Using Uber while abroad

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Prefer to use Uber than local taxis in most cities I travel to. Here in London (Abroad for some of you), I recommend it over black cabs. It's a little bit of a pain to get a ride at LHR but only because of the waiting time, as they tend to park outside the airport and can be a 10-30 minutes wait until they arrive to the pick up point. Around the UK is pretty much the same: Cheap, easy, reliable. Used it in Belfast few weeks ago and was lucky with the cars, first ride was on a Tesla, then the rest were Mercedes.

Another city I use it a lot is in Panama City (Panama). Highly recommend it if you're visiting the city. Most of the drivers speak English as well. Taxis are not metered, they are shared (so they can pick up people on the way), and tend to charge tourists more than locals.

I was quite surprised with how good Uber was in Kyiv (Ukraine). Friendly drivers, but they don't speak much English.
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Only city I've used Uber in frequently in outside of the US and Canada is Lima. Bigger cities like London, Paris and Berlin, prefer to use public transit but Lima doesn't have a good public transit system. My Spanish isn't very good and with Lima taxis you have to negotiate the price with the driver ahead of time so it's nice not having to barter a price with a cab driver, especially if were to get a cab driver that couldn't speak English. Only complaint I had was that they don't have the same requirements for cars in Peru they do for the US. A couple times I rode in very old cars and once I was in an Uber that had a bused out dome light and torn up seats and the driver texted non stop while driving on his windshield mounted phone. He did pause to turn his head around and try having a conversation with me while driving with his head turned around and his English was as good as my Spanish so he just went back to texting.
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