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Who we all are

Who we all are

Old Oct 20, 21, 7:05 am
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Smile Hello everyone

I want to participate in this year's Secret Santa event so I am posting here as recommended. So who the heck am I?

As my screen name indicates, I am a female writer — a retired journalist, former newspaper editor and reporter.

For years I have been lurking around Flyertalk, but not traveling often enough to have much to contribute. I would LOVE to change that, and am currently Delta Silver, hoping to travel more and move upward.

Originally from the Boston area (Boston University grad), I now live in Connecticut, which makes it easy to go to Broadway shows and the MET museum, two of my loves (as well as pizza from Patsy's in East Harlem).

My life is very eclectic. I love everything from French culture to a Fenway frank at a Red Sox game. If you want to sample flights of champagne at a chateau or have a beer at a local pub, count me in.
I am literally counting the days (199 as of today) until my next trip to Paris.

So who should get me as their Secret Santa? Do you love fine crafted, artisanal chocolates? I live near a shop that makes outrageously good ones. But that's just one possibility. I want to get something fun the recipient will love.

When I have a few hours (probably more like weeks), I will read this entire thread to get to know all of you.

Best, Trish
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Old Oct 20, 21, 2:53 pm
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It was November 2019 when it all started.....

I have always done some travel every year, a bit for work and a bit for play, but 2019 was the first year I achieved gold status with AA. I realize NOW this is nothing special, but at this point in my traveling life I had never worried/cared/chased/thought about elite status ever before. My flight to TPA in Nov of 2019 got me Gold, and my 500-mile upgrade cleared on my very next flight back to DFW. I liked that a lot.

It was at this time that I coincidentally was getting deep down the credit card points rabbit hole, and i had an Amex that credited back the fee of purchasing 500-mile upgrade stickers. TPA-DFW started me on a journey that i cannot now get off.

It was at this point that i really started to investigate the whole world of points/status, as i learned that i much preferred F to Y......... Being DFW based, i decided that i would become an AA loyalist and just see how this goes.

While researching some specific AA questions i had, i stumbled upon this goldmine of literally everything travel (...FT) and little did i know that was just the beginning. I will admit i was a massive lurker at first, just absorbing all i could in the AAdvantage forums. Just seeing all of the incredibly detailed responses from strangers who were answering other strangers questions was so heartening. I really enjoyed piecing together all of the acronyms and fare bucket lingo, and now i catch myself using it when talking to AA representatives who become a lot easier to deal with when you BOTH know what you're talking about. (ps, with all of the aggregated info here on FT, I'm hard pressed to ever find a reason to ever call an airline ever again...). I was getting to the point that my friends would ask me for AA/credit card points info and i actually had answers for them.


That was tough, as i have family in YVR that i could not visit and vice versa. But, finally, in July of this year, as the world opened a bit, i was able to visit a few times for various reasons.
But my biggest FT success was this past September. I went to Ireland, and was going via a paid, relatively inexpensive J ticket through LHR, and had the choice of booking through AA or BA. Armed with my nearly 2 years of knowledge, I knew to book on BA and credit to AA. But, the real success was learning, through the BA forums, about the "A-up" or Airport Upgrade from J to F. I was excited to try this as i was flying on their new 787-10 that had a first cabin. So, with a keen eye on ExpertFlyer, i know there were a few seats available on F on the day of my flight. I casually asked the check-in agent about the A-Up and was offered it for $279USD. This was my first long-haul F experience, and i owe it purely to FT. FT also helped me set an alert for Award F availability on the way home, and, on the second-last day of the trip, i got the alert and was able to transfer 20k chase points to BA to upgrade. This let me experience the Concord Room in LHR. I realize this is not the ultimate long-haul F experience (and i hope to eventually experience those), but it was my first and i owe it all to FT.

So, now I'm hooked. So hooked, that i never even knew this section of the forum existed, and now feel compelled to share my story.
I even my first ever mileage run this Saturday DFW-LGA-CLT-DFW while the wife is out of town. (she thinks I'm a nutcase with all of this, until the upgrades clear...)

Thank you to all that post/reply, and take satisfaction that you are truly helping more than just the ones asking the questions.
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Old Nov 15, 21, 9:24 pm
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I was supposed to visit other places, hopefully by next year we can travel and learn more languages, culture, food, and enjoy a lot of other things. Great to be here!
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Old Dec 16, 21, 10:39 am
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I wanna visit Russia and Eastern Europe next year. Hope the situation there is gonnna get better than now. I head that in Russia there are a lot of restrictions...
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Old Apr 12, 22, 4:17 pm
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Why bother with Russia?

Originally Posted by David Kazarean View Post
I wanna visit Russia and Eastern Europe next year. Hope the situation there is gonnna get better than now. I head that in Russia there are a lot of restrictions...
Most of what was Eastern Europe is open to travellers. I would not even think of going to Russia!
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Old Apr 12, 22, 8:04 pm
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Originally Posted by David Kazarean View Post
I wanna visit Russia and Eastern Europe next year. Hope the situation there is gonnna get better than now. I head that in Russia there are a lot of restrictions...
For your sake, I really hope they work out a Peace Plan soon. I know so many of us FT’ers really hate to have travel plans interrupted by people getting killed all around the destinations we wish to take selfies of ourselves dining, shopping and sightseeing.
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Old Apr 28, 22, 4:12 pm
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First post

Hello FlyerTalk!

I'm FindingFoodFluency, both by username and by gastronomic desire.

If it's edible, I want to try it, that's all there is to it!

I have a Wordpress blog and YouTube page by the same name, covering culinary wanderings from wherever the dart may land; of course, I welcome feedback, and hyperlocal meal suggestions from everyone.

And yes, I've traveled a bit, too, being particularly fond of places where I can chat with the cook in the native lingo; Mexico, you spoil me so.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to helping out fellow travelers -- and eaters -- where possible.

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Old May 11, 22, 9:20 pm
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Intro from NZ!

Hi all, I am a GM from New Zealand and work for a large Automotive Distributor.

I am ex-British Army. Have a beautiful wife. Three dogs.

I love traveling, I am currently ANZ *AGElite, SQ Silver etc., my most commonly flown routes are AKL-MEL (RT), AKL-SYD (RT), AKL-SIN (RT), FRA-AKL(RT), AKL-CHC (RT)

Love watches, hunting, travel tech and luggage!

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Old May 14, 22, 9:25 am
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Originally Posted by airbourne_kiwi View Post
Have a beautiful wife. Three dogs.
I'm glad it's not a beautiful dog and three wives!

Welcome to FT, airbourne_kiwi!
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