serve Lobster Rolls. The Chicago-Madison area McDonalds serve Bratwurst. The Hawaii McDonalds serve Saimin (Saimin is a Japanese noodle and broth similar to packaged Ramen noodles) Also Certain regional areas of the US and Canada McDonalds also still serve McPizza.

Now if the Baltimore area McDonalds will only serve a Maryland Crab Cake sandwich.


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i'm glad the ones in california does not serve a McDoobie
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Old Jun 26, 03, 9:15 pm
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McD's memories:

Japan: Fanta Apple soda (1977).
Singapore: McPepperBurger (black pepper sauce like what's on a pepper crab) (1996).

McRib is back - had one at O'Hare last week. Didn't live up to my memory of it.
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Old Jun 27, 03, 2:47 am
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McDonald's in India has eliminated their Lamb products (Beef or Pork were never served to begin with) leaving only Chicken, Fish and Vegetarian options on the menu.

I can honestly state that the crap served by McD in India is some of the most vile sh*t I have ever tasted (and I am a huge McD's fan otherwise).

Some of the viler concoctions served are :

McAloo Tikki Burger : Fried Potato Sandwich
McSalad Burger : Lettuce and Tomato in a bun with Thousand Island dressing
Vegetable McNuggets with McImli sauce : Tamarind dipping sauce for what looks like hashbrowns containing green peas
Brocolli McCurry Puff : A pizza with curry sauce and Brocolli toppings

Excuse me for cutting this short, but it makes me nauseous to just write about it.
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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by ranles:
In Downey California, is the oldest operating McD in the world. Disputes arise as to is being the first, second or thrid built, but those other two have all been torn down.

I disagree. Downey, CA. may be the oldest operating MickeyD, but the first on was opened in Des Plaines, IL. Today the original building serves as the official MickeyD museum.

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When in Europe, there's nothing better than the fried apple pies - McD's used to have them here, but switched over those nasty baked apple pies. man i love those things, 2 for 1 euro...great stuff! why did they ever get rid of them???
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I just read the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser... Therefore, I withhold all comments.
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