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Embassy Suites Niagara Falls - Fallsview {CAN}

Embassy Suites Niagara Falls - Fallsview {CAN}

Old Apr 21, 2005, 1:56 pm
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More Embassy suites info

I have some more questions for the ES NF folks.
1. is the 20 parking fee for just valet or for any parking?
2. how is the managers reception? what is there? does it include beer and is there a limit - ie one per room
3. are all rooms about the same size or are some bigger
4. what is the difference in views - the website says floors 7-10 and then 15- .. and so on. Are the falls blocked up to a certain floor?
5. how is the shuttle ? is it free to all or is there a fee.
6. how do you get an upgrade?
7. most importantly - how is the new casino!

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Old Apr 22, 2005, 2:58 am
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To answer some of your questions:

The $20.00 CAD parking fee is for either the valet or self parking, although the self parking is in a small lot across the street, while the valet parking is under the hotel. I'd go with the valet parking, as it's a per-day charge (not a per use charge, meaning you can go in and out several times a day).

Didn't find the manager's reception to be anything unusual the one time we tried it.

There are different room sizes (although they're all called suites) as some have in-room jacuzzis, while others do not.

The fallsview rooms all give excellent views of the Horseshoe falls, with some rooms having views of both the American and Horseshoe falls. Since the hotel is only about half a block away from the falls, any fallsview room should have a great view. Cityview rooms will have no views of the falls, as they face the street side of the building. If you have any status with HHonors, you may be upgraded to a fallsview room (if available, and the hotel is not required to do so). We've been fortunate to have been upgraded to a fallsview room on each of our stays since the hotel opened (always to a jacuzzi suite, once to a suite with both a fireplace and jacuzzi) because of our HHonors Gold status, just by asking for the upgrade after booking a cityview room. Not disappointed so far. Ask for a high floor with a jacuzzi if possible. But if the hotel is full, it may not always be possible. Suggest to call your booking in, rather then use the website, as you can request the upgrade then (if applicable) and we've sometimes found better rates then shown on their website by calling the hotel directly on their "800" number.

The shuttle is free for hotel guests (usually comes by twice an hour) and they give you passes to the shuttle when you check in.

The new Niagara Fallsview casino is a half block from the ES, and an easy walk. Parking there is free if you have the casino's players card, which you can get on your visit to the casino, at the Players Advantage Club desk, which is to the left as you come in the main casino entrance. Be sure to sign up for the card, it's free. Casino itself is nice, all on one floor, and divided into a smoking and non-smoking area, with the smoking area being the largest. The Grand Buffet serves lunch and dinner, and the food choices are quite large and varied, ranging from Alaskan King Crab legs, to shrimp, carved roast beef, many other meat and fish choices, and lots of dessert options. Dinner costs $19.95 pp.
All the usual table games are available, although the tables tend to get very crowded on weekends and holiday times, so try to get there early in the day (or very late at night) if you want to be sure of a place at the tables, if you're there on a weekend. Plenty of slot machines to keep a slot player busy. Website where you can find more info on the Niagara Fallsview Casino is: DiscoverNiagara.com. The Niagara Fallsview Casino has its own hotel, with really nice rooms also, but no Hilton afilliation.
There's also the older "temporary" Casino Niagara, about a mile away from the new casino, which is undergoing remodelling, and is smaller, and not quite as nice as the new one. Parking at the older casino (closer to the tourist area of NF) is not free, unless you park at one of the outlying lots and take the free shuttle bus to the casino. The shuttle from the ES will take you to either casino, although it's a very short walk to the new one.

Hope this helps, PM me if you need more info.

Have a great trip.

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Old Apr 23, 2005, 10:00 am
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Originally Posted by jazzeaw
how is the managers reception? what is there? does it include beer and is there a limit - ie one per room
This is something new. Pasted from my latest reservation:
Plan Description:
I added the bolding. Welcome to Ontario.
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Old Apr 23, 2005, 11:01 am
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Can some one tell me if the following description of a room means that there are two queen beds and a sofa bed or that there is a sofa bed and one queen bed? I'm guessing it means two queen beds in two rooms and a sofa bed in the living room?

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Old Apr 23, 2005, 2:04 pm
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Your guess is correct. Two beds (in one room, not two rooms though) plus a sofa-bed in the living room as you enter the suite.

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Old Apr 23, 2005, 5:40 pm
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Question more NF ES questions

I made the reservations today for next weekend and when I asked about the shuttle passes they told me that you only get the shuttle passes if you buy one of their packages, like the honeymoon or family or stuff like that. We are not really into that so how do you get around w/o the hotel shuttle? Do you know what they charge for the passes there? we are a family of 5 so if it is too expensive then driving and parking may be better.

Also, it was mentioned that with a players card from the casino you got a free shuttle ride. I assume that is the casino shuttle, now does that include the older casino as well or just the new one? Also do you need a card for everyone in the family or just 1 card to get around?

