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Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Cancun [Merged threads]

Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Cancun [Merged threads]

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Old Feb 6, 01, 5:14 am
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Marriott Bonvoy hotels in Cancun [Merged threads]

Apparently the new JW in CUN is/or is on the verge of openning.

I booked the a stay there for the first weekend in April. $179/night for an oceanview with $50/day room credit. Additionally, they are giving a 10K Marriott bonus!!
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Old Feb 6, 01, 12:05 pm
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Where did you learn of this deal? I don't even see the hotel listed on their website.

Is it on the beach?

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Old Feb 6, 01, 6:10 pm
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I first picked up on the promo on Travelocity. Also, the Amex booking engine shows the rate I mentioned as well as some rates that are even less.
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Old Feb 7, 01, 7:00 am
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I saw something a while ago saying it was right next to the Casa Magna Marriott, has 3 pools and a spa. but there isn't anything on the property on their website?
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Old Feb 7, 01, 7:59 am
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Thanks. I found it on Travelocity, but there is nothing about the hotel on their own website.
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Old Feb 7, 01, 10:15 am
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Booked it for early April. Thanks for the tip.

Marriott reservations tell me opening date is February 26th. Hopefully, all the inevitable last minute construction work will be done by the time I arrive.
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Old Feb 7, 01, 2:49 pm
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It is adjacent to the CasaMagna.
450 rooms
45 suites
11 miles from airport
Several restaurants- casual, upscale italian, lobby lounge,beach bar & grill
Indoor lap pool
Outdoor pool
Ocean/ Boating/ Health club
sauna/ Whirlpool
Game room EuroSpa
Salt water lagoon with tropical fish
Gift shop/ Business center
Looks to be approx. 12 story bldg.
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Old Feb 7, 01, 4:03 pm
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If you go onto the Marriott website under rates for the CasaMagna hotel, put in your dates, then when the rates come up, scroll down a bit and it will say "view alternate locations". If you click on this the rates for the JW will come up.

By the way... if you book through Travelocity do you still get the regular Marriott points for your stay? (Not the bonus ones). What about FF miles for bookings through Travelocity?

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Old Feb 8, 01, 8:08 am
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Travelocity is just an online travel agency. You get all other points, just as you would with any onther travel agency booking.

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Old Feb 8, 01, 11:33 am
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Thanks for the tip! Just extended a previously scheduled trip to the Royal Mayan in May by one day to check out this new property (and get that 10K bonus!).
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Old May 16, 01, 11:00 pm
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JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

Map| 2 Reviews | 100% Recommended

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

Blvd. Kukulcan, Km 14.5, Lote 40-A Zona Hotelera Cancun, MX 77500

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa (0 Photo)

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

I booked the JW at $179.00 per night with a $50.00 activity credit and 10,000 bonus points for a 1st class luxury feeling vacation. I was aware, that it was not completely operational. But the next door CasaMagna Marriott facilities and restaurants were available to use. The two hotels are connected by a covered walkway called the 'bridge', and a mazelike walk through the meeting room hallways of both hotels is required. Takes a few trips to figure it out and remember the layout. I saw others taking the longer non 'bridge' route I took by mistake the first time. There are NO markers or directions or signs on just where you are at. No maps with the little 'red star' stating YOU ARE RIGHT HERE!

Check In

The rooms are in a 14 story tower in a sort of T shape, and the lobby is housed in connecting lower buildings to the north of the tower, as are many of the other service desks like car rental, etc. The elevators to the rooms are in the tower and is a long walk from the lobby without any signs. Fortunately, another guest said I looked like I was looking for the elevators and lead me to them!

