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KVS May 6, 04 3:56 pm

KVS Availability Tool


To Download:
User Guide & FAQ:
How To Register (As a New Member):
  • Once the Tool is installed and launched, a Registration Code entry form will appear on the screen.

    Select the [Review membership Options and Register as a New Member] option.

Membership Levels:
Please Read Before Posting in This Thread:
  • The purpose of this thread is serve as a place where the Tool users can post questions about the Tool's functionality, issues, suggestions, etc.
  • This thread will also continue to be used for posting the latest Tool news and information regarding updates.

  • If you need a new or a replacement Registration Code, please use the Registration Wizard at

    If you have a question about contributing, or have a private or confidential issue, please use

KVS May 6, 04 4:13 pm


KVS May 6, 04 4:16 pm


KVS May 6, 04 4:40 pm


yyzprincess May 6, 04 5:13 pm

Originally Posted by KVS
It is a standard warning message. As long as you know what exactly that you are downloading, go ahead and say OK.

Thankyou. Here I go to download it

cattle May 6, 04 5:28 pm

:-: :-: :-: :-: :-:

This is incredible. Hope we all don't crash the system. I guess we should all be conservative in our use of this new tool. I only plan to use it to plan out trips for upgrades. Won't bother using it just to check loads.

Thanks again KVS ^

Andrew Yiu May 6, 04 5:30 pm

Can you save a registration code for me? :D

My Thinkpad is getting serviced now and I don't want to install anything on the current computer as it's not mine.

Job well done based on the screenshot! ^

ac777 May 6, 04 6:35 pm

Thanks KVS--it's great. I'll get into it over the weekend and send you a private message!! In the meantime here is another site:

inlanikai May 7, 04 7:31 am

Thank you KVS for making it available. But, when I click on the hyperlink that is on your hosting site to download the zip file nothing happens. Any help is appreciated.

TerryK May 7, 04 8:22 am

Thanks KVS! ^ :-: ^

KVS May 7, 04 8:22 am

Originally Posted by inlanikai
Thank you KVS for making it available. But, when I click on the hyperlink that is on your hosting site to download the zip file nothing happens. Any help is appreciated.

Try a different browser or check your browser settings and ensure that "Referrer Logging" option is enabled (exact wording will differ depending on the browser you are using).

PreferBulkhead May 7, 04 1:20 pm

Attempted the update - but it wanted to update some system files and I do not let anything do that ... but thanks anyway ...

nb27boyyul May 8, 04 8:18 am

Hey thanks for the program

Originally Posted by KVS
I have been getting a number of requests for a copy of my availability tool, so I thought I would make it available online:

My only concern is that heavy usage may bring the underlying data source down, so, for now, it will require per-user registration: Once installed and launched for the 1st time, your numeric System Code will appear on the screen. Send it to me via a private FT message and I will send you back your registration code.

Just a few words about it:
  • Only classes available through the Galileo GDS will be shown
  • The tool is quite intelligent when it comes to interpreting the input data
  • The current version does not support the use of Proxy servers
  • If flight connections are listed incorrectly, make sure that the 1st class in your list is valid on all segments, i.e. enter YFC instead of FCY
Feel free to post your comments in this thread.
As always, standard disclaimers apply and no liability is accepted whatsoever.

Can you send me the operational cde follwing download...thanks for the program...very helpful....
send to [email protected]

FlyerGoldII May 8, 04 8:19 pm

How is this availability tool similar or different from the:

Since the German "aeroplan" tool became inaccessible to the general FT audience, I have generally used AMEX ITN, for seat availability. I have not needed to look for award availability, as a SE from the beginning of this year, I can over come capacity controls (ie instant KKs).

How is the New KVS tool compare with ITN, or the above Sabre tool, in terms of revenue classes? Neither the Sabre tool nor ITN give award seat availability, the only tool to look for D or W seats is the above sabre tool?

fromYYZ_flyer May 8, 04 8:31 pm

The German tool always seems to be down when I go to check the availablity for a flight. I'm still waiting on you KVS for my code. Please send me it ASAP.

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