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ANC - BRU on AS, AA, and BA

ANC - BRU on AS, AA, and BA

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ANC - BRU on AS, AA, and BA

This trip to Brussels was scheduled as a result of splitting two trips that were originally scheduled for May, however we decided to shorten that trip up and visit Brussels and take advantage of seeing the Christmas markets. This routing takes us from ANC-SEA and SEA-ORD on Alaska, American Airlines to Heathrow, and British Airways to Brussels. The return takes us back to LHR and to LAX on BA, then LAX – ANC on Alaska.

Apologies if I have missed any pictures or details on anything – this TR was actually written over the course of the month and I know some details were likely forgotten. Feel free to ask any questions, and I hope you enjoy.

December 10, 2018
Driving to ANC and Alaska Lounge

Anchorage is about a two and a half to three-hour drive from home, depending on road conditions. There wasn’t too much snow on the ground as we left, however the further we got in the mountains the more we encountered snow and ice conditions. Nothing that can’t be handled, and we even got the path sanded for us a some of the way.

We arrived to the Anchorage airport about 4pm. There was no line at pre-check however I was selected for another security theater process – the electronics check. After that, we headed for the Alaska lounge, located at the beginning of the C concourse. This lounge isn’t a great one and can get crowded at times, but I generally get a seat at one of the desks in the business area with no trouble. Today the lounge wasn’t crowded and I was able to get a few pictures.

Alaska’s lounges, formerly The Boardroom, are not anything special compared to the Delta Sky Club or American’s lounges when it comes to food and beverage selection, but they are a good respite from the airport terminal, and I have pretty simple needs. A desk, some power, a snack and drinks and I am good. Every one of the lounges are different in layout. Anchorage is kind of one long rectangular room.

As you approach the reception desk, a conference room is available to the left. Immediately when you walk in is casual seating in front of the television. There is a hall on with seats along the window and another seating area with television.

On the other side of the television wall is a smaller seating area in front of food service, both with lounge chairs and a few tables. Beyond that is a business area that includes taller desks looking out the window and some cubical style desks and office chairs for working. A printer/copier is available in this area as well. Most areas have liberal amounts of power and/or USB outlets.

The bar is located centrally and includes beer and wine at no charge, although there is a charge for some premium liquor. A self-service area has soft drinks and a coffee machine. Food available when we were there included soup, salad, cookies, and breads.

Some quick work and a few last-minute phone calls to be made, and we were off to the plane.
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AS 136
Seat 3C
Boeing 737 N251AK

Boarding by groups commenced at about T-40 as is usual for AS. First class is a 2-2 configuration and PDB’s of mini bottles of water were already at the seat. After takeoff, beverage orders were taken and hot towels distributed. Beverages were served with warmed nuts.

Dinner choices were a chicken with spices that included rice and sweet potatoes., or a cold beef salad. Both were fairly good, the salad was better than it looked. They were served with a roll and a macaroon.

Alaska doesn’t feature any seatback screens except on some ex-Virign America Airbus planes. Streaming entertainment from Gogo is free to your own device, and I have found that it generally includes a good selection of movies. Also available is Internet, which is a bit of a marginal product. I did use it on this flight and had pretty good luck, but there are a lot of dead zones where you will lose internet for a few minutes, and it certainly is not appropriate for any type of streaming content. I attempted to do a speed test, however it wouldn’t even pass the ping test. Maybe that’s for the best. There are varying prices for internet, I typically purchase the all-day pass on the ground for $19.95 since I never only take one flight in a day, and it’s good for 24 hours.

A Seattle Chocolate was handed out near the end of the flight.

The brochure in the seatback pocket and drink menu

Alaska Lounge C Concourse

We spent some time at the Alaska Lounge at the end of the C concourse. This is the newest AS lounge in Seattle and one of my favorites. The lounge is fairly small and can get very full and crowded, which it was for the first half hour or so of our visit. The lounge is a former crew area which is in an “L” shape. The end of the L has a bar area with table seating, with the line of the L with more casual lounge seating. Nearly every seat and table has AC and USB outlets.