The hotel is seperated from the beach by 3 levels of pools. First are whitish reflecting pools meanering close to the building and at the highest levels. Next comes the slightly darker light blue reflecting pools and the intermediate lower level also meandering around the building and the 3 levels of pools with bridges, stairways to get around the grounds to the lowest level swimming pools, beach, and restaurants. The swimming pool is free form and meandering throughout the grounds next to the beach, and has many connected nooks and crannys at many different levels from a couple of inches for the ninos to the 5 foot 'pools'. Most areas of the'swimming' pools are in darker shades of blue tile. There is the infinity section overlooking the Caribbean and creating a waterfall for the guests on the beach. Throughout the pool are plants, grass, garden lighting, and palms, which haven't recovered from being planted. The deck chairs have the best and most comfortable padding for lounging of any, that I have ever seen. Of course, they are still NEW! There is only one round 'rotunda' for shade on this main pool level. It was monopolized by the same handful of heavyset people every day. They were still shades of bright red!

The lowest level is the very sandy CLEAN beach with palapas and sturdier deck chairs without the padding. Many of the palapas and chairs were 'reserved' early in the morning with books, towels, etc until the guests mosied on down later in the day (afternoon)to use them!
No rocks in this area. It was possible to go out in the gentle turqoise surf and fine sand for a decent distance. The Green flag was up on the first day or two in the center of the hotel property. Then the winds up in Florida must have stirred the waves up and out came the Red, Orange and Yellow flags for rest of the stay. The beaches in this area have to be some of the best in the Hotel zone. Parachuting and waterscooters are offered between the hotel and the adjacent Cancun Palace Resort. Did you know you can walk on this fine powdery sand barefooted without feeling any heat? Unigue beach. But you better stay under the palapas, if you want a nice bronze tan without getting fired to a hot red burn! Taking Beta-caroteen promotes a golden bronze tan and prevents burning, as well as lung cancer!


The first room faced the Casa Magna wall and it took a left turn of the head to see the ocean. Unacceptable for 7 days. SO much for inexperienced desk clerks. I called down to ask for a poolview. Was given a reply, that I have heard before "The problem is there is a group coming in." Must have been for the next day. I saw the problem as, there is a Gold Elite here now for a week! Was changed to a smoking floor pool view to the North, which would be cooler and have a good view of the ocean and restaurants, as well.

The bed was still new, but showed the effects of sitting on the edge next to the phone.
Rooms are standard Marriott with the newer larger scale furniture. Full tile bath with seperate shower. The triangle soap shelf was in the rear of the shower and in the way of the right elbow, so I had to be creative. I took my showers 'backwards'! The shelf was more handy for the shampoo that way. Water in Cancun is very good. Not heavily softened like at the Renaissances.

There was a coffee maker in the room, but NO bottled water, which seems to be standard in all Cancun Hotels. I had to call down daily and received two SMALL bottles.


Only three restaurants are operational. All overlook the pools and Caribbean blues. The Salsa mexican spot is in the tower not to far from the 'hidden' elevators

The Salsa has a buffet breakfast at $21.00+ with the usual omelette station and the delicious melon and pineapple. The pastries are not as surgery sweet as our bakeries produce. I checked the Buffet and it didn't look any different from the Casa breakfast buffet next door at $15.00.
A 3 course Dinner with a glass of wine and chicken came to about $37.00. The LaCapilla buffet at the Casa offered more choices for about 1/2 the price.

Gustinos Italian was the upscale spot for dinner and also overlooking the pools and pool lights. Appetizer of mussels in wine, garlic and herbs was bland and no real seasoning to taste. The Seabass cooked in parchment with vegetables and herbs was also very bland and without any real seasoning to taste. Totaled $47.00 without any wine. Both restaurants need more practice and training. Or is it experience? I expected more experienced Marriott chefs would be there or they might be scheduled for a later date! Not to be compared with fish baked in parchment in a French restaurant!

The only place to have any lunch time food was the Beach cafe out by the pools and next to the beach. It reminded me more of a fast food outlet at a service station. The Tuna wrap was fresh and generous. About $11.00 with soda.

Sun and Wed is Caribbean Lobster Tail and Carved Beef Buffet nites at the CasaMagna for $35.00. The waiter insisted that I have 4 lobster tails, so I skipped the beef. Very popular spot. All meals at the Casa are entitled to a Cancun Menu Magazine discount of 15%, if mentioned or requested!

