Copa Website Problems

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Copa Website Problems

I rarely gripe about a carrier, but when it comes to being completely inoperative and hopless, Copa takes the cake. Their inflight, once you actually get on a plane, isn't bad. It's better than US carriers, and fairly reliable. But everything else about them, from using their website to service failure recovery is worse than abysmal. Just today I tried to buy a ticket online using miles. Everything goes smoothly, until the payment page. When I clicked to pay, the page returned a blank form, as if I'd never filled out the payment details. and the credit card company did not report any attempt to bill. But I then got an automated email from them saying that I'd used mileage, and sure enough, the account showed a deduction of 40,000 miles for a ticket that was never paid for or issued. So I tried to contact their service center, which is always extremely busy (including for Prefer members) during weekdays, but closed on Sundays. And, of course, their reservations people won't touch the matter because it is a frequent flyer mileage matter. Copa must be the only carrier I know of that throws non-working web-pages online without adequate testing when there are obvious bugs in the system. Far be it from simply putting "under construction" and referring customers to a phone number, Copa makes you go through all the motions of using the web page as if it worked, actually deducts the mileage from your account, and only after you discover that it is completely useless to continue, then you have to find the time to call during a weekday and if you're lucky you get someone with the proper training, knowledge, and authority to deal with a simple matter. Pathetic...
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I have a flight scheduled this week for my family, heading back to the States for the holidays. I've been trying to use some of their miles to upgrade them to Business Class... I've been calling Connectmiles once a week hoping for some upgrade seats to come available, and finally on Friday 2 seats opened so I had them upgrade my wife and my daughter's seats using their respective Connectmiles accounts...

Got off the phone and went to the website to verify everything. Put in my daughters res# and selected her new seat no problem. Put in my wife's res# and she's still in Economy, but now with no seat assigned.... waited 15 minutes, it never updated... checked her account and she was charged the 15K miles so I called Connectmiles back and I'm told there are no longer any upgrades available... After explaining everything, I was eventually put on hold as a supervisor manually processed her upgrade...

I guess the point is that its not only the website that doesn't always function correctly....
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strange phenomena

Last week I bought a r/t ticket on the website, paid for it using a local ConnectMiles branded CC. Immediately received the reservation email. An hour later got the ticketed email. Logged back on and successfully selected my seats.

A couple of days pass, and I don't see the charge on my CC, so I attempt to log into the website to make sure the ticket is fine. When I click on the "view and manage" link next to my itinerary, I get an error. "Please make sure you have entered the last name and/or reservation number correctly. If the error persists please contact our Reservations Center."

So, I call Copa to confirm, the agent assures me the ticket is fine. A couple of days later the charge finally appears on my CC.

Today I get an upgrade email. I log into the Copa website and get the same error. This was in Firefox. I switched to Chrome, and this time I successfully called up my reservation and selected a seat. OK, so the website doesn't play nice with Firefox.

Then I forget I need to print out the invoice for the flight. Log in again on Chrome, and now Chrome gives me the same error message. Thought the pattern might continue with Edge, but no such luck, gave me an error as well.
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I just bought a ticket from Copas website, PTY-BOG-PTY.

Bought from Copa, confirmed by Copa and ticketed by Copa. Yet the website can't find the reservation and I'm told to call the call centre.

An airline whose system can't find the tickets that it the very same system has issued. Very reassuring!
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I haven't be able to pull up any reservation on regular website for about a year now. However trying the mobile site on phone or tablet sometimes works
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I've made 4 round trip reservations so far this year, and all have been buggy, the best case I described above. The other three giving no opportunity to call up existing reservations. I'm starting to lose faith.

I'm losing faith because it seems like there are dozens of airlines out there with functioning websites. I'm not talking about making super complicated transactions. It would seem proven programming to simply recognize your reservation code and last name and pull up the data.
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Originally Posted by linas View Post
I haven't be able to pull up any reservation on regular website for about a year now. However trying the mobile site on phone or tablet sometimes works
That's the case with me. I can't access on my laptop, only my phone.
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I've had the same problem pulling up reservations this year. I suspect it has to do with buying my tickets through Expedia.... for some reason it feels like Copa is making it more difficult for those of us that buy through "travel Agents"? I called today to find out the cost to switch to a later fight Wednesday and the Copa rep told me I had to call Expedia to make any changes? In the past Copa has always handled it?
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