Although this was late at night, the lounge had some food offerings out. At the salad bar there were cold vegetables and cheese on offer, in addition to cookies and snack mix. Beverage offerings include beer and wine, soft drinks, and coffee service. Although there wasn’t a large selection of food, I believe the bar is fairly well stocked although premium liquor is available as a charge, beverage coupons are not handed out.

This is an improvement in food options. Three or four years ago I have been in the lounge when the only selection late at night was chips and salsa. Although the choices aren’t huge it seems they are keeping them available at more hours.

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SEA-ORD and Flagship lounge

AS 20
Boeing 737 N486AS

There isn’t too much to say about this flight. I attempted to sleep but for the most part, failed miserably. On a redeye flight service is fairly limited, although the crew did a good job at being responsive to requests and patrolling the aisle. On AS flights this is listed as a snack flight. “Snack” can be fairly hard to define because it can mean many different things to AS caterers. For a redeye, it has lately been a vegetable plate with hummus. For some reason, I’ve noted that when AS decides something is good, they serve it constantly. The joke was that it used to be polenta with every meal – now it’s hummus!

An on-time arrival into ORD and we are ready to start across the pond. However, let’s start that journey with my first trip to American’s Flagship Lounge.

American Flagship Lounge O’Hare

I have been to the American Admirals club in ORD many times, the most recent just a few weeks ago, taking the elevator to the third floor. It’s certainly a nice lounge that can get crowded at times. Because of my business class ticket on an international flight, it afforded me access to the flagship lounge on the second floor.

Before getting upstairs, one has to get past the lounge dragon. That’s where it started going wrong. Because this woman hated her life more than I have ever seen in someone for quite a while. I scanned my American boarding pass, and she looked at me and said “Are you Alaska? I need your card!”

This is referring to my Alaska Lounge membership, which allows access to American clubs. However, I was having a hard time figuring out what the problem was. Being tired, I was a little slow to respond. The tone in her voice was just nasty. My wife finally asked if a boarding pass wasn’t good enough, which apparently made her look at the screen again. She said “Oh, you’re flying to London? It didn’t come up that way.” This sounded like a very weak excuse for not looking a little closer. My AS mileage number was in the reservation, and I assumed she just looked that far and no farther. Incidentally, I have accessed many AA clubs and have never had to show my card – a boarding pass has always worked, it’s the same number after all.

Cue the weak attempt at service recovery. “Now you get to visit our nicest lounge!” She began talking only to my wife and not to me, which I thought was kind of interesting. She handed over the invitation to the lounge and let us know to hand it to the attendant on the second floor. Also was a crack that everything in this lounge is self-serve, so be sure not to overserve ourselves. I probably should have complained right then, but I just wasn’t in the mood. That was one of the most blatantly nasty experiences I have had in a long time, I felt that since I wasn’t an AA customer in her eyes, it was a valid excuse to not be treated respectfully.

Unpleasantness aside, the lounge was very nice and not too busy at that time of the morning, although quickly getting busier. There were several different seating areas that had both lounge type seating and taller tables. There was also a good-sized dining area near the buffet and serving area. There was a beverage station mid lounge that featured a coffee machine and service. Another had cold beverages and water dispensers. The main buffet area had two buffet tables, coffee service, a Coca Cola Freestyle machine, coolers with canned and bottled drinks, and many more options.

The buffet had mostly breakfast items out. One buffet had salads, some meats, and several varieties of sushi. The other had pastries and several traditional hot breakfast items. There was plenty of room for more items, I can imagine the buffet area is busy when more flights are departing or closer to a lunch or dinner time.

I made use of the shower suites. They were not overly large but plenty of room to change and had a toilet, sink, and shower. There were electrical and USB chargers near the sink and was stocked with Bigelow amenities. There was only one towel provided, so you may have to request another if you need more than one. Showers can be requested at the customer service desk in the lounge.

