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andymo99 Sep 4, 02 4:19 pm

Spotting celebs on (DL) flights
I am shamelessly appropriating a topic from the AA and CO threads, because I found it really interesting. It asks what celebs you have met while flying (on planes, in lounges, etc).

From AA Forum

From CO Forum

obscure2k Sep 4, 02 4:28 pm

--have never spotted a celeb on DL--but have on transatlantic BA, TW and AF--

fannin Sep 4, 02 4:50 pm

In the last six months, James Brown, actor Chris Kline and TV evangelist James Kennedy, have been a row or two away from me.

Last year, Don King, Tom Clancy and Judy Collins were within earshot along with a drunk who kept saying "do you know who I am?"

Just Passing Thru Sep 4, 02 4:52 pm

I have seen a heap of politicos on board DL aircraft. If you want to go celeb-spotting, book a seat on a flight leaving DCA on a Friday afternoon when Congress is in session, around 2 PM or so. Some Congresscreature or other will soon appear at your gate.

I sat next to Jack Kemp in F a few years back from ATL to IAD. Sat near some Kennedy or another out of BOS once.

On one of my DCA-ATL flights, passenger Jimmy Carter walked back through the aircraft, shaking everyone's hand, once the door was closed. There was a grim Secret Service agent (the size of said door) three steps behind him the whole way. Of Mr. Carter, an FA told me "he does that whenever he flies with us."

I have never spotted a musician or movie star on board.

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EyeFlyDoc Sep 4, 02 5:43 pm

I sat next to Evander Holyfield for about 5 minutes until a very brave FA asked him to take the bulkhead seat he was assigned.

O.J. Trial DNA expert Barry Scheck stopped and asked me a question about planes (it's a long story) on the T concourse in ATL and flew back to LGA sitting across the row from me.

Diane Sawyer sat two rows ahead of me (her teenage daughter was back in coach.

Michael Ironside sat 3 rows ahead of me going to LA. Kept getting up and walking around like he wanted to be noticed. I don't think anyone knew who he was.

I was seated in an exit row on an MD-88 from ATL to LGA and was asked by a not so pleasant lady to switch seats with her friend who waved to me from the front of the plane. Standing next to her waiting for her to sit down was Mario Van Peebles and his young son. I won't say where I ended up sitting

pmv Sep 4, 02 6:51 pm

I also sat across the aisle from Evander Holyfield on a recent ATL-LAS flight. There were a STACK of problems getting the jetway aligned with the plane in LAS, and we shared a good laugh and some flying stories over it.

Really a friendly and down to earth guy. (after the flight I saw him line up at Burger King for a snack, and politely greet all who approached him while waiting in the baggage claim area for the requisite 127+minute wait).

opus17 Sep 4, 02 6:59 pm

Bryant Gumbel, JFK-SFO Business Elite.

Also saw Clint Eastwood waiting to meet a Delta flight at SJC (waiting around baggage claim, no less!).

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SRQ Guy Sep 4, 02 7:04 pm

I once flew with Dick Vitale, in F on an ATL-SRQ flight. He's one of Sarasota's many resident celebrities. I also once flew with Warren Sapp (Tampa Bay Buccaneers player) in F on an ATL-TPA flight. He actually pushed me out of the way to board ahead of me.

the scribbler Sep 4, 02 7:08 pm

Gretchen Mol (with dog or cat--don't remember). Billy Baldwin, trying to pick up GM both on plane and outside of LAX.

Someone from the today show--Matt Laurer I think.

A bunch of football/basketball players.

I think Billy Bob Thornton, but I didn't want to take too close of a look.

Can't remember the actresses name but she played Joan of Arc in a film a few years ago and I wrote a trip report about it...

Some others, don't remember right now.

All of this LAX-JFK.

RobertS975 Sep 4, 02 7:15 pm

Pete Rose on a 6AM from PVD to CVG
Louis Rukeyser (is he a celeb?)

SkyTeam777 Sep 4, 02 7:18 pm

Little Richie, ATL-LAX

Delta GM, United Premier, Hilton Gold

dlword Sep 4, 02 7:28 pm

Michael Keaton

EyeFlyDoc Sep 4, 02 7:42 pm

I almost forgot. J.K. Simmons (Vern Schillinger of HBO's OZ) arguing about a delayed 6AM LGA to CVG at the podium in LGA. I quickly made my way to the Crown Room where I hid...

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FTraveler Sep 4, 02 7:53 pm

Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 02A, LAX-HNL. Last to board, put a blanket over his head and slept the whole way. I was in 02F - L10.

TrickyC Sep 4, 02 8:09 pm

I sat directly behind 6'8" WWE wrestler "Triple H" on an 8am ATL->HOU flight about 3 years ago.

His pre-flight drink: double vodka on the rocks, to knock back his pain killers. He slept most of the way to Houston.

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