What I need is a easy and definately cheap way to get the kids to clifton hill for the arcade and stuff like that. I was really excited to hear the ES had the shuttle but when she said it was not included I was bummed out.

Also some questions on the breakfast buffett. What hrs does it run? What are the hrs for the managers reception and what kind of snacks are there? I see the one post says 2 drinks per room - I guess that is to keep people from just hanging out and drinking. what kind of drinks are they? Are additional drinks reasonable?

More NF questions in general
- where do you get coupons for clifton hill events
- what kind of shops are in the new casino complex - are there any arcades or fun things for kids
- how is the pool at the ES

My concern is that going in late April we may end up with 2 cold rainy days and I want a play B for 3 kids - ages 11, 6 and 3

thanks for all your help
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Old Apr 23, 2005, 10:36 pm
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We stayed at the ES NF in February this year, and the shuttle tickets were given to us at check-in, along with the coupons for the breakfast buffet and manager's reception. Hadn't bought a package, and paid the lowest rate from the hotel. Unless they've changed recently, we've always gotten the shuttle tix included at no extra fee. Do you have any status with Hilton? It's possible that's why we've always gotten the shuttle passes without a package. Just ask for them when you check in. Failing that, you might want to walk over to the new casino nearby, and take their free shuttle bus over to the old casino, then walk a block to the attractions area at Clifton Hill. If you need the players card to get on the bus (never saw that needed, but....) just have you or your wife walk into the casino to get the card, while the other stays outside in the lobby with the kids. Of course, your children won't be allowed in the casino area. We don't know of any activities areas for children in the arcade at the casino. Shops in the arcade are high end retail shops...clothing, jewelry, etc. Snack bars on the lower floor by the escalators facing the falls. If you can't get on the shuttles to Clifton Hill, a cab from the ES will cost about $5-6 each way, it's not too far.

The buffet breakfast runs from 7AM to 10 AM, and it's usually very crowded, so get there early if you can. Made-to-order eggs and omelettes, pancakes and waffles, french toast, breads and rolls, juices, fresh fruit, yogourts, etc.

We noticed that the extra "Municipal Promotions Tax" was not charged on our recent stay at the casino's hotel, and I think TBS mentioned in another thread that he wasn't charged the tax when he stayed at the Doubletree in NF. I'd question the tax and try to have it removed from your bill when it appears, as not all the hotels seem to be charging it (if it's actually a tax, shouldn't they all be required to have it?). We will ask to have it taken off our bill on our next trip to the ES.

Don't know where to look for coupons for Clifton Hill attractions. Try your search engine for "Clifton Hill", or Niagara Falls, or Ontario, to find some websites to check for coupons. If you're an AAA member, they may have something to offer in the way of promotions for the area, or try to find the chamber of commerce for NF.

Weatherwise, it's currently raining and cool here, with rain off and on expected for the first half of the week. The ES has an indoor pool on the ninth floor (same floor where the breakfast buffet and manager's reception are located), so the outside weather won't affect your kids' fun in the pool.

If you don't yet have a Hilton Honors card, sign up on the Hilton website. You won't get the card in time for your trip next weekend, but you will get the cardnumber immediately when you sign up, and you can give the front desk the number when you check in, to get the points for your stay.

Another suggestion: Although checkin time is listed as 3 PM, try to get there a bit earlier if possible, as you'll have more chance of a possible upgrade to a better room, and the crowds checking in will not yet be as large. We've arrived as early as 1:30 PM, and were able to get our room immediately.

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Old Apr 27, 2005, 6:34 am
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More ES questions
1. we booked a king jacuzzi room, what type of upgrade should we ask for?
Do they have double queen jacuzzi rooms?
How about a fireplace or maybe just a better view?
Is there a better way to ask for an upgrade? We have a HH number but just joined (per a suggestion from this group)
2. Any suggestions on upgrading would be a help. We are staying on a Thur night so it should not be too crowded (I hope)
3. are there mini refrigerators in the rooms?
4. do they charge for parking per day or per night stay (ie we check in Thur and out Fri)

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Old Apr 28, 2005, 2:20 am
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Some answers:

The only upgrade from a king jacuzzi would be to one with a fireplace also, on a very high floor. But the views were equally as good from rooms we've had as low as the 12th floor or as high as the 38th floor. But you have to be in a fallsview room to enjoy the views. If you've booked a cityview room (lower rates) ask if you can get an upgrade to a fallsview room. But as a new HHonors member (ie., no status yet) they may not do so, without offering you a higher rate. Doesn't hurt to ask though. Staff is friendly and helpful, and if the hotel isn't full, you may get lucky. Just ask, all they can do is say no. It's worth it to get a great view of the falls, though, weather permitting.

Don't know if the double rooms come with a jacuzzi, as we've only stayed in the king jacuzzi rooms.

Small mini-bar in the room (fee for use) but there's a small fridge on one side that's no charge. Also a small microwave oven and coffee/tea maker. Small safe in the front closet (no fee to use). Caution about the basket of goodies on the table. All the items (wines, nuts, disposable camera, kids games, etc.) are very overpriced, and are inventoried daily. Also the four tokens for use with the soda machines on each floor are $2.00 each, I think.

