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Grand Hyatt San Francisco REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Grand Hyatt San Francisco REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Old Sep 12, 2002, 10:32 am
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Grand Hyatt San Francisco REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Enjoy rates from $115 per night for stays between now and October 31, 2002.


California Hotel Sale, Need to Book by 9/19

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Old Jan 7, 2003, 5:19 pm
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My only advice (opinion) is that higher is better at this property.

After spending several weeks in this hotel (and getting engaged in it as well), there seems to be an unusually large occurence of street noise at night that "seeps" up and in to rooms at the lower levels; regardless of which direction you are facing.

- Dan
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Old Jan 7, 2003, 8:31 pm
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We stay here several times a year and I agree the higher the better. The sliding glass doors are not completely tight. Regency Club here is quite nice and I would recommend an upgrade. We have stayed here probably 15 times and despite what some others says we find it a quiet non-convention type hotel. It's large so they must have meetings/conventions but the lobby is small so all these people must gather on the lower floors where they can't be heard. There are distinctly different views from the 4 sides of this hotel. East view is worst in my opinion- mostly tall bguildings. Best view is north. Second best is west. Third best is south (Union Square). Any floor below 25 will probably have a limited view. Floors below 15 can be noisy and have no view. The Bar and Grand Views Restaurant offers ggeat views and I think very good food at a somewhat reasonable price for a hotel.
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Old Jan 8, 2003, 8:54 am
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Concur with the higher the better. In terms of direction, I would suggest facing North or Northeast to get nice view of the Bay (RC has nice views too).

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Old May 12, 2003, 3:17 pm
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stayed this past weekend. i have been a platinum in Starwood's Preferred Guest program for a couple of years. but, i bid a very low rate and "won" the grand hyatt. for my two nights i stayed for less than one night at the Palace, where i was originally planning to stay. i think i bid $59'ish per night.

checked in via 800-check-in. was originally given a room on the third floor. after reading flyertalk, i called back and requested a higher floor. i was switched to a room on the 25th floor.

when i arrived, i requested a room facing north per comments on flyertalk. i was told at the front desk that i was facing west and that west was the "most requested" direction. got to the room and there was not much of a view. oh well. it was late and i was tired.

the only things that struck me were that the room was small (which was fine for my rate) and that the bath towels were tiny and thin. i couldn't believe how small the bath towels were. my gym gives bigger towels. and, they were so thin i could almost read a newspaper through them. yuck. not sure if they use unbelievably cheap towels so that people won't steal them at this presumably tourist property. who knows?

otherwise, GREAT location.

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Old Jul 1, 2003, 2:46 am
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Just stayed at the Grand Hyatt SF. I had a Diamond upgrade cert. When I checked in I was told no suites so they bumped me to Regency Club. West view, not too exciting. DSL connection. The next morining I called the front desk and asked if any suites had become available. I was told one had overlooking Union Sq (South). Went to change rooms. Suite was regular room with adjoining parlor room. Not very special. Then I noticed no DSL connection. Called the front desk and was told they had one other suite available, the Penthouse Suite. JACKPOT! The suite took up the area of a total of 3 hotel rooms, 2 made up the living/dining room and den. One was the king bedroom with extra large bathroom. Furniture was very nice with dimmer switches on all the ceiling lights. Wet bar, VCR, CD and stereo. One drawback was the stereo and speakers were in a cabinet inside a closet, so you had to leave the doors open when you wanted to listen to music. Its sort of odd to be entertaining in such a lavish suite and have the closet and cabinet doors open in the middle of the living room. You'd think they would have set the speakers outside the closet. Did I mention the view? From the TA Tower to Alcatraz and beyond. SPECTACULAR! I would reccomend the NORTH side of the building. Suite 3403.
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Old Nov 12, 2004, 4:49 pm
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Grand Hyatt San Francisco report 11/12/2004

Preface: I have a couple FFNs which I had not yet used. I thought this would be a good Hotel to use one on. I at first could only get a reservation at the HR SF and then a few days ago was able to get the GH.

