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McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

Old Oct 22, 1999, 11:00 pm
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Mcdonalds around the world

Burger King lovers SWITCH OFF NOW!

One of my favorite things I like doing when overseas is to visit the local Mcdonalds and see what is one the menu. (I might add that McDonalds is generally the most reliable source of western style toilets in any country you may visit)

By and large the meals are exactly the same as in Australia but there are variations to take into account local tastes. I'd be interested to hear what people have found around the world.

Australia and New Zealand I found to be pretty much the same except that New Zealand has a Kiwi burger. Bali/Indonesia was slightly different in that you could get a serving of rice (yes just plain rice) in a foam container. Hong Kong had much the same menu although I found that their Sausage McMuffins had a peculiar taste to them and they had simpler names (eg Hamburger) for their products.

What weird and wonderful variations have people encountered at McDonalds around the world? I understand that at least one country as a Salmon Sandwich (McLaif?)

Here's an interesting article I found

cheers Peter
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Old Oct 23, 1999, 2:56 am
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While I abhor McDonalds and always wonder why Americans travel overseas to eat the same junk they get in the states, I do have to visit there when traveling with my wife.

In Italy, McDonalds has Pasta bars.

In France, McDonalds in the countries most popular restaurant chain. Go figure.

Most every McDonalds in Europe serves beer and wine.

I don't recall seeing a single McDonalds in the Middle East, with the exception of Dubai and Abu Dhabi whose McDonalds are the same as in the U.S.

I've seen McDonalds in plenty of other countries, but happily moved past them to a nice local restaurant.
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Old Oct 23, 1999, 6:34 am
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Pasta Bar?

What is a pasta bar?

cheers Peter
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Old Oct 23, 1999, 7:51 am
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What about Highgate Village in London. The only place in the world (I think) where the Golden Arch was refused on planning grounds. The big M had to put up with something much more discreet.
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Old Oct 23, 1999, 10:06 am
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In London they have veggie burgers. Forget what they call them. I didn't care for it much. Not nearly as good as a Gardenburger.

In Norway they have McItaly. Not sure what's on it - just saw the ads. I believe they offered pasta there too.
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Old Oct 23, 1999, 1:40 pm
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In Turkey, especially in Istanbul, McDonalds are around the corner. Last month, I saw a new one with a big banner: "We are the 41st in Istanbul!"

Here we have "McExtra" which they called Turkish Hamburger with meat with spices like Turkish Kofte (meatball) Taste. I cannot say that I like it but I saw that may people are prefering it to Big Mac.

And I know that in many European cities have different burgers. On my last trip to Brussels, I saw that Three different salads are on the menu of McDonalds.

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Old Oct 23, 1999, 4:17 pm
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I know the subject is McD's around the world, but some of the McDonalds in the US serve an additional regional specialized food fare. For instance the Boston area McDonalds serve Lobster Rolls. The Chicago-Madison area McDonalds serve Bratwurst. The Hawaii McDonalds serve Saimin (Saimin is a Japanese noodle and broth similar to packaged Ramen noodles) Also Certain regional areas of the US and Canada McDonalds also still serve McPizza.

Now if the Baltimore area McDonalds will only serve a Maryland Crab Cake sandwich.


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Old Oct 23, 1999, 7:59 pm
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I see an opportunity here

What Mcdonalds needs to do is open a McEverything store in each city ie a specialised Mcdonalds that features ALL the MCfood from around the world.

I reckon it would be popular

cheers peter
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Old Oct 23, 1999, 8:40 pm
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Dubai and Abu Dhabi- no bacon / sausage

India - no beef (lamb burgers and chicken instead) also much more veggie items

Netherlands, Belgium, UK - veggie burgers

Also,in Europe (as mentioned already)you can usually get a beer and/or wine.

And, you will find Pepsi in a lot of the places instead of Coke.

Fially, you have to pay for ketchup in a lot of places.

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Old Oct 24, 1999, 8:30 am
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There is also no bacon in Turkey in McDonalds. Like all Muslim countries, I believe.

And I forgot to write about "Ayran" in McDonals in previous post because I think I am so accustomed to it that I never think that it is special for Turkey.

"Ayran" is a kind of our national drink. It is made from salty yogurt only and many people prefer it for themselves and especially for their children instead of Coke/Sprite/Fanta.

And yes, it was very interesting to pay for ketchup and mayonnaise in Germany and Luxembourg.

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Old Oct 24, 1999, 9:57 am
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In Downey California, is the oldest operating McD in the world. Disputes arise as to is being the first, second or thrid built, but those other two have all been torn down.

No indoor seating. No drive through. Recently added bathrooms for customers. A couple of glass windown serve as a museum and a little area is used to sell to the tourists.

It has the old sign with "speedee" running and the xxxx hamberger sold.

The unit is located at the SW cornor of Lakewood Blvd and Florence. About 15 miles from DT Los Angeles, Take the Santa Ana Fwy (5) South to Lakewood off ramp. Turn right, or South to Florence. You will pass another newer MrD at Galliton. It is about 1 mile off the fwy.

Well worth the visit if only for the bragging rights
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Old Oct 24, 1999, 1:20 pm
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I went to France for four days and ate at McDonalds five times (my wife is not very adventuresome with food). The thing I remember most is that they serve 'fry sauce' which is really tartar sauce. Those guys put tartar sauce on everything. You have to ask for ketchup if you want that.

And yep, you can get wine and beer as others have said. And at the ones I went to I could pay by credit card.
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Old Oct 24, 1999, 6:21 pm
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the job that got me started with frequent flying was as a quality control rep with Kentucky Fried Chicken. The cross pollination of concepts from country to country is amazing.

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Old Oct 24, 1999, 8:05 pm
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things I noticed....

No Egg McMuffin in Kuala Lumpur ...

In Amsterdam they have Fry sauce for your fries

Hong Kong the person cleaning the tables would, when cleaning, take the newspapers and give them to the Newspaper seller outside to resell!!
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Old Oct 24, 1999, 8:15 pm
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Here is some interesting McDonalds information on the net:

1) McDonald's Surf the World, where you can get a taste of McDonald's from countries all around the globe. (including info. on how McDonalds conforms to cultural differences through changes to menu items)

2) McDonalds Trip Locator. Just type in the City, State, and/or Zip. If you want detailed driving directions from your location type in your address.

3) UseNet Discussion Groups:

4) McDonalds International Pin Club:

5) I Hate McDonalds Web Page:

6) GoldenMac - Financing for building McDonalds'

7) McDonalds' Happy Meal Toy Collectors Site (Includes International Links)
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