The Mikado Japanese restaurant at the Casa was very popular. Standard Marriott cooktop show. But being Mexico, there is a difference from what we have grown to expect in stateside Marriotts. Of course, it could not compare to the LIVE MAINE LOBSTERtail LIVE sushi, that I had in Portland Maine mileage run, last Fall!!!See that report. Remember the Lobster was alive moving it's claws and watched me eating it's (lobster)tail! A first. Then the poor thing ended up in soup and served as the 3rd course.


The floor was not wet moped from the previous guest. And the next day I requested that the floor be cleaned. After maid service, the curled hair was gone, but not the spots in the lav. When I got a call from the Customer Service to check on my satisfaction with the room, I explained, that I had called Housekeeping before maid service, but took care of the problem after the room had been made up!

The Account is not availabe on the TV Menu. So I requested the bill the day before checkout to see if the credits were applied correctly. Found they weren't and got an explanation, that the first day's credit is NOT given!! Had to point out, that my reservation didn't state that and the credit applied daily. Couldn't recall if it was the same Gal that checked me in. The next guy assured me, that it would be taken care of. So the nite before leaving, I checked the bill and found the credit for one of the days was shorted. The explanation at this time was, that I had only charged the reduced amount for that day. I explained, that due to eating late the nite before, I skipped breakfast and had a lunch instead! They applied those charges to the next day and of course it balanced out for more then the $50.00 daily credit in the hotel's favor. On checkout, I had to ask for the Manager or Accountant again. They all claim to do the same thing, so you don't really know who is who at the desk. He was able to understand better and corrected the difference.

There was a charge for Minibar on the second day, which is NOT an uncommon occurance. Since I didn't get offered a key to the frig and didn't want one, I thought this charge had to belong to the previous guest. I wonder, if these charges get transferred back to them or they can get away with these charges on their last day? And charged to the next guest on the next day. Apparently, the minibar/coffee supplier made his rounds in the AM before the DO NOT DISTURB sign is removed.

Vans from the airport to the Hotel Zone are $9.00. The public Taxi is $14.00 from the Hotel zone to the airport. But the JW does not have public taxis pickup for the airport, since they have their private service for $20.00 to the airport, while the Casa Magna Marriott right next door does have public taxis waiting at the entrance for the ride to the airport for the standard regulated fare of $14.00.

Strangely, I got a call the day before departure from a 'private' service asking to book me a ride for $14.00. When I asked, what the difference was from the public taxi I was informed, that the vehicles are newer and larger, therefore a 'little' more expensive(?). I never did figure that one out. Since, I don't like to be pegged to a rigid time schedule, I didn't book. Uncertainty, may have added to my hesitation to book it. The gal on the phone never did mention it was a service of the hotel. Yet, the JW must have informed her, that I was leaving the next day. I had not told anyone, when I was going to the airport or anywhere else.


There were several computer training seminars booked for the long weekend at both hotels, but most attendees had departed on Mother's Day (Sunday) leaving the beach and palapas available. It was nice to just lay under the shade and get a golden tan without the hustle and bustle of many guests. No sea lice or giant fleas to nimble on your legs leaving large bite lasting a month in this area. With the sandy bottom, surf and beach, it might be the best section to go into the water along the whole Hotel Zone.

The room rates will no doubt double and triple in season. I will have to try the Ritz-carlton a couple of hotels away, if and when they have a special rate!If ever!

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa

Would you like to write a review on the JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa?

No, thank you.

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Shouldn't this be posted under "trip reports?"
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Thanks for this great info on this new property.

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You talkin bout my home town, PWM.

What is the topic/link of the mileage run?

Also would the Cancun CasaMagna be good for children? Maybe with suites avaiable?
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Hey, now you're talkin about my home town, PWM...what did you think of it?
What is the topic/link of the mileage run?

Also would the Marriott Cancun CasaMagna be good for children? Maybe with suites avaiable?

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