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BA Airbus A380: Which are the best seats? Master discussion thread

Old Sep 1, 13, 4:03 am
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Upper deck

Main deck

Summarizing based on comments thus far:


This post shows the seat map and individual seat ratings for First:

First Cabin A380 Seat Ratings
In order of rating:
  1. 2 A/K
  2. 1 A/K
  3. 3 A/K
  4. 2 E/F
  5. 3 E/F
  6. 4 E/F
  7. 4 A/K

Club World Upper deck
  • 50AB and 50JK: the B and J seats donít have anyone climbing over them. Thereís nothing else ahead of these seats, so this area should be fairly quiet. However, the A and K seats ... would have to lean forward a long way to look out of the single window serving this row. Good if you like having a very private space and donít mind stepping over someone to get out. Bad if you like looking out of the window.
  • 50J for longest bed is the best. However, you only have a curtain between you and the stairs and right hand side forward loo. Should be okay but might be noisy. Partial barrier around feet.
  • 51D and 51F: no half barrier either so very good for tall people and first row of CW cabin so good for food and ease of access to loo without any galley.
  • 53AB and 53JK: the window seats have direct aisle access, so in theory these would be a lot like 64A and 64K on the 744. Unfortunately, potentially noisy.
  • 56B has a bit of extra length but also a partial barrier.
  • 59AB and 59JK: the window seats here also have direct aisle access. However, as others have mentioned, because the CW and WT+ cabins partly overlap at this point, these seats (and particularly the heads of the 59B and 59J passengers) are directly in line with the WT+ centre bulkhead bassinets, so possible noise concerns if baby behind. You can see the close proximity in the photo above for 60 DEF
  • Middle seats: since there's only a single middle seat, it's rather nice and isolated and private, at least while the dividers are up. When dividers go down it's face to face with your seatmates to the left and right. Couples who are using a middle seat will probably be better off choosing EF rather than DE, because the extra space to the right hand side of the E seat means the E and F seats are closer together.

Club World Main Deck
  • 10J definitely winner for the most length but partial barrier around feet and galley noise may be an issue. However, also first to get food!
  • 10A and 10K for window seats only. The rest have absolutely NO view as the wing is massive and all you see is reflecting Silver and a lot of flex!
  • There is a reported experience from 13AB of in-flight vibration and resonances which were enough to disturb sleep.
  • Avoid 15AB and 15JK due to proximity to the two loos that are right beside and behind this seat. (CW loo behind 15B and 15J, WT loo beside these seats although behind a curtain, near continuous use!)
  • General note: due to the curvature of the fuselage, the window seats on the main deck have a greater gap between the seat and cabin wall than the equivalent upper deck seats, thus providing more wiggle room for your legs and toes.

World Traveller Plus Upper Deck
Photos: courtesy of PETER01
  • Bulkhead seats: The legroom in the bulkhead rows of 60DEF, 61AB and 61JK is fairly good, but Iím not sure that I would take these for a night flight as you can still get closer to horizontal in the rows behind. If thatís your favoured sleeping position, the absence of leg-rests in those rows wonít matter too much.
  • Row 67: The quietness of the aircraft will mean that the toilets at the aft of the WT+ cabin are much more likely to be disturbing in this area (particularly to 67AB, 67DEF, 67JK and 68DEF) than, say, to 15AB on a mid-J 744.

World Traveller Upper Deck
  • Centre block bulkheads 70DEFG and 80DEFG have tables in fixed armrests, as one would expect. This noticeably constricts the width of the seat. The armrest between D and E is a conventional lift-up armrest Ė so if choosing these rows, D and E are better than F and G. Another thing about these bulkhead rows, which are in line with the exits, and the adjacent exit rows (70AB, 70JK, 80AB and 80JK), is that there is a noticeable hissing noise from the slipstream.
  • 80D and 80E are the same and could be great for space or for couples that want to lift the armrest during the flight to get closer or sleep.
  • Rear cabin: any WT seat in rows 80 to 83 would be very nice indeed as long as: there is not a stag group pissing it up here when you want to sleep! Apparently, they may offer this cabin to groups so need to be a bit careful in selecting this exclusive cabin. Also, there is noticeable galley noise in this rear cabin, and it gets worse the further aft you get.

World Traveller Main Deck
  • 25D is the throne seat on the Main Deck in WT. (no seat in front of them).
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BA Airbus A380: Which are the best seats? Master discussion thread

Old Mar 18, 23, 6:07 pm
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Can anyone say how the recline is in row 78 (WT upper deck, the last row of the forward cabin section) on the window seats? Is it the same as any other seat in the cabin, or is it restricted by the bulkhead behind?
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Originally Posted by flatlander View Post
Can anyone say how the recline is in row 78 (WT upper deck, the last row of the forward cabin section) on the window seats? Is it the same as any other seat in the cabin, or is it restricted by the bulkhead behind?
Equal and full recline, which is the case on all A380 seats.
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Any specific reason why 2E/F are better than 3E/F?
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Originally Posted by S.R View Post
Any specific reason why 2E/F are better than 3E/F?
It's all very subjective really and the Wiki notes are for general guidance only. Personally I'd choose a window even if travelling as a couple, so 2K/3K for me as I'm not keen on row 1 but I've only been on the A380 in F a handful of times.

However, some couples/folks travelling together like the middle seats. 2E/F is against the stair bulkheads whereas in row 3 you can see more of the cabin. It's a large cabin and there's no really bad seat I'd say.
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