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McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

McDonald's Menu Items from Around the World

Old Oct 29, 99, 5:29 pm
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McDonalds in Taiwan sells fried checken a la Kentucky Fried Chicken. I am not if Kentucky Fried Chicken in Taiwan sells hamburgers.
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Old Nov 2, 99, 12:39 pm
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McDonald's in Amman, Jordan - very welcome western toilets!

Hawaii - Portuguese sausage, egg and rice breakfast, just like the hotels only MUCH cheaper

Vienna - McBeer

Manila - local rice breakfast but locals did not eat it! Just us.

Auckland, NZ - huge dinner crowd, in theater district. No breakfast served in 1984, had just gotten McD and the locals were ecstatic!

Spain - gazpacho

Brazil - a different burger every day of the week named after a country: for example: Sunday - McMorocco (kibi burger)

Norway - Africa burger in pita bread

Beijing - Chinese chicken sandwich

Generally, we only eat local food but - oh those McD bathrooms! We also like to check out the differences. Wish some of the goodies were available here. I think Paris was the most expensive we have seen.

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Old Nov 2, 99, 1:09 pm
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Yes, clean western restrooms are welcome, I will give McDonald's (and most of the Western fast food chains) credit for that.

But other then the fries... I think I'll stick to local cuisine.

As a good friend corrected me though, I do LOVE CHICK FIL A. It's Fast food, but healthy fast food (and great Lemon Merange pie!)

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Old Nov 3, 99, 5:33 pm
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I seem to recall a McDonald's in Kowloon/Hong Kong had this great pork sandwich. It was the best McThing I've ever had anywhere.

You'd never see a McEverywhere restaurant with all these interesting things available in one place because they couldn't handle the variety. Most McDonalds have a hard time kicking out the short menu they do offer, especially the new ones that embrace the cook-to-order system. What a mess that is at rush hour.

The McDonald's in Freeport, Maine, home of L.L. Bean, was also refused town permission to put up the golden arches. So the place looks like an Olde New England clapboard bed-and-breakfast, with only one small, tasteful gold-leaf "M" sign for identification.
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Old Nov 3, 99, 8:46 pm
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McNostalgia continued...the memorable ones anyway

London - early 90's the fated McPizza
Delhi - the revolting Mutton Maharaja Mac
Beijing - squat toilet on Tinnanmen Sq McD
Sydney - dissapointed that the Aussie Burger didn't in fact contain Aussies
(likewise the NZ Kiwi Burger)
Tokyo - McTeriyaki mmm
USA - Arch Deluxe (what was that mess ?)
Bolivia - the Avocado Mac (squashy)
Germany - Bier
Moscow - the busiest in the world (then)
Hong Kong - anyone for a pristine Snoopy set?
Singapore - probably the cleanest toilets
Anywhere - avoid the McRib !

Cheapest ? must be either Thailand, Indonesia or Philippines.

The rest of them .. much of a muchness, normally hungover when I;m in there anyway.

The Economist publishes a 'Big Mac' index every year, benchmarking the price of said burger in local and US$ terms, to indicate which currencies are over/under valued. IF I remember rightly... Japan is the most expensive.

Hey I eat out 365 days a year, so allow me some time to slum it !
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Old Nov 4, 99, 8:23 pm
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1. The Arch Deluxe was basically a cheeseburger with lettuce & tomato, served without melting the cheese! In fact, the cold items (lettuce, tomato, cheese) were served in one side of a compartmentalized styrofoam container to keep them separate from the hot items (bun & burger). IMHO, it was simply awful.

2. OTOH, I kinda' like the McRib (when desperate enough to go to McD at all).

Marco Polo:

The answer is... Moscow!

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Old Feb 24, 01, 7:47 am
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Touble in paradise?

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Old Feb 24, 01, 8:31 am
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A few of my McDonalds memories:

In Chicago they have Rock-n-Roll McDonalds. This is a fifties theme restaurant. It was pretty cool.

I'm still kicking myself for not stopping at a McDonalds in '94. On Adak Island they had the McDonalds that was the farthest from any other in the world. Adak is about two-thirds of the way out in the Aleutian Island chain.

