Celebrity Sightings on DL Flights

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by jwhite4:
Not trying to start a political war, but you have to wonder "What might have been?" about him if he had been respected as much during his presidental years as he was (and is) later on.</font>
If you're not trying to start a political war, here's a hint: Don't Bring Up Politics.

Jimmy Carter is certainly a helluva nice guy, but he was a *lousy* president. Full Stop. People didn't respect him b/c he let a bunch of nuts with 6th century technology b*tch-slap us for 444 days, while he refused to light up the White House Christmas Tree in protest, an act that no doubt struck fear into the hearts of terrorist nutbags everywhere....and let's don't get started on the late 70s economy--suffice it to say that no one is lonesome for the Carter years in that sense, either.

Back on topic: Pat Morita ("Mr. Miyagi" and the 2nd "Arnold" on Happy Days), ATL-MIA, January, 1998. He was steamed b/c his 2nd piece of checked luggage (he had some VIP tag on the one he had--not to be confused with the "Priority" PM tags) wasn't at baggage claim when he was. He politely exchanged greetings with me while we waited for our bags.



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After hundreds of flights, I finally have a story to post here.

The day after the Falcons dropped to the Eagles, I sat next to Mike Vick on the way to Norfolk, VA. We talked a little bit but mostly he slept the entire flight. He was headed home now that the season had ended. I asked him how his ribs were after taking that hit in the endzone and he said, "F***ing sore."

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Danny Glover
Lou Waters
Marty Schottenhiemer (SP?)
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Hans Blix (spelling?), Chief UN Weapons Inspector in Iraq. Caught part of a CNN segment this morning where the woman across the aisle from him on the plane was getting his autograph and she was so excited about it. Don't know what flight, but he was definitely in DL BusinessElite (seats and FA uniforms are very recognizable). He seemed good-natured, but the woman getting his autograph seemed kind of pushy and demanding - after he signed his picture in the newspaper she gave him, she returned the paper to him and demanded that she write "to Jane" or whatever her name was on it. I was a little surprised that CNN had a camera crew there, on the plane, set up and ready to film the event. It looked like an ordinary flight (except the seat next to Hans was empty )
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Cindy Lauper MCO-ATL

The drummer from Foo Fighters (He was very buzzed) MCO-ATL

Jamie Lee Curtis and kids ATL-LAX (she was very nice, we had a little chat at the Lav!)
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Ed Koch LGA-ATL. Still a hero!
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Hulk Hogan yesterday. TPA-ATL; the Hulkster lives in clearwater.
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Celebrity Sightings on DL Flights

Recently, Jay Leno was on one of my DL flights. Actually, that's the third time he has been on one of my flights. He has always traveled by himself and evidently buys the FC seat next to him as it's always empty. I have also recently seen Howie Mandel, Jerry Lewis and Pat Riley. A few years back, I actually sat next to Mickey Mantle and a few years later, the FC cabin was just me and the Utah Jazz BB team on a SLC/ORD flight. In the past I have also flown with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, Loretta Young , Vic Damone and Dihann Carrol...names that some in my age group might be familiar with.
Actually, Mrs. Cholula is the family expert at celebrity sighting. Many times when we board a plane, she'll say " Hey, isn't that so and so?" and I wouldn't have even noticed them. Makes me wonder how many I've missed over the years..
Anyway, I was wondering if others on this board have had any recent celebrity sightings??
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A little dated, but I remember the same discussion last fall..

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Meatloaf in B/E a few weeks ago LAX-JFK.
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I saw slash from Guns and Roses in the DL terminal McDonalds at LAX.... He had guitar in hand.
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Hulk Hogan, every few weeks on Monday AMs in Atlanta A17 CRC.
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I sat next to Missy Elliot on flight from SEA-JFK back in November.
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Little Richard (+entourage of about 10) on a 767 from LAX-CVG. I had 10F, when I got on the plane he was sitting in 10D with a bodyguard on each side. After the door closed one of them got up and paid somebody cash for their first class seat and transplanted L.R. up there...

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<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="2">Originally posted by Rssrsvp:
Meatloaf in B/E a few weeks ago LAX-JFK.</font>
Is that what they serve for food now?
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