Parking fee ($20.00 CAD per night) is for each day of your stay. Day of checkout not included. If you stay three nights, you'll pay $60.00 for parking plus taxes on the parking fee.

There was a small Starbucks off the lobby, but it was closed while we were there in February, for construction of an additional elevator to relieve congestion at busy times. May be reopened by now.

Weather this week has been cool and wet, so be prepared, as this weekend should be the same.

We'll be in NF on Saturday, for a quick trip to the casino.

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Old May 4, 2005, 2:15 pm
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Hi all,

We had a trip planned there a few weeks ago that had to be aborted. I'm curious to see if this would have worked since this was my plan:

1. Go directly to the casino & park (no $ since you pay when you leave).
2. Get a players card from the casino (includes free parking).
3. Drive and/or walk over to the hotel to check in & drop off our luggage.

Any problems doing something like this to avoid the $20/day parking fee? Is it close enough to walk the luggage over?

They told me there was a secondary entrance to the hotel which
was 'right across' the parking lot from the Casino - is one able to park in that lot to keep the car close?
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Old May 4, 2005, 2:17 pm
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btw... glad I read about the Managers Reception. We we're planning on it being like the one in Myrtle Beach (Kingston? Plantation).

That one was a few hours of all you can eat/drink every night. Lots of fun, but got to be a chore after a few days!
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Old May 4, 2005, 3:45 pm
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Glad to hear nice things

Good to hear of the good comments on this property. As a Silver, I booked a 3 night award stay for August. Naturally, it will not be a Falls view room, but we will live with that. (We will also request an upgrade.)
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Old May 5, 2005, 2:52 am
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We've also thought of using the casino parking then walking to the ES to save the $20 CAD daily parking fee on our trips there. We were at the casino last Saturday (day trip only, no hotel stay), and the free parking with the players card is still in effect. It's a short walk from the casino (note that this is the new Niagara Fallsview casino, not the older Casino Niagara, about a mile or so away, and which charges for parking in the attached garage unless you have a gold players card) to the ES, just about a half block from the main casino entrance to the ES, so it should be doable with some luggage, weather permitting. There is a parking lot directly across from the ES, but it appeared to be roped off at night, as it's intended for restaurant patrons (Tony Roma's, and another one). Also a parking lot directly across from the Appleby's restaurant, which you pass on your walk from the casino to the ES, but I think that one is paid parking, so your best bet may be the casino parking garage, using the players club card to get it at no charge. Ten floors of parking, with security patrols, and elevators to the main level for the casino and shopping mall or casino hotel. Exit the main casino entrance to the street (Fallsview Ave.) then turn left to walk to the ES. Don't know of the other exit you mentioned that may be closer to the ES, perhaps from the bus entrance at the back of the mall area at the bottom of the escalators. Players club desk is immediately to your left as you enter the casino area from the main entrance.

Don't forget to decline the $20 parking fee (if you use the casino parking) when you initial your credit card voucher when you check in at the ES, or it will be on your folio (plus the taxes on the parking) on your checkout.

The managers reception was pretty basic, so don't expect lots of food. Breakfast buffet isn't bad though. It's usually packed, so try to get there early.


If they're not too crowded during your stay, you may be able to get the fallsview room. It's really worth it for the views. We've never been refused the upgrade (as a Gold) on our stays there, and you might get it on your reward stay. Try to check in as early as possible. Good Luck.

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Fallsview room Upgrade in Embassy, Niagara?


We are traveling to Niagara Falls in Aug, and I booked the Embassy Suite in Canada using my HHonor points. By default, I was given a Cityview room w/ 2 queens, on a lower floor. I called the hotel and asked if they could give me a fallsview room instead (since I am a gold member), and she said it would be a $70 charge...

I mean, the reason I'm booking Embassy (and using 30k points) is to have a falls view, otherwise I could have just got a Hampton Inn for 20k points... what is my shot of getting a fallsview at the check-in? or should I just stick with the Hampton?

Any advice is really appreciated!!
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iwls01, first off welcome to FlyerTalk!

If you have lurked for a while or if you end up reading some of these threads you will notice folks saying that if you really want a certain type of room, you should go ahead and book that type of room. Do not bet on an upgrade to get the room type you want. Sometimes you get the upgrade, sometimes you do not. I think most folks feel think it best to go ahead and pay the extra $ to get the actual room type they want instead of hoping and then being disappointed.
If an upgrade "would just be nice", then book the lower/lowest type of room and hope for an upgrade.

As to the likelihood of being upgraded at the Niagara ES, I would do a Search on "niagara upgrade" or something to that effect and you might be able to find other poster's experience in getting upgraded at hotels in that area.

Here is one... http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/showt...iagara+upgrade

Another option, is the DT at Niagara, although further away it also has fallsview rooms.

Good luck and let us know if you get the upgrade if you decide to go that route.
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