How Long for Partner Miles to Post?

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Originally Posted by notquiteaff
I haven’t really found a pattern for what works and what doesn’t.
That's the maddening part. AAG IT powered by hamster wheels.
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I just completed SAN-MIA-JFK-LHR-MAD-OPO-MAD-BCN on AA, BA, and IB last week from Tuesday - Saturday. AA flights posted the following day. BA and IB flights from Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday all posted yesterday (Tuesday). All flights posted correctly based on class of service and status bonus. I have the return flights taken on Sunday yet to post, but I assume based on this they will post next Tuesday.
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Called in today to follow up on a retro request from mid June for a FI flight. After some investigation the agent offered to post it manually.
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Waiting for Malaysia Air retro credit to post for almost a month now. I guess I'm going to need to wait the 8 week period and then call agent?

I'm pretty sure the flight was a fare class that earns points but I'm not able to find fare class in receipt or boarding bass. Not sure if there's any way to validate this post flying?

It's so silly... only about 1000 EQM but I need those points to hit Alaska 100K status. I really would prefer not to mileage run somewhere which I'll be forced to do if those points don't post!
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Just did JFK-FRA on DE....4 days to post

Have an upcoming flight on RAM. Searched thread didtnt see any data points. Can seem to get my OW Emerald benefits at booking so not confident this will be quick
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I had two retro credits that were overdue for posting. They were for different travelers. So I ran a little science experiment yesterday. For the smaller missing credit for an account I manage (and where it doesn’t matter for status, just a potential future award) I followed up via email. For a larger (DE J) credit for myself I called it. The agent confirmed on the call that the credit was overdue and that they would manually credit it instead of following up again with DE, but that it would require a supervisor override. He promised to send a msg and that it would taken care of by early next week.

Today I received emails for both retro issues and the miles had posted correctly.
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I had to retro credit the following recently:
AA ticket but with flight operated and marketed by QF (QF1).
2 CX tickets with CX operated and marketed flights.

Hopefully AS's IT gets better soon.
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CX data point to share: Miles automagically posted on a Monday morning (US time) for a CX flight flown from US-HKG Thursday evening, so roughly 4 calendar days.
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I flew two AA flights last October and it took me more than 3 months to earn mileage on AS! I entered my AS FF# on the reservation, but didn't see anything after a few weeks.. Filled out the online form, still nothing heard.. Called customer center after 2 months, the flights were manually entered, but then shown as "denied" after a few days. Called again after 3 months, the agent had to manually credited me and it worked finally. Not sure if it's because it was an AA basic economy ticket but I'm eligible to earn milage according to the earning table.

Whereas on my two LATAM flights, the miles were posted automatically after ~2 days.
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Poor experience getting miles credited with Alaska Partners

I travel for business frequently and for my first couple of years with Alaska's program (2017 to 2020'ish) getting miles credited properly from Alaska partners was simple. Rarely would something not post and when it did happen I would submit a mileage credit request and receive credit quickly. Travel went on hold basically for two years from early 2020 to mid-2022 and I don't know if it was something due to changes made from the COVID years or if was Alaska joining the One World program but I have flown frequently since June 2022 and getting miles from Alaska partners is like pulling teeth. Other than Alaska or American I almost always have to:

a) wait two weeks for the miles to not post
b) send an email to mileage.plan with all boarding passes and invoices
c) receive email informing me they are reaching out to the airline to confirm I flew
d) wait 8 more weeks for nothing to happen
e) respond back to the email I got in step c
f) I think Alaska usually takes pity on me and finally posts credit themselves based on the invoice and boarding passes I sent them

I love Alaska and their mileage program but all of this is starting to become a PITA. It's becoming worse than doing my taxes. I have to keep track of all of my boarding passes and invoices and I have an excel spreadsheet to track which segments still need to be posted. If I don't keep on top of this I will lose out on literally hundreds of thousands of miles and elite qualifying miles. I currently have 19 segments that I am waiting to receive credit from British, Cathay, and Qatar...especially Qatar. I have emailed numerous times asking if there is something wrong in the system with my name or anything else. I always have my Alaska mileage program number as part of my bookings, it always shows my mileage plan number on my invoices. I'm not a rookie at any of this but the experience from 2017-2020 and the experience from 2022-present are just so night and day.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do to try and make this situation better. I would love to be able to talk to a Tier 2 customer support or their IT department or something because if this is happening to me it's happening to others as well right? This is just such poor customer service that I I want to believe they would want to find out why I have such a problem getting miles credited properly.

Thanks for reading.
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I completed a Condor SEA-FRA-SEA flight last week and it was posted in my Alaska account today correctly . One change I noticed from a previous trip last year was when I checked in the day before, there was a drop down box for Alaska and Emirates to add your FF number. The next day, the check in agent confirmed my Alaska number was added. Pleasantly surprised as I was ready to ask for retroactive miles in a couple of weeks.
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How do I enter partner retro-credit correctly?

I had a 001 ticket with BA and QR flights and only the first flight on BA credited and it has been more than 2 week. When I go to the retrocredit form it asks me to enter the ETKT#, then on the next screen is says 'marketing carriers AA' - and I can't change that. How do I get the marketing carrier in there as 'BA' and 'QR'? Tried to submit it anyway with the BA and QR flight numbers and got the following error:
We are currently conducting system updates. Please come back and try again later.

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Originally Posted by adaemus
f) I think Alaska usually takes pity on me and finally posts credit themselves based on the invoice and boarding passes I sent them
This is possibly the most important step! I've had several agents waive the 8 week waiting period when I both (1) needed the flight for status in January and (2) had already submitted original receipts clearly showing fare classes.
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1. 4x QR flight segments posted within 5 days last month. One of them actually posted in 48 hours which I was surprised.
2. 2x BA flight segments posted after 8 days.

Double checked all the miles/fare class bonuses etc and they all seem to be correct so I’m surprised I didn’t have to contact AS.

I’m actually experiencing more difficulties with miles posting on my DL account; where the cabin bonuses are incorrect and all. Ugh.
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Both SQ J flights posted on the Sunday night / Monday morning following my trip (longest was six days).
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