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Park Hyatt Melbourne REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Park Hyatt Melbourne REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Old Jan 8, 00, 2:48 pm
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Park Hyatt Melbourne REVIEW - MASTER THREAD

Any experiences with the Park Hyatt in Melbourne? How does it compare to the other Hyatt? Any suggestions on room types, views? Is the location of the hotel good? We are planning a trip there and wanted some opinions.

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Old Jan 8, 00, 5:23 pm
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I've stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne many times and it is an excellent hotel right in the city. I always get upgraded to the Regency Club there and have never been disappointed in the service.

My company has an office in the same building as the new Sofitel which is an excellent hotel, but I still stay a couple of blocks away at the Grand Hyatt due to the superior service.

I think (but I'm not sure) that the new Park Hyatt is near the embassy district which is nice quiet area. But you are a cab ride away from the downtown action. Call the concierge of either hotel to make sure.
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Old Jan 9, 00, 9:19 am
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I stayed at the Grand Hyatt, which was then called the Hyatt on Collins, for two weeks about 10 years ago. To this date it remains the best city Hyatt I ever stayed in. Everything was superlative. The Park Hyatt did not exist at the time.
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Old Jan 11, 00, 11:39 am
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The Grand Hyatt was already considered the best hotel in the city by many, but now with the Park Hyatt it looks like Hyatt outdid itself. The rooms are enormous (especially the bathrooms) and the service is excellent. Also, try the Radii restaurant. It is quite spectacular!
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Old Jan 15, 00, 9:07 am
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I've stayed at the Park Hyatt about 4 times now since they opened. It's very ... uh...over-the-top as far as decor is concerned. Reddish brown marble foyers and a sweeping downward staircase into the conference rooms.

The rooms are nice and are quite different from each other. There are two towers. Regency Club rooms are in the 'main' tower though some suites are in the other tower. This is when it gets inconvenient when one has to schlep through the Health Spa in order to go to the Regency Club lounge.

There are only two restaurants in the hotel. Radii and Trilogy. Radii is buzzier with a very...psychedelic look about itself. Trilogy is more traditional. But waitresses are dressed up to look like french-maids ! Not very nice. The chef was from the Hyatt Regency-Madeleine's Cafe M restaurant. Both restaurants serve excellent fare.

The Park Hyatt is quieter than the Grand mainly because it is not on the strip of Collins Street. But everything is within 5 minutes walking distance from the Park.

And oh yeah...the bathrooms are very very nice. A TV is installed above the tub too (encased in its own brackets) in case you still want to catch the game while soaking in the made-big-enough-for-two tub !

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Old Mar 18, 03, 7:37 am
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A Return Visit To The Park Hyatt in Melbourne Australia

Greetings All,
I have not been to this property since the grand opening.
It was with great curiousity seeing how they would perform after the legnth of time I was gone.
My first stay (around the original grand opening) had a number of bumps in the road
In short the property this time did an outstanding job for the most part.
However some defects still remain with the room design of this property.
There is very poor lighting in the guest room area both with brightness and lighting function near the desk area
Making it a great choice for romance but not so great for working in !
Lighting in the bathroom however is excellent.
Hard to control in room thermostats leave you hot or cold.
Was able to overlook these concerns for the most part.

PH Melbourne has one of the best Regency Clubs in the Hyatt family worldwide.
The high weird height of the coffee tables in their lounge drive me nuts
But at least they are different
Unusual and lucky to have a Regency Club @ any Park Hyatt .
It really made the difference between a good stay and a great one with very high quality food and beverage.

Melbourne is one my favorite cities in the
I could go on about this in some detail
but on the top of the list is the spectacular warm,kind people that live there and make the city the world class city it is.

As this Hyatt goes it has a very nice staff.
Service is highly satisfactory.
However with that said there is still better service in the city of Melbourne.
Attention to detail and quicker follow ups to requests for one.
Perhaps it is somewhat because the city itself is so wonderfully relaxed and not part of the
faster, quicker, better, time is money formula business world some of us revolve around in our ever fast paced lives.
Maybe a good stiff drink might slow some of us down a bit and help us fit in better and adjust !

Melbourne remains one of the greatest hospitality centers of the world in this mans opinion.
In almost any other city I would
rate the Park Hyatt Melbourne even higher.

Returning on Faster Free Nights the hotel treated me just as if I was a full revenue paying Diamond guest upgrading me to a jacuzzi suite with a fine view of the city and the church next door.
While this in of itself is something to admire the Park Hyatts dedication to our loyalty doesn't stop there
There is one other extrodianary fact to consider
This was a sold out event period in town for the popular Grand Prix.
My expectations perhaps were quite lower then normal upon check in.
However hopeful I still remained.
It is properties such as this that not only win our future business and referals but bring great prestige to Hyatt and superior brand satisfaction

Food service has also improved at this property and I did all I could to use all the hotel f & b services possible in gratitude for such an exceptional stay.

The front office manager has a long standing association with Hyatt in Australia and I remembered him from many years ago when he worked at The Hyatt Regency Perth
Without him recognizing me in advance as a former guest there was no special treatment offered
Yet treatment was just shy of stunning considering they were just following procedure.I for one was deeply impressed.

