For Ryanair’s O’Leary: Price, Price, Price

But let me ask you this: is price the ultimate determiner of what airline most people fly? Let’s assume comparable safety records and forget loyalty programs. (FlyerTalk forget loyalty programs? Brian Cohen is now dialing my number.)

Exclusive: The Man Who Walks (and Talks) Away from the Belly Landing

Sinan Unur was one of 31 passengers and three crew on US Airways Express Flight 4560, a Dash 8-100 turboprop operated by Piedmont Airlines that belly landed at Newark International. So what’s the takeaway Sinan: “It renewed my confidence in aviation.”

On or Off: Which is it for Electronic Devices on Aircraft?

Tablets. Smartphones. eReaders. Laptops. The debate about using electronic devices on aircraft is back in the news. But there isn’t any new data. The reports circle the minefield without ever crossing the perimeter.

Southwest Airlines: Launch Carrier for 737 MAX 7

Southwest Airlines, the largest domestic carrier in the U.S. and the only consistently profitable airline, is in the news this week. Boeing and Southwest Airlines are launching the 737 MAX 7, the third sibling of the 737 MAX family.

The Ultimate Mileage Run

I ought to spare us both 385 words and suggest you go straight to the YouTube video of Commander Chris Hadfield and his acoustic guitar on the International Space Station (ISS). The stars up there are going to look different.

Wanna Cut in Line at Disney World? Hire the Handicapped!

If I could do it all over, I’d do it with a bad limp. During summer breaks in college I worked as a tour guide driving a Bombardier snowmobile at the Columbia Icefields in Banff National Park. Minimum wage and tips is what I got. And you know the difference between a Canadian and a canoe – a canoe tips.

Break the Law Abroad? Don’t Count on the Embassy

“Use common sense when traveling,” said Laurie Simmons, a retired cop who spent 20 years with the Australian Federal Police and now volunteers with the ‘Tourist Police’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Suicides, bar brawls and road accidents are what he specializes in.

Wanna See Richard Branson in Drag?

True to his word after losing a bet to AirAsia CEO Tony Fernandes, Sir Richard Branson, founder and chairman of Virgin Group, yesterday worked as a ‘trolley dolly’ on AirAsia’s inaugural Perth to Kuala Lumpur flight.

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Airport?

It’s the little things in life. They are what make you believe in a Higher Power. Within hours of writing “I prefer traveling to places where the currency is counted in chickens,” the roosters come home to roost.

Dirty Laundry: Weird News and Your Nasty Comments

I’m resting in Bali today and it’s laundry day at The Tarmac. The weird aviation news is piling up, my favorite reads are unread and the usual FT commenters are circling in a holding pattern, like vultures.

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