2019 Shutdown Thread

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When reporting/posting here please give as many details as you can or you will be asked for it anyways. Copy and paste the text below and alter as needed.

1. SHUTdn by Bank, Credit Card info. (@m3x, chs3 ,c1t1 and [email protected])
2. Length of account before closure and CL?
3. Average monthly account balance checking and savings?
4. Volume of ms per month and how many months?
5. Cycle CL?
6. Did you BP using both options?
- BP by issuing bank (@m3x, chs3, c1t1 and [email protected])
- BP by Vis/MC
7. Did you spell out the bank's full name in an internet forum?
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Originally Posted by gm9928 View Post
1. [email protected]!/venture
2. 1 cc acct, 30k limit, 13 mos
3. new checking and savings, <$100 each
4. ms $12-20k per month last 6 months
5. not really

6. BP using WM, +ach transfers from other banks
7. No

No phone call received. Just logged on one day and saw that my CC account was "currently restricted" (I know what THAT means) and they had cashed out my Rewards at 1%. Days later, received an email that they closed my month-old checking and savings accounts! Deposited WM MOs into checking using ATM only one time!
There must a purge going on. I just had a spar-k shut down which I've had for 4 years, with very heavy MS the whole time including BPs. Got some random call about my GCM purchases back in January then all went quiet and I've switched to Simon 1ks since then.

Oh well, next time they have a crazy sign up bonus I'll hit them up again
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Originally Posted by worldtravels View Post
What is suspicious? Doesn't sound suspicous to me.
3 deposits at 3 different ATMs in the same day doesn't seem normal. Sure the amounts are low enough that there is no concern about structuring but it might make a banker ask questions. We have no idea what caused the shutdown but I think in this case a single deposit of multiple MO's per day per bank is less suspicious.

Just my opinion. I only watch my daily totals to make sure if I deposit more than $10k in a day over multiple banks that atleast one gets $10k+ and my monthly totals per bank.
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Started up the 2020 thread, naturally. HNY!

2020 Shutdown Thread
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