Of note is very impressive Wi-Fi in the lounge, a speedtest came up with a 72.0 Mbps download and a 218 Mbps upload.

A shower makes all the difference in the world, along with a change of clothes and a bit of breakfast and we are off to our flight across the pond.

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AA 90
Seat 4H
Boeing 787 N817AN

This flight over to Heathrow is on American’s Business Class product on a 787 Dreamliner. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this flight, for a few reasons. First, believe it or not, I have never flown American mainline before. Secondly, I have pretty much stuck with Asia for international travel, it has been much easier to access being closer to the West Coast.

Based on the crowd at the gate, the load was nowhere near full, however business class was at 100%. We boarded by group and were directed to our seats, the cabin in a 1-2-1 configuration. Mrs. AKDan and I took two seats in the center. On the seat was a menu, a pair of Bose headphones, amenity kit, and comforter/pillow package.

The seat is set at an angle off the aisle and is narrow without feeling cramped. The IFE screens were good sized, perhaps 15” and were set up in a viewing position. Underneath the screen is an ottoman and a shoe storage area. Along the center of the seat is a magazine stowage with the safety card and American Way magazines, as well as a small space that you could probably fit a phone. A holder on a hinge, I assume for newspapers, is also present.

On the center area of the seat is a counter space where a large tray is stored. There are two USB outlets and two regular AC outlets and another storage area for phones or small items. Below this area is a deeper storage area. However, this is really the only true storage in this seat, it lacked space for a laptop or other items you may wish to have at your seat.

Pre-departure beverages were a choice of sparkling water, sparkling wine, or orange juice served in plastic glasses. Newspapers were also offered. Boarding was completed relatively promptly. An interesting note that Mrs. AKDan put her bedding up in the overhead compartment. The FA was looking for some room for an elderly couple that was seated at the last minute, she asked her if she wanted the bedding, when she said yes the FA said “Let’s just put this here” and literally tossed it on the floor in front of her, between her feet and the ottoman. It was rather alarming unprofessional treatment, I don’t think one given intentionally but not at all refined.

The amenity kit was Cole Hahn branded and contained the following items:

Colgate Toothpaste

Bigelow Mouthwash







Body Lotion

Lip Balm

The menu:
Starter: Roasted Tomato Tart
Salad: Fresh Fruit Salad
Main Plates:

Smoked Salmon Hash
Chicken and Waffles
Chorizo Enchiladas
Charcuterie Plate

Dessert: Strawberry Ice Cream or Gourmet Cheese Plate

First of all, I understand that this is a 9:30 departure, but I am of the opinion that breakfast food has no place after about 10am – especially considering it will probably be another hour before the meal is served. Oh well. By the time they got to my row they were out of the Enchiladas, I went with the Chicken and Waffles which weren’t too bad, but not great either. I honestly at this point was too tired to care that much, so declined dessert and immediately headed to sleep.

After about an hour I felt better, but was unable to get back to sleep – the plane was rather warm and I have trouble sleeping on planes as it is. I connected to the wi-fi for $19 and explored the IFE. The wi-fi was decent but seemed to go offline quite a bit of the time. It would come back, but it just seemed spotty. I don’t know if that is normal for AA’s system.

The IFE had some good choices to it, but I found the interface to be a little difficult. There was a touch screen that worked well, but required you to lean forward in your seat. There was a remote control but that interface was not a touch screen, and the interface was not very clear or intuitive. It didn’t always do what I wanted it to do. Overall, a good system with a flight map, audio, TV, and movie selection. There were some games and other miscellaneous features that I did not try.

The pre-arrival meal was a choice between Chicken, Apple, and Brie Sandwich and a pasta salad. I got the salad which came with a quinoa salad and strawberry ice cream. The salad wasn’t bad, I didn’t care for the sauce used in the salad, and didn’t finish it.

