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R.I.P Jim, magic111, my dear friend

R.I.P Jim, magic111, my dear friend

Old Feb 22, 12, 4:22 pm
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I found out about this a couple of hours ago and am still in shock. Jim was a wonderful, warm, friendly man who had a depth of wisdom to him that I have rarely seen.

Many above have spoken of the twinkle in his eye, and I'll echo that--he was a pleasure to be around, with his wit, wisdom, good humor, and slightly mischievous smile.

I had the good fortune to spend three days with Jim in Denali, Alaska when I hosted about 10 FTers on a trip there. I drove and Jim occupied the front passenger seat of the van, and we shared a lot of talking over the course of the five-hour-each-way drive. I met him in passing a few other times and ended up splitting a hotel room with him in BOS last year, which was the last time I saw him. I was looking forward to our next meeting, which I am sad will now not happen again on this earth.

Knowing him, though, he's already standing next to God telling him how to run the universe using a referee illustration.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 4:38 pm
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Originally Posted by Cholula View Post
Here's a YouTube video of Jim welcoming a large group on FT'ers on a boat ride at a London DO several years ago:


I think this will give folks who hadn't had the privilege of meeting him an idea of what a great personality and sense of humor he possessed.
It was at the London Mega Do I first met magic and Jerrie... good memories.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 4:41 pm
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The Sky in Tokyo is cloudy and sad

Today we lost one of our dear friend and also one of AA guru. I woke up very early in Tokyo to go to Tsukiji Fish Market for Tuna Auctions, and while waiting for +1 to get ready I read about the passing of our friend Jim aka Magic111.

We have the opportunity to meet Jim during our SFO's and the last one we met was one of AA MR SFO-ORD in Jan, Jim as always love to tell story and teach greenie like me on dAArk side, he was more than kind showing me the rope on dAArk side, telling me what is the best way to get cheaper route, etc. I wanted to ask him how he did the FD on AA via email, but work and other issue make me forget and delay sending him the email.

Hi Jim in heaven, when you get this P.M. please tell me how did you do it...
We will sure miss your generosity and always have FT tags with you to hand out. I am carrying your torch on that too... FT tags and also MP tags for me

God Bless your soul and RIP my friend.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 5:06 pm
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This is such sad news. I have fond memories of meeting up with Jim and Jerrie at the Hong Kong Do in February 2004. Ironically I am in Hong Kong now and was over near Sheung Wan yesterday and I was commenting to my friend that this was the first time I'd been back in the Sheung Wan area since my visit in 2004.

Jim we will miss you dearly in the Bay Area and may you RIP.

Jerrie, if you need anything we will be here for you.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 6:16 pm
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Met Magic 111 on a MR 1/14/12

I had the privilege of meeting Jim ,,he actually was the 1st FTer I ever met...he gave me my luggage tags...condolences to his family and friends...AA has a permanent 1st Class Flyer!! Magic111 you are a great man!! Thanks for the privilege of meeting you!!
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Old Feb 22, 12, 7:19 pm
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I had the pleasure of going on two trips with Jim/magic111. The most recent one was last years BRT where we shared a room. Anyone who met Jim knew he was a great person. He will be missed by many.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 7:49 pm
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Wow, I heard the news at a Flyertalk dinner tonight in WAS. Such terrible, terrible news.

I usually ran into Jim every year, at one DO or another. Despite his hard fight, he always had such a positive, upbeat outlook on life. I know how much he loved his family, how close they were. I can't imagine what they're going through right now.

Rest in peace, Jim.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 7:56 pm
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Originally Posted by weinskkb View Post
I had the pleasure of going on two trips with Jim/magic111. The most recent one was last years BRT where we shared a room.
That was also the last time I saw Jim as we both got off on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge somewhere in Chinatown and were walking in the same direction back to our respective hotels after our little bus breakdown delay at the end of a fun day.

His warm welcome after I recently became a moderator was also so nice and brought a smile to my face and after the sadness at his passing goes I'll think of Jim and smile.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 8:33 pm
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I remember that night very well. Jim introduced me to a lot of Fters during that trip. His daughter also attended the Soup DO the day before the BRT.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 8:45 pm
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We are both so very sorry to hear of this.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 9:32 pm
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Jim was the person responsible for giving and naming the Brooklyn Reality Tour. At the time, I called it the Brooklyn Tour; but after the Kramer Reality Tour on Seinfeld, Jim decided that Brooklyn Reality Tour had the right ring to it. @:-)

Jims comments from the BRT last June...

OK I do have some thoughts to expend but anyone who desires can put them into the circular file.

Dan picked me up at my hotel before noon where I had encamped a little after midnight after arriving from the west coast. This meal was breakfast for me and in the scheme of the planning for the event Dan related that he thought the big meal ought to be the mid-day meal (breakfast time for left coasters) and the smaller meal in the evening. I now disagree. It seriously cut into my appetite and arriving at Teena's ordered one charlotte russe and it was enough.

So put my vote down for a pizza slice or a nathans for lunch. After all whats a BRT without room for FSF.

BTW thanks to AA and their new one way pricing I was able to get a one way to NYC, purchased for $129+ from sfo about a week ago. After Dan dropped me off at the airport I logged in and low and behold they had one ways from JFK to SFO on Monday morning for $129+. As someone upthread posted I also had only been seeing RT fares far north of $500

Jim posted this last year. We did some scouting out at a restaurant under consideration for BRT. I didn't have to break his arm to come with me. Charlotte russe was his favorite bakery concoction in Brooklyn.

I've alerted Jerrie to this thread.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 9:56 pm
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I am sad to hear this. I met magic111 on brt 12. My condolences to his family.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 9:56 pm
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I was privileged to work with Jim on the TS&S restructuring project in mid-2001, and we talked a while in person at a recent moderators' meeting. In this short time he became one of my favorite people on FT, always calm and objective. When he put forward his opinion, it made so much sense that you could never disagree with it.

I'm sure he was just as nice a person at home. His family will miss him terribly. So sad.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 10:10 pm
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I never met Magic111 but I did have the great pleasure of spending some time with Jerrie in Venice a few years ago and my heart goes out to her and their entire family.
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Old Feb 22, 12, 10:18 pm
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I received a phone call with this sad news almost 12 hours ago & still don't have words to express how missed Jim will be.

My sympathy to his family.
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