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The Consolididated "Tipping for Take Out or Delivery?" thread

The Consolididated "Tipping for Take Out or Delivery?" thread

Old Jun 18, 04, 11:32 pm
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Question The Consolididated "Tipping for Take Out or Delivery?" thread

I ordered some Chili's to go last week, when I was moving into my new house, and the girl who took my order over the phone was not helpful one bit with telling me some of the menu options.

So, I placed the order, and the food was ready, and as cute as she was, I decided not to leave a tip.

She gave me a weird look, but hey, she didn't deserve.

Should one tip when ordering take out, I usually do, but not in this case.
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Old Jun 19, 04, 12:45 am
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I usually don't... guess I should start leaving just a little tip, but the way I look at it, there's really no service involved except bringing the food from the kitchen to the cashier, so why bother?

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Old Jun 19, 04, 12:55 am
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If I am a regular at the restaurant and they know me, I'll usually tip on take-out, since I think they pool the tips and it ends up helping everyone out. I'm sure they appreciate every extra dollar coming their way.

Exception - if it's carry-out pizza, I usually never tip. I put pizza into the fast-food category.
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Old Jun 19, 04, 8:11 pm
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I dont tip for takeout. When in a restaurant you tip the waiter for his service, not the cooks. Why should I pay a counter girl/guy to walk 5 steps and hand me a box?
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Old Jun 19, 04, 9:29 pm
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I never tip for takeout if it's just calling and going to pick it up.
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Old Jun 19, 04, 10:04 pm
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Same here...
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Old Jun 19, 04, 10:10 pm
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I normally do tip for take-out, but not as much as if I were dining in. Those folks who pack up all of that food in the little boxes and add the plastic cutlery and napkins may spend a lot of time preparing that take-out order. Note: I am omitting Pizza from this discussion.
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Old Jun 20, 04, 10:09 am
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I never tip for takeout. It has never occured to me to even think about it.
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Old Jun 20, 04, 1:15 pm
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Depends on the place...the little vietnamese takeout place by work has never had a tip jar out, and I've never seen anyone tip there, ever. Whereas the french bakery by my house, where I stop by & pick up a sandwich at least twice a week, gets $2- partly because they make awesome sandwiches on freshly baked mini baguettes, and partly because I've been going there for ages & I know all the people who work there now.
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Old Jun 21, 04, 7:01 am
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I generally don't for take-out.
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Old Jun 21, 04, 7:13 am
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I don't and won't....

I can tell you that the chance that the person who takes a phone order will hand you the food is not very great. After spending time in Japan with no tipping, I can tell you that is great. Pay people properly and forget tipping!
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Old Jun 21, 04, 7:27 am
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no, except now I do for ONE place, they serve an item we can't get anywhere near our house and we REALLY love it. Problem is the kitchen kept screwing up the order, even with mgr input. Other problem is this is a meal we don't want to do without.

Ever since I mentioned the ongoing problems the young high school kid that takes the phone orders and is always there, goes into the kitchen and gets the order straight. He "earns" his one dollar for getting our order straight, every time. Plus he waits on us first when he sees us walk through the door.
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Old Jun 21, 04, 7:37 am
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It depends ...

If I walk in, get my order and walk out -- no tip.

If it's a 'drive up and we'll deliver to your car' deal (they are growing in popularity in No Va and other places), I'll usually leave some tip, but no more than 10%. I'll also leave something for the bartender if I place a take-out order with him and have a drink while they're preparing my meal.
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Old Jun 21, 04, 7:44 am
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Like most of the others, it depends. When we lived in CA and went to Claim Jumper a lot, we tipped. I think we were the only ones who tipped, as once they go to know us we would find larger portions, extra desserts, etc. in the bags. Also, when we dined in, the servers who had worked takeout would give us extras, too.
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Old Jun 21, 04, 8:49 am
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Take out: No
Delivery: Yes
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