After the meal, arrival cards for London were handed out. There was no fast track or priority given. Luckily, there was not a line at immigration and we were through in less than five minutes. We headed towards the train station, heading for Terminal 4 and our hotel.
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Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 4

Hilton London Heathrow Terminal 4

We had a layover scheduled for tonight at the Hilton hotel. We used the free transfer service to transfer to terminal 4 and then walked to the hotel. The entire process took about 30 minutes or so. The hotel does have a pickup service so you can skip the walk, however we didn’t opt to use it as getting some steps in is a good thing after a long flight. After getting through the walkway, you come to the outside to the side of the entrance, and re-enter the hotel from the front door.

This hotel has digital key, so we went right for the lifts behind the desk and got to our room on the fourth floor. This was booked as a king room that was upgraded to a king on the executive floor due to diamond status. The room was small but had a good sized bathroom with large shower. The guest room itself had a closet, bed, chair, and work desk. A mini bar and coffee/tea making facilities were also included.

There isn’t much to say about this hotel – we slept and got up the next morning and reversed the process, this time to T5 to check in for our BA flight to London. We did not end up using the lounge or any other services.

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BA 402
Seat 5F
Airbus A320 G-EUUY

We got to T5 and headed to what we thought was the right zone, however our check-in agent informed us that if we would have gone “over there” they would have done everything for us since we were in Club Europe. I explained that I hadn’t been to this airport before and she immediately went “Oh Bless You!” She was great fun in the few minutes we spoke to her. We headed for Fast Track security and were through in less than five minutes with no drama and headed for the Galleries South lounge.

There wasn’t much to say about this lounge, we wanted to grab some breakfast but it was crowded and took a few minutes to find a seat. I think it’s a nice place but very crowded, which I can imagine is the normal situation for an LHR lounge. I didn’t get any photographs because of the number of people, but I figure there are enough floating around FT that they won’t be missed. We went downstairs and looked at the shops for a few minutes before heading for our boarding gate.

I knew from reading about “business class” on BA not to expect anything except a free window seat, and that was pretty much accurate. The plane was in decent condition but having standard legroom and small windows made me glad that the flight was only an hour long. Kudos to an excellent crew though.

As soon as we were up they were serving drinks and providing the meal service. I am fairly impressed that BA will serve a small meal on a flight this length. There was a choice of something vegetarian and a cold beef something – I couldn’t quite understand the FA as she was talking very quickly with an accent, and my ears couldn’t quite parse it. It wasn’t terrible, but I didn’t finish it either. I think I would have preferred whatever the vegetarian choice was.

Landing in a foggy Brussels happened quickly, and we were off to immigration. The agent asked if I was on business and when I told him I was a tourist, exclaimed “Even Better!” while stamping me in. Priority tagged bags came out quickly and we opted to take a taxi to our hotel since we were tired and had luggage – we could “see the city.” It turns out, we could pretty much see several near misses as our taxi driver gleefully got us up to 130 km/h in an 80 zone while slamming on the breaks and driving as crazy as possible. Needless to say, we were glad to be there alive, albeit 50 euros poorer. Next time we will stick to the train.
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Hilton Brussels Grand Place

Hilton Brussels Grand Place

A lot of interesting reviews have been written about this property. On Trip Advisor, it seems to be somewhat of a mixed bag. We selected this hotel because it got some good reviews on FT and more especially because of the location near the Christmas markets and other tourist sites. We got a little concerned because there had been some recent reviews of poor service and no upgrades/recognition of elite status.

We entered to the most under-sized reception desk ever. We didn’t see more than one person working reception until the weekend, but had only a brief wait. We were efficiently checked in and my diamond status was recognized and an upgrade to an executive level room was provided. I think that is only a one level upgrade, however it got us a room with a shower, as the standard rooms have only a bathtub. That is pretty much all I was hoping for, and it turned out to be a very nice room.