Rate: FFN

Transportation: Just my feet. Walked over here from the Westin St. Francis. As a FYI. The City has a strike action at a number of hotels and this is one of them. When you face the front entrance there is a door off to the left up some brick stairs which is a much more quiet entrance. Between the Levi store and the GH. Pass by the Concierge desk over to check-in.

Check-in: This process is the worst I have experienced in years. The staff is incompetent. I called the front desk of this Hotel at 10:14 this morning to see if my room was ready. I was told guests had left and a rush would be put on the room. It would be ready in one hour. I went to the Hotel at 12:35 PM and after finally getting to the front of the line told the room was not ready. The gentleman looked at me funny as people denied speaking with me about the promised check-in time. A lady was found who had not been asked admitted speaking with me. I told the gentleman I needed to get back to a meeting. It was impossible for them to even get me pre-registered. I just called the Hotel at 1:57 PM and the room is still not ready. Will advise when checked in. I was told my room number and that it will be on the Club floor. I was finally able to check-in around 3:00 PM. As promised the room was on a Club floor w/ Lounge access of course.

Perks: Offered amenity as Diamond member. Took the milk and cookies.

Room: I was surprised to find the room larger than I thought. The room is a corner room so the bedroom area is a total box with a pop out area with vanity table, closet and bathroom. So a good size. The furniture is ok but dated with a large tv cabinet, a marble at the entry for small items, good size bed, couple of comfy chairs and work desk. The Lounge is located on the same floor. The Lounge has nice views of the bay and is a decent size. I took a look at 5:00 PM exactly and the room was full of people awaiting food items. A so so spread. All and all I was pleasantly surprised by the room and Lounge. The Hotels lobby is dated and needs a renovation.

Communication: Wired high speed internet was available for a price I believe. I noted a number of people using pcs in the Lounge so I assume they were able to catch a wi fi signal. Can someone advise if this is complimentary?

Location: Union Square

Closing: Once again pleasantly surprised with the room and size. The Lounge was ok with nice views. A better room and location than the HR. Better location than PH. A big plus being the Lounge which neither of the prior hotels has.

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Old Nov 13, 2004, 12:45 am
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Originally Posted by RTWSTARALLIANCE

Communication: Wired high speed internet was available for a price I believe. I noted a number of people using pcs in the Lounge so I assume they were able to catch a wi fi signal. Can someone advise if this is complimentary?
You can use the high speed Internet for free at the RC. Get the username and password from the RC front desk.

Nothing special about the RC but the view of SFO is very nice. I also managed to mix couple of "stiff" drinks there.
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Old Dec 3, 2004, 4:11 pm
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beware of the winds

I had a FFN stay on Nov 26. The hotel was fine until about 2am when the ceiling was creaking so loudly that it woke us up. I called downstairs to see if this was normal and they said that since it was very windy outside and the building had been retrofitted for earthquakes, there was nothing they could do. They offered to bring up earplugs! They also said that every room in the hotel has this problem when it's windy and they had received several complaints that night.

We were scheduled to stay for 2 days but we checked out the next morning. The manager was very helpful with transfering our FFN room to the Park Hyatt which was very nice and very quiet. He wasn't really keen on doing this since he admitted that their hotel gets revenue from Hyatt for FFN stays but he finally gave in.

Maybe we were just unlucky that it was so windy, as this is probably pretty rare in SF but after this experience, we will not be staying at the Grand Hyatt again when in San Francisco.
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Old Dec 3, 2004, 4:16 pm
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Originally Posted by RTWSTARALLIANCE
Communication: Wired high speed internet was available for a price I believe. I noted a number of people using pcs in the Lounge so I assume they were able to catch a wi fi signal. Can someone advise if this is complimentary?
There is also free wi-fi in the hotel lobby and you dont need a code for that.

