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FlyerTalker Lending Team on Kiva.org!

FlyerTalker Lending Team on Kiva.org!

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The FlyerTalk Lending Team on Kiva:
improving lives a small loan at a time.

Kiva.org is the not-for-profit microlending organization that networks people willing to lend to small entrepreneurs in developing nations using available technology and international networking / collaboration, and how Kiva.org had become an approved FlyerTalk charity thanks to TalkBoard's approval June 29, 2008 <link> It is listed on the FlyerTalk Cares page.

"Kiva is a grassroots project started by a team with a big idea: one-to-one, real-time lending to the poor via the Internet. Currently, we take no cut of the loan you make through our site -- 100% goes to the entrepreneur. We suggest a 10% donation, in addition to your loan, to help us cover our costs. Kiva is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your donation is tax-deductible for US taxpayers." (Suggested donations for administrative overhead, low though that is, are not required - you may lend 100% if you so choose.)
Since June 2008, a FlyerTalker Lending Team has formed on Kiva.org; there were ten of us with 55 loans worth $1,375.00 as of Feb 27, 2009. But...

As of 15 May 2016 it's 607 FlyerTalk lending team who have lent $2,209,175 in 37,092 loans!

Our motto is: "We loan because: We want to fight global poverty while earning miles."

This is tangible evidence Flyertalk Cares! There are likely other FlyerTalkers on Kiva who have not joined - if you are one of them, do so now to show your and FT's support and involvement. If you haven't lent yet, check it out - you may want to join up. For the low-income entrepreneurs on five continents who are requesting loans, microlending is significant - and it takes a lot of drops to fill the bucket. (Read on to see updates!)

Now, we can see this sophisticated network link resources from those who can lend (no interest, sorry!) with those who are needy, worthy and screened by local NGOs and have a need to start / expand their small business to enhance their and their families' survival. And, using PayPal and your FFP/FFG linked card or account, you can earn miles or points with many loans!

FlyerTalkers are lending, and fulfilling one of FT's seminal values, that of "paying it forward."

Read more about Kiva.org, who supports and enables it (Intel, Google, Paypal, Intuit and many others,) and see if you have $25.00 (or more) you can lend someone deserving in a land you have visited and enjoyed (or not.)

This is how it works:

Add your experiences here, or if you haven't joined... won't you consider joining the FlyerTalker Lending Team?

You can see who the latest FT borrowers are (some still possibly needing loans) here

For ease, you can click here: Subscribe to FlyerTalker Lending Team on Kiva.org
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Originally Posted by KRSW View Post
It's been ~8 months or so since my last stats, so I'll update them for those thinking about getting involved with Kiva and those currently participating:

Started in Dec 2015.
Amount Lent: $12,150
Amount Defaulted: $14.90
Amount of Currency Rate Loss: $0.41
Total losses: $15.31
$15.31 / $12,150 = 0.0012600823 or 0.126%.

US inflation for the same time period was 6.22%.

So, I've made 432 loans, got the chance to help out at least that many people, and earned ~48k UR points for $15.31. Not as great of an average as before, but still one heck of a deal. I would have liked to hit Kiva a bit harder during this time period, but life gets in the way at times. Hoping to do much more this year.

Defaulted loans: 2 total.
1) $25. Total loan was $8050 in Rwanda. Debtor paid back $22.95, thus $2.05 loss. I'm not upset about this one.
2) $50. Total loan was $500, in the Philippines. Debtor paid back $37.08, thus $12.92 loss. Annoyed by this, but still they paid back 74% of the loan, so I can't be too upset.
So I just hit my $1,000 mark and was kind of excited to post, and was then reading through and saw you're getting a 4X return on points and had to ask what I'm missing?


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A lot of folks are using Kiva to dump office store gift cards. Often the local Office Depot or Staples have Visa/Mastercard gift cards for "free" ($15 off two $200's, or in the case of Staples outright no fee). I find waiting in line only to receive rejection at the Walmart (to buy money orders with them) nonproductive and doing this at home while watching a baseball game better. I've stopped doing this as interest rates have risen and I'm not spending down the number of points I have, so my last loan was made in October, but good to see folks still doing this.
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Just joined this. Cool!
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A third of the way through the year...let’s see how we’re progressing:

931 team members

$6,071,200 in loans funded

69,223 loans made

Congrats on breaking the $6 MILLION milestone!
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