Tipping in Polaris lounge

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Tips are not expected in Polaris lounges, but employees are allowed to accept them.

Originally Posted by legalalien View Post
Polaris employees are explicitly recruited to "non-tipping" positions
Originally Posted by Weatherboy View Post
they were told not to expect any tips but be appreciative of what they do get and quickly pocket them; they don't want loose bills or a tip jar in sight to give the idea that tipping is expected.
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Old Dec 19, 18, 7:33 pm
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Tipping in Polaris lounge

I felt like we were the only ones tipping. Anyone else?
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Originally Posted by zitsky View Post
I felt like we were the only ones tipping. Anyone else?
why would you tip? For what? Exceptional service? Ever seen anyone tipping in the LH Senator lounge, the FCT etc.? Staff gets paid more in Polaris lounges such that they don't need to reply on tips.

Would tip if service for truly exceptional, but if someone just pours me a glass of champagne? Nope, that's included in my $9k ticket ...
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You probably were. There's as much reason to tip a lounge agent as there is to tip security and gate agents.
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I almost always tip bartenders wherever I go. It doesn't have to be much, but a few dollars here or there on a ticket that cost you a few thousand should not break the bank much. It's a nice gesture and sometimes comes with a few small perks -- like getting a refill before others in that long line.

It does seem a bit ... odd ... to tip the waitstaff who bring your food at the Polaris Lounge, however.
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I tip in restaurants. Polaris is just a fancy restaurant. My server wasn't so offended that she gave the money back.
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I tip for good services at bars and restaurants alike.

It is my money and I can decide how to use it. No one should tell me if I can or cannot tip.

I guess I have a soft spot for bartenders and waiters. I put myself through college more than 3 decades ago working as a bartender and waiter, and I am always willing to pay for good services if I see people try hard to making a living.

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Point me to a tipping thread and I'll take it there.
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I always tip $20 for dinner for 2 served in the a la carte dining room in the Polaris lounges.
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I tip bartenders at UCs and bartenders/table servers at Polaris lounges.

To elaborate, I tip bartenders for mixed drinks (think Bloody Mary), not for a coke or beer. I canít recall ordering a coffee drink from a bar - Iím happy w/ bulk dispenser coffee.

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I tip in the dining area. I won't tip the bartender for making me an americano that I'd prefer to make myself.
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I thought when Polaris opened at ORD, the sit down dining menu had a little statement saying tipping was okay...
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Just has a precaution, the discussion, if you tip or not at the Polaris club or with any airline / airport employee, is fine. But just a reminder of what has been stated before.

Originally Posted by WineCountryUA View Post

The subject of tipping while we travel on UA, and particular tipping of bartenders in lounges, is a regular subject. However, it tends to morph into a discussion of the "American culture of tipping." The former is relevant to the UA forum but the latter which tends to quickly dominates a thread is better for other forums, such as Should I tip?

The topic of this thread is the timeline for future Polaris Lounges.

UA coModerator
Additionally commenting with your opinion of a poster because of their position on tipping is likely to run afoul of the FT rules not allowing the discussing of posters -- remember to discuss the issue, not the poster(s).

UA coModerator
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I've contemplated this very issue as well.

I tip on drinks (free or not) in the UC without compunction. I've found the atmosphere in Polaris Lounges (SFO and ORD), for some reason, is not conducive to tipping. Maybe it's the lack of cash flowing on or behind the bar.

Bottom line for me: UC = yes. PL = no.
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I've done it before, especially at the bar, but I don't feel that I have to. At the UC, for alcoholic drinks, always.
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