As of my last visit anyways...FWIW
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Old Dec 3, 2004, 9:15 pm
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They usually have a notice at the front desk alerting guests that in windy conditions, they may hear some creeking noises and that there is no cause for alarm. We've stayed there many times and have never experienced this problem.
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Old Dec 28, 2006, 10:29 pm
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Grand hyatt san francisco

has anyone stayed at the grand hyatt in san francisco? im planning to go during presidents weekend, and ive read some of the reviews on trip advisor, and the are either at one end of the spectrm or the other.

so basically, i want to hear your reviews.

should i stay at the intercontinental? or fairmont? or westin?

does anyone know the difference between these rooms: i kno they are on differnt floors, room size is different, a few varying amenities and price. but are those the only differences? which one is the best?
Gold Passport Two Double Beds
Business Plan
Regency Club
Hospitality Suite
Executive Suite

is it possible to book a non-regency club room, and request access to the regency club lounge? (i am a hyatt gold passport holder) if you are paying for a room that is more expensive than the regency club room.

too bad they shut down the park hyatt....



ps. i searched and i couldnt find anything that really helped.

thanks again

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Old Jan 2, 2007, 9:12 am
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Of the other hotels that you mentioned. I'd be careful with the Westin St Francis - there are lots of negative reports of getting stuck in a small room if you don't have Starwood status. I think that the IC & Fairmont might have similar issues since they are both also older buildings. The GH's rooms are much more uniform since its in a newer building. Corner rooms feel quite a bit larger. I've always been in an RC room and normally in one of the corners.

At the GH:

Business Plan - simply denotes the inclusion of local phone calls & continental breakfast - I believe that any room can be made into a Business Plan room.

Regency Club - gives you access to the club lounge with continental breakfast and hors d'oeuvres.

Hospitality Suite - I'd avoid this for a "normal" stay - I think the setup often has a foldup bed and generally used for entertainment by companies.

Executive Suite - a regular suite - never been in one in this property.
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Old Jan 12, 2007, 9:55 pm
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If you are looking for a little extra space the executive suites are sometimes avl since they have quite a few. These suites also usually offer a pretty nice view of the coit tower area. I have sometimes been able to upgrade my reservation at a minimal charge at c/i time.
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Old Jan 4, 2008, 9:15 pm
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Report 1/2008

Preface: I supposed to be in IAD for dinner meeting. The weather mess kept me here. Thought I would get some stay credit in.

Status: Diamond.

Rate: $111 plus change. AAA.

Transportation: I am usually pretty conservative about this stuff. But given the weather decided to cab it. $55 including tip from SFO. I left my car in the SFO garage since I hate giving our vehicles to SF hotels to park.

Parking: not used

Check-in: I was lucky to get into the Hotel early and on Club. That has been the only positive thing here.

I made it clear that my intent was to chill, get some work done and watch a movie or two. It was so windy today the racket the Hotel makes is crazy. Wired internet is a joke and I've had to rearrange the furniture a little since there is not a proper desk or outlets. The on demand video was not working earlier. When they finally got it working you could not buy a movie. I tried to get a late lunch and the Hotel has no restaurants open between 3 and 5 PM. I ended up walking to Starbucks. The walls are thin and you can hear everything.

Perks: Took points.

Lounge: A small affair with a so so spread as has been reported. Packed.

Room: standard

Bathroom: standard

Internet: Wired for $10 per day. Wireless is faster via T Mobile. If you use wired you can not use line 1 on the phone.

Gym: I wish I had some clothes for this.

Spa: I wish I was there.

Eating venues: I tried.

Local makets: Close to everything.

Local area: Center of the City.

Nagatives: As reported herein. I was going to stay another night since I have a flight out to ORD Sunday. I am going to try and fly out of here tomorrow. No matter what I will be making a hotel change.

Closing: Remains a dated hotel with so so service. Little bothered they are just not straight with you as a customer about problems. You have to draw it out of them.

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