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angra Dec 10, 15 7:41 am

Agreed - significant downgrade for my usage.

rajhyd99 Dec 23, 15 5:08 am

Google Flights Question
How can I find out the number of base miles for the segment in Google flights?

LBJ Dec 23, 15 6:19 am

There are a number of mileage calculators out there.,, etc.

Madone59 Dec 23, 15 8:22 am

Originally Posted by rajhyd99 (Post 25906357)
How can I find out the number of base miles for the segment in Google flights?

GF does not provide that information. Type the segments into a mileage calculator like

Paella747 Jan 2, 16 4:02 am

Originally Posted by hartlogan (Post 25823109)
It looks like Google Flights got an update and changed their Map Search. Instead of the price/date slider that pops up when selecting a destination, it now has a sidebar with the first three flights and some other random information.

The removal of the price/date slider there was extremely convenient when you had flexible dates and destinations for your travel. Now it requires quite a few more steps when looking for cheap, flexible date destinations, especially for MR or Segment Runs.

I just came here after noticing this annoying change. How DO i see the flexible prices around my preferred travel dates now?

I used to love that feature! :(

AirD0c Feb 12, 16 9:57 am

Error booking on
I see some other folks are encountering itineraries on google flights not bookable on

I am trying to book:
PVD > CLT > SJU (AA1700, AA756 12/17/16)
SJU > CLT > PVD (AA1847, AA1729 12/31/16)

Prices out to $283 on google flights. Here's a link. Same itinerary shows up on Matrix ITA, Kayak and Hipmunk. However, when I link to AA I get: "The system was unable to process your search. Please try again."

If I try multi city search on, I go through an endless loop where it keeps repricing @ $283 but it keeps saying, "price no longer available" and reprices with the same itinerary. Very frustrating :mad:

Any advice?

Update: interesting, now (a day later) the itinerary is pricing out correctly on linked from Google Flights... so I guess the moral of the story is, keep trying?

TA Jun 12, 16 5:38 am

What database technology is Google Flights using?
...such that the search is so much faster and more flexible than any I've seen used by any of the airlines?

I would assume that they're not just throwing lots of server capacity at it, but that they are querying fare databases much more efficiently or something. To the point where in the amount of time to see the results for one day in any other search engine, I can see a month's worth of the result in Google Flights with the complicated criteria I want.

Very curious to know why they're able to do this...

xooz Jun 12, 16 6:32 am

It's based on ITA. A key reason it is faster is that it does not interactively check availability.

kalendil Jun 15, 16 2:22 pm


kyushuman Jul 18, 16 8:09 am

Originally Posted by xooz (Post 26766207)
It's based on ITA. A key reason it is faster is that it does not interactively check availability.

Which might explain why, especially recently, I am getting back great search results making flights look cheap-- then deciding on an itinerary, looking at hotels, etc-- then when I go to actually book, these fares don't actually exist. Momondo seems to do the same thing. Some very small print says, "This fare was bookable more than 4 hours ago" or something like that. Ugh.
I wouldn't mind that ITA takes more time-- but 50% of the time, it comes back with a server time out.

stut Jul 19, 16 2:39 am

It's not just ITA. Google consumes travel provider APIs directly as well. Due to its size, it is able to impose a number of complex API standards (including built-in filtering). I would imagine it uses a self-developed NoSQL style DB as a front-end cache, and a mix of pre-filling and online queries depending on the frequency of the query.

RJ1 Aug 9, 16 8:46 am

Google Flights - email function
I have the email notification turned on for Google Flights, but I have yet to receive any emails after a couple of weeks of tracking a few flights. I am checking them manually and I know there has been movement in prices. Am I doing something wrong?

shonamac Aug 18, 16 10:34 am

A question about Google Flights
On Google Flights if I wish to do a search for something like 'Anywhere in Euope' to NYC, how do I enter Europe? If I type in 'Europe', I always get results for Lille Europe (XDB).

How can one resolve this?

gfunkdave Aug 18, 16 10:58 am

I'll move this to Travel Tools...

JAGMAP Aug 18, 16 4:36 pm

Open ended Google flight searches only work in the reverse (e.g. Origin = NYC / Destination = Europe) @:-)

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