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Strawb Sep 29, 16 4:01 am

Originally Posted by Arctic Troll (Post 27278341)
You get to use the app to pay with Avios?

You didn't think Cruz was going to give high status pax something for free did you? :D

Not really, I'd be pleasantly surprised if they even offered a free hot drink though. Wishful thinking ;-)

Oaxaca Sep 29, 16 4:01 am

No surprises. The prices look like they have based them on what easyJet charges, the drinks are almost identical and the food prices are in the ballpark (some higher, some lower). I don't know how these compare to what M&S charges instore, but am guessing the store prices are a bit lower, which is what I would expect.

The only difference to easyJet is that you can't pay with cash on BA, but you can pay with Avios, the exchange rate will be interesting.

Full on head to head LCC competition between BA and U2 from LGW, that should be interesting.

herro Sep 29, 16 4:02 am

Originally Posted by KARFA (Post 27278337)
I think there was some suggestion status passengers would get something for free. Any information on that?

I participated in the press event Tuesday and asked that questions. The answer is that there is no freebie or vouchers planned for BAEC Gold member to begin with.

I made a small video of the M&S products that would be included in the launch:


mikeyfly Sep 29, 16 4:04 am

Originally Posted by Down Low (Post 27278373)
Rumour is rife today that the Club cabin will return to domestics when this is introduced.

You mean the middle seat will be converted to a table with no extra leg room :rolleyes:

I miss the Thursdays that had £500 transatlantic flights, not how much it costs to buy a G&T

dsf Sep 29, 16 4:04 am

Originally Posted by Oaxaca (Post 27278375)
The only difference to easyJet is that you can't pay with cash on BA, but you can pay with Avios, the exchange rate will be interesting.

The Telegraph article says:

Originally Posted by Telegraph
However, cabin crew will accept BA’s frequent flier points, Avios, with a £3 ploughman’s sandwich, for example, costing 375 points.

englisha Sep 29, 16 4:05 am

My SOF-LHR flight in February, which I bought April this year has gone from a hot meal and drinks, to an enhanced sandwich with drinks, to enhanced paid sandwich with no drinks included.

Lucky for me that the lounge in Sofia is so well stocked with cheese triangles, peanuts and crisps.

Ldnn1 Sep 29, 16 4:06 am

Originally Posted by phlyer (Post 27278371)
If something has been taken away that was previously complementary, I suspect it will be tough luck.

There is no logic to that whatsoever. It was part of the ticket price, just like having somewhere to sit is part of the ticket price.

MadProfessor Sep 29, 16 4:07 am

I really don't get this if they're not going to compete on price. This is a marketing fail. How does BA position itself now as a shorthaul carrier? A no frills full service carrier or an expensive low cost carrier. Either way is a contradiction and deliberately positions themselves worse than the market leader in either category.

Apart from people connecting to long haul BA, why choose BA?

Jetstreamer Sep 29, 16 4:08 am

Why oh why not just introduce something akin to domestic US onboard service i.e. free soft drinks and BoB food? I can handle the food thing as it was rubbish anyway, I can handle charging for booze as that was just crazy offering it for free when they are cutting costs elsewhere, but I find it very difficult to handle being charged for a water / juice / tea on a supposedly full service airline that will continue to charge higher fares than its competitors. It isn't just the £2 it would cost to purchase a drink, it is just the cheapening of the brand and the "experience" that I object to.

I might as well get the Amex plat card, use Priority Pass lounges and forget about loyalty and fly the cheapest carrier, which in most cases won't be BA.

simonrp84 Sep 29, 16 4:09 am

Just seen this gem on BA's twitter account:

Hi David, the move comes after customer research, which highlighted dissatisfaction around our current catering offering
They really do take their customers for mugs.

ESFLYER95 Sep 29, 16 4:10 am

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There it is!

8420PR Sep 29, 16 4:10 am

The quality and prices for the food looks relatively OK to me, especially in comparison to the BoB offer from US airlines.

I am disappointed about the price of the tea and coffee. I just doubt the quality will live up to the cost, and I do enjoy a nice cuppa on a flight. I expect alcohol consumption to significantly reduce on BA short haul flights....

Overall, not the huge disappointment I expected, but nevertheless it does make Lufthansa a more attractive proposition for me when flying into LHR. I just find a drink while reading/working makes for a more relaxing flight.

Oaxaca Sep 29, 16 4:11 am

Originally Posted by Ldnn1 (Post 27278387)
There is no logic to that whatsoever. It was part of the ticket price, just like having somewhere to sit is part of the ticket price.

Given that BA are marketing this as an upgrade and Alex Cruz is saying BA is "really, really far from being a low cost airline" (though in terms of cost base he may be right), I suspect you're in the wrong place if you are looking for logic.

SteveF Sep 29, 16 4:12 am

Originally Posted by simons1 (Post 27278275)
The airport shops must be delighted as a percentage of people will bring on board (and then leave their rubbish for the crew to clear up).

The signs are at the printers:

Only food and drink purchased from British Airways may be consumed on the aircraft.

Arctic Troll Sep 29, 16 4:12 am

Just had the best Twitter response ever:

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