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IAMORGAN Sep 29, 16 4:12 am

Originally Posted by MadProfessor (Post 27278388)
I really don't get this if they're not going to compete on price. This is a marketing fail. How does BA position itself now as a shorthaul carrier? A no frills full service carrier or an expensive low cost carrier. Either way is a contradiction and deliberately positions themselves worse than the market leader in either category.

Apart from people connecting to long haul BA, why choose BA?

I guess the others will follow suit.

And if you have status, you still get quick check in, fast track, lounge, priority boarding and so on.

For joe public without ffp I'm not sure why BA is better any more really. You have a leather seat, slightly better airports (TXL instead of SXF).

I certainly will be looking harder at LH now.

Arctic Troll Sep 29, 16 4:13 am

Originally Posted by simonrp84 (Post 27278396)
Just seen this gem on BA's twitter account:

They really do take their customers for mugs.

That was in response to me :D

It's a corker, isn't it?

V10 Sep 29, 16 4:14 am

I wonder if there will be any change to the drinks offered. I'd be pretty unhappy with the quality of existing coffee and wine offerings if I'd just paid good money for them.

MadProfessor Sep 29, 16 4:14 am

...customer research, which highlighted dissatisfaction around our current catering offering

And free M&S food would be an upgrade.

corporate-wage-slave Sep 29, 16 4:14 am

With apologies for this being a bit of a repeat posting, but here are the shop prices (or LGW airport prices to be more precise) for some M&S items:

The uplift - if any - seems quite modest, maybe 50 pence at most. At this stage of the game at any rate.

The uplift on drinks, on the other hand, seems higher. I'm an expert only on sparkling water at airports, and 500 mls is available for under 1 (Pret, Starbucks) and around 1.35 at WH Smith, though it can be higher in some branches. So 1.80 seems a bit stiff to me.

simonrp84 Sep 29, 16 4:15 am

Yeah, outstanding response. The contempt the airline has (not blaming their twitter staff, who I feel sorry for) for customers is impressive.

Arctic Troll Sep 29, 16 4:16 am

Originally Posted by 8420PR (Post 27278400)
The quality and prices for the food looks relatively OK to me

The headline prices are pretty much exactly the same as on EasyJet, although EasyJet do multibuy deals and it looks as though BA aren't going to.

The prices are about what I expected to see. I still think it is a very risky strategy for Marks and Spencer though...

ETA: Just noticed that they will not accept cash as a payment method, only cards or Avios. So the service is actually worse than on the LCCs, who accept cash in just about any currency you want to throw in their general direction.

MadProfessor Sep 29, 16 4:18 am

Originally Posted by Arctic Troll (Post 27278408)
That was in response to me :D

It's a corker, isn't it?

I think I'm just trolling your coat tails on Twitter

Pyros Sep 29, 16 4:18 am

Originally Posted by englisha (Post 27278385)
My SOF-LHR flight in February, which I bought April this year has gone from a hot meal and drinks, to an enhanced sandwich with drinks, to enhanced paid sandwich with no drinks included.

Lucky for me that the lounge in Sofia is so well stocked with cheese triangles, peanuts and crisps.

As long as you can bear the sickening colors of the furniture there :) The lounges in T2 always make me feel noxious... (still, better than the massive open space that is the lounge in T1).

shadowline Sep 29, 16 4:18 am

Originally Posted by ESFLYER95 (Post 27278397)
There it is!

And when I try to load it....


Calchas Sep 29, 16 4:20 am

Originally Posted by Strawb (Post 27278336)
What's in it for BA status members?

Let alone people buying full fare F/J tickets with domestic add ons

MHendo84 Sep 29, 16 4:21 am

I see no mention of fever tree tonic in the drinks list. So that's put to bed me buying a G&T.

wobbly wings Sep 29, 16 4:21 am

Other than "British" in the name (and perhaps scratchards) the upgrade from BA ET to U2/FR standards is now complete. Pax will still pay over the odds for the name so full marks to management for extracting dividends from the brand.

Beaulieu Sep 29, 16 4:21 am

Virgin Trains on the east coast have conveniently just re-launched an earlier offer from Edinburgh (and Aberdeen line stations) to London for flat fare advances... :D Quite timely really!

Personally I've been taking short haul flying away from BA and this is probably going to reduce it to nearly nil even in Club Europe I expect.

cosmo74 Sep 29, 16 4:21 am

Originally Posted by Arctic Troll (Post 27278408)
That was in response to me :D

It's a corker, isn't it?

Almost as good a response as "Previously the catering provided was complementary, the cost of which wasn't included in the fare"

Do they seriously expect us to believe that they didn't factor in the cost of catering to their prices and that it was being provided as a bonus at a cost which they were absorbing out of the goodness of their hearts?

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