The last one to relate is Ljubljana, Slovenia. I went to a McDonalds so I could get a pop. For lunch I skipped the McDonalds and went to MarkRonalds. I liked the similarity of name and food.
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Old Feb 24, 01, 10:23 am
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The World's first two McDonalds hotels, called "Golden Arch Hotel", are to be opened soon in Switzerland. - http://www.goldenarch.ch - Also, there's McDonalds coaches here and there used to be a "McPlane", a Crossair MD-83 painted all-red that would serve McD food on charter flights to the Mediterranean.
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Old Feb 24, 01, 10:38 am
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Now that this thread is alive again, my biased vote goes to the Samurai Pork Burger in Thai McD's. Anyone concur?

I had a Kiwiburger down in Christchuch last December. I tried unsuccessfully to flush it from memory... it was a standard burger with egg and something that looked like a slice of beet! However, the most attractive local Christchurch fast food joint was a BK that all decked out in U.S. retro (1920's - '60s); classy job.
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Old Feb 24, 01, 11:10 am
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In Amsterdam last summer my husband and I stayed at a local hotel on the little side street next to the Marriott. Every morning he insisted on hoofing it over to the McDonald's several blocks away for his morning caffeine fix. I would stand outside feeling disgusted and looking utterly bored. Guess I would rather die than go inside a Golden Arches Country Club overseas. However, I have to admit that I did allow him to bring me a Diet Coke a couple of times, but I refused to go in there myself and I drank it down as fast as possible and got rid of the evidence (er, cup) FAST...
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Old Feb 24, 01, 12:28 pm
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Even in Chicago, the home of the original McDonald's (the 'burbs anyway), they were not allowed to put the Golden Arches up on Michigan Ave. several years ago - just a very discreet little sign. Dianne47, your comments made me think about how one gets a Diet Coke fix in foreign countries. I just might to a post on that!
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Old Feb 24, 01, 1:18 pm
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mcdonalds in finland serves a rye burger..instead of the normal bun there is dark rye bread. And salads...4 different ones.

as mcrt said about the rock-n-roll mcdonalds , we have one too in helsinki. We also have a Space mc donalds, which apparently is space themed and to top it off a formula1 mcdonalds...with the car racing theme..

ive noticed that in southern europe and well other parts of europe too smoking is allowed (which i like) in a smoking section, with little aluminum ash trays on the tables! should be like that everywhere!

the mcdonalds here has also introduced a mcItaly, Mc Mexico and every time a new disney movie comes out a Mc Hercules or whatever...

cheers jetboy
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Old Feb 24, 01, 1:25 pm
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I am not a huge McD fan, but in Indonesia, it was a place to get a soda where the ice wasn't suspect.

I saw that Indonesia has already been covered but I thought I would mention that McDonalds on Bali is the only one in Indo that serves pork. There is no sausage or bacon available at the McD's in the rest of the country.

Lots of Indonesians eat Chicken and Rice at Mcdonalds. I was surprised to learn that some of them eat at McD's regularly and had never even tried a cheeseburger.

Needless to say, I was a missionary and converted some folks to the cheeseburger faith!

best regards,
-levi aka eastwest
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Old Feb 24, 01, 5:32 pm
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Originally posted by UAL Traveler:

I had a Kiwiburger down in Christchuch last December. I tried unsuccessfully to flush it from memory... it was a standard burger with egg and something that looked like a slice of beet! However, the most attractive local Christchurch fast food joint was a BK that all decked out in U.S. retro (1920's - '60s); classy job.

I've been to that BK and I agree wholeheartedly - it really is a tourist attraction in its own right.

It is well situated in Christchurch too. I recall my first trip to Christchurch on my honeymoon in 1994. At that time we visited a Beatles 60s themed restaurant there that was very good. It was called the Sergeant Peppers Steak House and it is adorned with Beatles posters , records - it is really like stepping back into the 60s.

I found the following article about it. If it is still standing go visit it next time you are in Christchurch.

I also recommend visiting the day of the Santa Parade in Christchurch.

cheers Peter

ps Yes they do have McDonalds in Christchurch also.

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