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SansSerif Mar 8, 15 5:12 pm

Is how Google Flights calls fare data significant?
I know that Google Flights has been around for a while now, but its latest iteration is clearly geared towards a wider consumer base.

Anyways, I was playing around with the tool today, and I couldn't help but notice that the site spits tags into the URL as you enter search parameters:,t1900-2400

For example, departing airports appear after f, return date after r, etc. Mp is maximum price and so on.

String ordering doesn't seem to matter.

I thought this was pretty interesting because, as far as I know, Google Flights is the only site that calls fare data like this.

The problem is I am not technologically smart enough to see whether this is significant. Are there any potential ways to build on this? For example, could I integrate a link with a feed aggregator to get alerts when a very specific flight goes below a certain price?

I wrote up a short post on this, including a fairly comprehensive syntax glossary. But not surprisingly this concluded with a rather anticlimactic "this is cool but I don't know why anyone would want to use this."

So I thought I'd post here to see if some of the more technologically savvy FT'ers can connect dots I can't even see. :)

carsnoceans Mar 13, 15 11:16 pm

Interesting observations. Gonna subscribe to follow this one...

JDiver Mar 17, 15 6:56 pm

Google Flights is adding all the time. AusBT / Australian Business Traveller has an article with some interesting observations and comments:

Google Flights now includes airline-specific and indeed aircraft-specific details such as average leg room, availability of laptop and USB sockets, inflight WiFi and even live TV (mainly on US flights) from the RouteHappy online service.

belfordrocks May 13, 15 1:59 am

How Do You Turn off Google Flight Search Sponsored Results?
Once upon a time, when you google "flights from abc to xyz" Google will churn you out a good list of all the flight times and schedule as well as connecting points for that specific route. Now when you do that, more often it not it gives you a 'sponsored' search into Google Flight Search which is infinitely inferior for many reasons. Is there a way to disable this, or is it another one of Google's chances to it's flight-related products?


trijet Aug 30, 15 11:35 am

I know this thread is 4 months old already but as some might still be looking for a solution I thought it wouldn't hurt to post it:

Just search for "schedule abc xyz" instead of just "abc xyz".

invisible Sep 2, 15 11:39 pm

Google Flights - Changes, Updates, Glitches and Help [consolidated thread]
Hello everybody,

Do you know if it is possible with Google Flights Explore destination feature when you enter source, max price (and airline/alliance, if needed) - is there a way NOT to have specific days but rather display minimum price available for any time period?

TWA884 Sep 3, 15 12:24 am

Just go to the Google Flights site, enter departure city, select the beginning and end dates for the period that you are interested in traveling and set the maximum price using the slide (after clicking on the price tab).

invisible Sep 3, 15 1:52 am

Originally Posted by TWA884 (Post 25370119)
Just go to the Google Flights site, enter departure city, select the beginning and end dates for the period that you are interested in traveling and set the maximum price using the slide (after clicking on the price tab).

I do not have the specific period, that's the problem. What I want is to find out what would be the cheapest price between for example XXX and YYY for no more than $NNN with the trip duration of M or MM days.

Smiley90 Sep 3, 15 2:23 am, but it'll only work for Y flights

Enthilza Sep 3, 15 2:43 am

Originally Posted by Smiley90 (Post 25370423), but it'll only work for Y flights

Same with and the fares are usually higher than the ones you'll find on kayak.

FlyerJT Sep 24, 15 9:27 am

Google Flights - Map Search Changes
Google Flights seems to be screwing with me... The cheapest price I can find anywhere is Austin-Dallas for $199 one-way. When I click through to a website to book it, it does not reprice to the true cost - as it can be found by searching directly on that website's page.

Is this happening to anyone else? Is Google Flights messing with me for all of my ~hourly searches? :rolleyes:

FlyerJT Sep 24, 15 9:30 am

Example Wednesday-Wednesday explorer map

BThumme Sep 24, 15 12:57 pm

Been happening to me too. Can get a couple through UA, but only about 25% of the time.

18sas Sep 24, 15 8:23 pm

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Server Sep 24, 15 8:47 pm

It's mostly due to cached inventory. Various buckets are opened and closed to the distribution system.

The airports being searched might have had a change in frequency of searches. Usually if it changes more often it will not cache, but if does not change prices often or dramatically your city will get old inventory. Thus will not synchronize with the GDS often.

Not a big deal since before Google flights existed, ITA required you to book it off-site anyway.

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