Free snacks are back for United Economy

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Originally Posted by Austin787
Delta, Southwest, and JetBlue have offered free snacks in economy for years. United is simply joining the pack.
Or rejoining the pack. I remember when those honey roasted peanut packs were standard with economy beverage service on any length of domestic flight and I'm not that old by any stretch.

I do like this change. Oscar and UA are doing good work. Fixing little things gives breathing room to fix the big things.

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Originally Posted by Doc Savage
Catching up with Southwest!
This is a more substantial offering than 10 peanuts or 13.5 tiny pretzels.

Hats off to Oscar and team. Keep it up.

Pairing a waffle with Illy while streaming IFE suddenly sounds like a reasonable way to go!

If they would add pre meal snacks on transpac and bulk up the mid flight snack that would be great too.
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So what are they taking away to pay for these snacks?
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Thumbs up Yea!! Not a negative

Originally Posted by windhund
I'm excited. And I love stroopwafels.
I'm pleased and I too like stoopwafels.
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Free snacks are coming back to United Economy

I hope they bring back snacks on long haul flights in Economy too.
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well done UA!

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Free snacks are coming back to United Economy

REAL coffee, now we're talking! And the snack isn't a bad idea either.
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This is great! I hope the people flying upfront gets one too!
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yay first illy coffee and now stroopwafel? feel like UA is really going in the right direction this time
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This is a great step! ^ And the stroopwafel is a great idea: people will enjoy them and come to identify them with UA travel, much like DL has with Biscoff.
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Thanks UA Insider!

Great news on the snacks - the stroopwafel and coffee will make those 5:40 .m. flights a little nicer
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Love the direction, thanks!
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Add me to the surprised and happy pack! GREAT move, United!!!
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For those who'd like to sample beforehand, saw stroopwafels in a bowl at the check-in desk @ UC at IAD D8 2 days back.
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Having flown recently on a number of domestic flights on a number of carriers in Y in India and China, this is rather underwhelming.
Many many airlines in those countries, not to mention across the world (and outside the US) have been doing this for decades.
But hey, wow, how totally exciting. A snack in Y. How daring.
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