Our room on the fourth floor consisted of a large bathroom with both a bathtub and shower, with plenty of space for two people to get ready at the same time in the morning. There was a wardrobe for hanging clothes and a second one that had a min-fridge, safe, and additional shelving.

The concierge lounge is on the ground floor and is a bit small, but is open throughout the day with beverages. The facility was very nice, and most of the staff we encountered were very professional and polite. However, we ate in the hotel one night and that service was terrible – service standards seem hit and miss. We had one or two difficulties with staff that didn’t speak much English, but that one is on us. I would stay here again.
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A few shots from around the city:

The Atomium

View from the Hilton Grand Place

Mini Europe's Commentary on Brexit

Grand Place
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BA 392
Seat 5F
Airbus A321 G-EUUY

Morning came early as we headed for Brussels airport to begin the long journey home. I really like this airport, it’s very nicely laid out with a lot of room. The kiosk wouldn’t scan our passports for some reason, but only one person ahead of us in the business class check-in. We got our boarding passes as well as the onward flight to LAX.

Security using fast track was cleared after about ten minutes, five of which was devoted to a secondary inspection of my bag. Mrs. AKDan and I were bringing back quite a few gifts and I figured the massive amounts of chocolate in the bag would set off a question. Turns out BRU must know what chocolate looks like, however the bars of handmade soap apparently needed another look. After a professional and polite interaction that couldn’t possibly be replicated in the United States, we cleared exit immigration and headed for the BA lounge which is accessed above the “B” concourse via stairs or elevators.

It was a few minutes before 06:00, and the lounge apparently didn’t open until then. Note that the Oneworld website lists this lounge as opening at 05:30. We waited about five minutes and entered to a very attractive lounge. The lounge consisted of two sides linked by a central hallway behind the service facilities.

To the left was seating along with a conference style table with computers and a drinks bar that was stocked with juices and sparkling wine. There is also a beverage station here with a coffee machine and coolers with canned and bottled drinks available.

The right side consists of several seating areas that were set off by walls that made many private “rooms.” There was a duplicate beverage station as well as a buffet dining area. The buffet setup was fairly small and held mostly pastries, cereal, and yogurt at that time of the morning. In addition, there was one wall with computer workstations and a printer setup for work.

There were a few televisions around and two flight information displays on either end of the lounge, as well as a wardrobe and luggage storage options. A variety of reading material was also stocked. I would imagine this lounge could get crowded, but I really like the physical layout of the separate rooms. We only spent about an hour before our flight was ready to board, but it would have been a good place to get work done or relax with travel companions.

We headed downstairs to our gate and boarded an A321 aircraft. This was a standard 3 and 3 configurations with middle seat blocked. Flying time was given as about 45 minutes, including a bit of a hold outside of LHR. We pushed back on time and took off after a few minutes.

The crew quickly served a breakfast, if there was a choice I did not hear one. The plate included scrambled eggs, sausage, mushrooms, and pork. It was accompanied by a small fruit cup, a blueberry and honey granola bar, and bread given from the basket. The meal was generally very good, and was served with drinks with refills offered during the short flight.

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Galleries South

London Heathrow Airport
Galleries South Lounge

We arrived on time at Heathrow and proceeded to transfer security. If there was fast track security for transfers I apparently missed it. The queue only took about 20 minutes, but my gosh does no one have any idea of how to deal with a security line? I understand the rules change depending where you are but it’s really not that hard folks.

The security staff was taking personal offense every time they saw a liquid in a checked bag, at one point the women coming over to lecture about it when she should have been screening bags. Naturally, things were a little backed up. I didn’t tell her about the several bottles of water and soda that were abandoned in the lines, I’m surprised those dangerous liquids haven’t blown up without the protective properties of a clear plastic bag. Apparently, my wife’s handmade soap, being a solid, were not considered dangerous and didn’t require a secondary inspection.