Since the Park Hyatt Melbourne opened and my original stay experience I have since found other properties that I have been staying with instead .
Things might have to change next time around.
The Park Hyatt Melbourne means business and its out to keep GP members satisfied and happy.
Mark a star at the top of your list when considering the Park Hyatt in Melbourne
You won't be sorry
Bravo to all at the Park Hyatt in Melbourne and thanks for a stay I will long remember.

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Old Mar 18, 03, 12:51 pm
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It's been a while since I've stayed at this hotel, and last time in Melb, I avoided it. Reasons:

1. I like self-parking. They don't have it. You have to remember to call ahead for a valet and that is annoying, not helpful, for me.

2. A tuxedo-clad 20-year old RC attendant once followed me to the elevator, yelling at me for taking a diet Coke with me. There apparently is an upublished rule prohibiting this that I was supposed to have been taught in my youth.

3. Requests to housekeeping took forever to get responded to (and often had to be repeated over and over).

That being said, the rooms are excellent, and the food in the RC is good -- just don't try to take any of it back to your room! The management at the PHTokyo (most of whom are Ozzies) tell me that things have improved in Melbourne.

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Old Mar 18, 03, 6:24 pm
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Hi RichardInSF,
Thank you for your very interesting reply.
Of special note the former GM of Park Hyatt in Melbourne has taken over the Park Hyatt in Sydney
So there has been a change of GM in house @ PH in Melbourne.
The parking situation @ PH Melbourne is quite typical of most upscale hotels today so I would find it hard to fault them on that.
Self parking I don't find as common.
But I clearly understand your preference especially when a property is busy.
I try calling down to valet ahead of my intended transportation needs.

The front of the house was very nice to me
They still lack the polish and communication skills of a true first class hotel or one that wants to be a highly rated 4 or 5 star property.
It still remained satisfactory enough.
I had a water bottle in my hand but I didn't get scolded
Perhaps only Diet Coke qualifies
Is there room for improvement??
In all fairness at most properties for that matter
Depending on the importance of the guest service concerns or issues can cost the hotel its future business
In most other cities in the US I would almost beg to be a guest here.
But once again this is Melbourne and they have some real strong competition in town.
Rooms are great and the food so good its hard to leave the property sometimes.
Glad I gave it another shot and I will be back !
Happy Travels

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Old Apr 9, 03, 7:33 am
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Park Hyatt Melbourne: Regency Club Lounge closed

Just found out that the Regency Club lounge at the PH Melbourne has ceased to exist. Their official reason for the closure is "to assist us to operate our brand name in a more consistent
manner and in line with Hyatt International's branding throughout the world, as no other Park Hyatt has Regency Club."

Apparently Diamond members are entitled to continental breakast at their Trilogy bistro. So, no more evening cocktails or canapes.

I have an upcoming stay there Apr 11-13 and will report back.
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Old Apr 9, 03, 8:25 am
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There are some PH, which have RCs: I found Hamburg, Baku, Johannisburg and Canberra.

Even Melbournes online fact sheet still shows the RC!
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Old Apr 10, 03, 10:02 pm
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This is a quite a surprise to hear having just completed an exceptional stay there in March
Enjoyed the lounge all through my stay
Will have to reconsider my other favorite property in the area
sorry to hear have a good stay

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The Grand Hyatt Melbourne, while not considered as nice as the Park Hyatt by most, is still very nice and definitely one of the better Hyatts in the world.

If you like regency/grand clubs, which I do, you always have this as an option.
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Old Apr 11, 03, 9:33 am
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Called reservations this morning you are correct
Park Hyatt has closed the lounge effective April 1
This is a shame as it was clearly one of the hotels greatest appeals
Also helped it compete in the area with The Sheraton Luxury Collection Southgate and
The Grand Hyatt........ both of who have spectacular lounges and service and sommewhat lower average daily rates.
Still a fine hotel but a definate loss to all future guests.
It was truely world class

AA & Starwood,Marriott Platinum
Hyatt, Hilton Diamond
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U/A 1k
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Old Apr 17, 03, 7:49 am
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Had a very pleasant stay at the PH Melbourne a few days ago.

Even though I never experienced their Regency Club before, I'd say they've been a good job cushioning the blow to the closure.

First, you get "continental breakfast" at the Trilogy restaurant. This breakfast turns out to be the full buffet spread, which is, outside of Asia, very generous and good in quality.

They also gave me drink coupons that can be used anytime at the Radii bar (or lobby area). Radii bar serves excellent speciality cocktails (my favorite was "Toblerone"), which cost around A$16, so this new benefit is excellent. (However, the Radii bar & restaurant is now closed on Sundays, and the lobby bar only serves basic drinks.)
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Old Apr 17, 03, 1:31 pm
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Those perks, while nice, don't really substitute for the RC lounge. In the past, I had often been able to make a decent dinner off the evening snacks and also had used the RC room as a quiet venue for business meetings during the day on several occasions.

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