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JDiver Feb 27, 09 11:34 am

FlyerTalker Lending Team on!
Some time ago, I posted here about, the not-for-profit microlending organization that networks people willing to lend to small entrepreneurs in developing nations using available technology and international networking / collaboration, and how had become an approved FlyerTalk charity thanks to Talk Board's approval June 29, 2008 <link> It is listed on the FlyerTalk Cares page.

This is tangible evidence Flyertalk Cares!

Kiva allows us a great privilege, in my opinion. Many of us have travelled extensively, and have seen the poor and working poor: the weaver in Cambodia, the farmer in Perú, the mechanic in Egypt, the small duka owner in Kenya. We have wondered how we can help, how we can assure some of our travel money trickles down to help others less fortunate than we are, and we can not only get it back but lend it again!

At the same time, we are sometimes set upon by those who may not be so worthy - cons and grift artists are out there (and here in the developed world too, from the news headlines!) with great stories, but how are we to know if they are real? Or, we are asked to give to organizations that we do not have the resources to research to see if they are in fact doing a good job on the ground, or merely wasting our money in perpetual "gievaway" charity drives and high overhead expenses.

Now, we can see this sophisticated network link resources from those who can lend (no interest, sorry!) with those who are needy, worthy and screened by local NGOs and have a need to start / expand their small business to enhance their and their families' survival. And, using PayPal and your FFP/FFG linked card or account, you can earn miles or points with many loans!

FlyerTalkers are lending, and fulfilling one of FT's seminal values, that of "paying it forward."

ingy Feb 27, 09 6:54 pm

I'm in for the Flyertalk Team
We were members of before finding this thread. I just added to my lending total and glad to be part of the Flyertalk team and effort.


JDiver Feb 27, 09 8:25 pm

Great! Glad you are onboard (both.) Now we are twelve at the end of the day.

(12 FlyerTalkers, 57 loans! ^)

rolov Feb 27, 09 8:27 pm

I just saw this thread and looked at the web site , Im gonna look into joining .

itsaboutthejourney Feb 27, 09 11:07 pm

Also want to add another plug for; they have gift certificates! You can send electronically to the recipient who can select who to loan to, and yes, join a team.

fireworksboy Feb 28, 09 5:53 am

I've been thinking about doing this for a year or two and for no good reason (too busy?) never got around to it. Well, now's the time. Consider me in. Will join up this week.^

braefoot Feb 28, 09 8:10 am

i'm joining this worthwhile charity.

JDiver Feb 28, 09 9:01 am

Wow - overnight, new stats:

14 members, 62 loans, $1,550 out in microloans!

fireworks boy and braefoot, welcome to the team! ^

N751PR Feb 28, 09 10:23 am

Wow, I wasn't even aware Kiva had this kind of set-up! And I call myself a supporter?! :eek: Awesome to work with fellow FTers in this great initiative! ^

BogeyMan Feb 28, 09 7:53 pm

JDiver I joined the team and just made a loan. Thanks for setting up our FT team.

rolov Feb 28, 09 10:01 pm

I joined and set up my first loan .

tdml68 Mar 1, 09 7:40 am

Great idea. Thanks for the invite and what a great way to help others!
I am going to go make a loan. This is somewhat similar to but with a different focus.

Way to go fellow FT Team!^

JDiver Mar 1, 09 8:18 am

Welcome aboard the microlending express! ;)

FlyerTalkers Lending Team is up to 20 members, 71 loans and $2,225.00 loaned by FlyerTalkers!

Update 1:31 PM March 1, 2009:

Statistic Name FlyerTalkers
Number of Team Members 23
Number of Loans 80
Number of Loans per Member 3.48
Total Amount Loaned $2,450.00 ^

Whether you donate to Kiva itself is up to you - but the microloans are fee-free and you do get it back (though I like this so much I have re-loaned every buck I have put into microlending - the banks should have such a good repayment rate!)

lili Mar 1, 09 11:32 am

I've been meaning to do some microloans for years and just never got around to it.

Thanks jdiver! for making it so easy.

Have made a small loan to a woman running an internet cafe/grocery store. She wants to do maintenance on the computers, and I'm all for that!

steffen0212 Mar 1, 09 1:19 pm

I joined also team FT and Kiva today and set up two loans. ^

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