We headed back to the BA Galleries South lounge. As a side note, I have always been the one that has considered travel a hobby and Mrs. AKDan still sometimes has trouble flying – to her credit, ascending/descending is hard because of ear issues so it can be painful some days. The funny thing is, she has adopted the searching for award space and often makes the final selection of flights when we are doing award booking. For this trip, I witnessed a laptop and an iPad being used at the same time finding business class availability and the correct routing to use our AS miles. You could practically see the smoke coming off the computer for all her searching.

We found a relatively quiet corner of the lounge where I put in quite a bit of work on this TR. We had about a four-hour layover with about another 30 minute delay due to inbound aircraft. The south lounge has many different seating and business areas. There is more relaxed seating interspersed with dining tables and high tables. There were two counters with computers, as well as printers and fax machines. In many areas power outlets were a bit hard to find though.

There were many beverage stations scattered throughout the lounge. There were bars with a variety of self-serve liquor, stations with bottled sparkling and still water as well as canned beverages, and coffee stations with Union coffee. Wi-Fi was ok, with my speedtest resulting in 2.54 Mbps down and 0.73 up. It was noticeably slow at times, and it did not reach the restrooms (don’t judge me, you know you all read your phone in there).
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Thanks for a great report. I was in Brussels last year and loved it. I stayed at a rinky hotel but it was right in the central square area.

It amazes to me to see hot meals and drink service served on what, a 35 minute flight? American carriers can't muster anything more than a drink and maybe a snack basket pass. Pure laziness!
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She said “Oh, you’re flying to London? It didn’t come up that way.” This sounded like a very weak excuse for not looking a little closer. My AS mileage number was in the reservation, and I assumed she just looked that far and no farther. Incidentally, I have accessed many AA clubs and have never had to show my card – a boarding pass has always worked, it’s the same number after all.

Cue the weak attempt at service recovery. “Now you get to visit our nicest lounge!” She began talking only to my wife and not to me, which I thought was kind of interesting. She handed over the invitation to the lounge and let us know to hand it to the attendant on the second floor. Also was a crack that everything in this lounge is self-serve, so be sure not to overserve ourselves.
In cases like this, I always take a deep breath and remind myself that there is a reason why I am in front of the desk, and the obnoxious, dimwit is behind the desk.

Pity about the breakfast on the outbound leg, that fast food chicken and waffles just looked awful. Enjoying the rest of the TR.
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Nice report and photos. Thank you for sharing!
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BA 281
Seat 7B
Boeing 787-900 G-ZBKR

We headed to board the plane, with a delay inbound from Santiago, Chile. We were in seat 7B and A, reserved in advance for about 100 pounds because we wanted the seats with direct aisle access without having to step over anyone. The 787 in business class is in a 2 – 3 – 2 configurations, which requires you to step over the feet of your neighbor when in a sleeping position to access the aisle. It’s amazing that BA couldn’t have come up with a better seating arrangement than that. It’s not terrible, but pretty inconvenient on a long flight. As a pro, the seat is very comfortable and I, having large feet, did appreciate the fact there was no “cubbyhole” for the feet, which is often cramped.

My wife said that the window seat was a bit more cramped and coffin-like, however the aisle seat was relatively open and comfortable. As a big guy, I am particularly sensitive to the enclosed type of seats that are narrow in the shoulder. The seat curved around near the head but was open at my shoulder and was comfortable.

The seat consisted of an IFE touch screen about 10 inches, which was easily within reach. There was also a remote control located at my left shoulder. Above that is a personal reading light and a headphone jack. Seat controls were located in the center of the seat. Above the controls is a divider that allows for privacy between the two seats.

On the seat upon boarding was a blanket and pillow, as well as headphones. The FA came around in short order with a pre-departure beverage of water or champagne. That was followed by a bottle of water and a White Company branded amenity kit. Menus were also handed out shortly thereafter.

Severn and Wye Scottish smoked salmon
Pickled shallot, horseradish cream
Wild mushroom and celeriac quiche
Carmaelised pear chutney
Cream of Jerusalem artichoke soup
Trompette de la mort, crispy pancetta

Fresh seasonal salad
Pear barley, cauliflower, grape, choice of damson dressing or creamy ranch dressing

Seared filet of North Atlantic cod

Braised Puy lentils, chorizo stew

Home Counties venison stew
Rosemary dumplings, roasted chestnuts, wilted kale
Even though greatest care has been taken, due to the nature of the product there is a very small risk of bullet fragments that could be found in the meal.

Arrabbiata sauce, ricotta, cherry tomato

Selection of desserts & cheese
Lemon, raspberry and almond slice
Chocolate fondant
Warm chocolate and walnut brownie
Blueberries and raspberries
Cheese board

The meal was decent and I had no complaints. The service was professional, although it was interesting that I had two different FA’s serving throughout the meal. Not a negative, just seemed unusual to me. The meal was enjoyable, I watched a movie on the IFE and shook in some very turbulent skies for about 20 minutes until the air smoothed out.

The IFE system is good, I wouldn’t say it was the best I have seen but there were plenty of movie options and some television options. I don’t generally watch TV so I’m not a good judge on the choices, but BA has a tool on their website to see what is playing on your flight.

I don’t usually spend too much time watching movies, but this plane lacked any sort of wi-fi. According to BA’s website, it doesn’t appear that any 787’s has wi-fi at this time, although there are other planes that are being rolled out with this installed. This I found very disappointing as I often like to use flying time to catch up on work. The one complaint I have on the IFE is that the touch screen is very not sensitive – it seems you have to bang on it to get it to work, so a good thing it isn’t in a seatback. The remote is much easier to use.

Light Meal Menu
Ras el hanout marinated grilled tiger prawns
Smoked hummus, Moroccan salad
Barrel-aged feta cheese
Mint and yoghurt dressing, watermelon, pomegranate

Roasted corn-fed chicken
Madeira rosemary sauce, spring onion mash, grilled baby leek

Warm seared sea trout
Spiced orange dressing, winter slaw, roatsed seeds, olives

Warm steak sandwich
Horseradish relish, baby spinach, piquillo peppers

Banoffee delice
Toffee sauce

I had the corn-fed chicken as my pre-landing meal, I had most of the meal eaten before the FA tripped or stumbled and I managed to get a very unwelcome surprise of the remnants of someone else’s meal on me. It didn’t completely dump in my lap, I just got the edge of it, but it was certainly not the greatest way to end the trip. I mention it because it was a very poor service recovery. The FA apologized and helped me clean up, until I decided it would simply be easier to change clothes. While I don’t fault him at all, very little was done – no offer to take care of the cleaning of my outfit or anything like that. I have seen the opposite on Alaska where dry cleaning etc. has been arranged in similar cases.

An uneventful landing at LAX and a walk to immigration, where clearing via Global Entry took about three minutes. We walked over to T6, re-cleared security, and headed to AA’s lounge since I am not a big fan of the LAX Alaska Lounge.
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LAX Flagship Lounge

LAX Flagship Lounge

While I have accessed the LAX Admirals Club several times in the past on my AS Lounge membership, the lounge dragon was utterly confused about us being there. First the AS boarding pass was “too small” for his scanner, and after asking how we got to LAX and we indicated BA, he wanted to see those boarding passes. Which he stared at for a long time, and finally he said he was trying to figure out what class we were in. I pointed out the “club world” printed on the pass which he didn’t seem to know was in business. After explaining it to him, and some more staring, he issued invitations to the Flagship lounge based on being in International Business on the inbound flight.

We arrived on the second floor lounge and I received a pager for a shower room. There was several seating areas – one fairly open room that had seating near the entrance of the lounge that transitioned to a dining area near the buffet tables. A business area with cubicles was also included.

Compared to the O’Hare lounge, this one had less differentiation among seating areas, making it a bit louder. I didn’t sample any of the buffet options but it looked like there were many options there around dinnertime.

We walked back to T6 for our Alaska flight to Seattle.
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