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belle3388 Feb 22, 12 8:58 am

R.I.P Jim, magic111, my dear friend
Just got a text from Jerrie. He had a heart attack while running last night and never came to.

I am sad beyond words now, still in shock.

Spiff Feb 22, 12 9:00 am

:( RIP, Jim.

Jerrie, I'm so sorry!!

Jenbel Feb 22, 12 9:01 am

Very shocked and saddened to hear this news. Thoughts are with Jerrie at the moment.

chrissxb Feb 22, 12 9:01 am



soo sad. thanks for letting us know. he was a really great guy - he'll be missed.
my thoughts are with his family ...

anonplz Feb 22, 12 9:05 am

Condolences to his family and loved ones. :(

Catman Feb 22, 12 9:06 am

Ive heard and Im in total shock.

My condolences to dear Jerrie. Jim/Magic is a gentleman.

dhammer53 Feb 22, 12 9:13 am

I was in San Francisco last weekend and spoke to Jim. We tried to meet up in Novato but he was exhausted from his just returned trip.

Jim rode on BRT 1 and was returning this June. :(

Jim loved sweets. Make sure you enjoy something good today. Jerrie, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.


lalala Feb 22, 12 9:13 am

Very sad news. He will be missed.

GoldCircle Feb 22, 12 9:24 am

So very shocked. So very sad.

Rest in peace, my friend.

szg Feb 22, 12 9:25 am

Very shocked. RIP

Seat13c Feb 22, 12 9:28 am

WOW! Such tragic news. You'll be missed, Magic111.

tylerdurden4543 Feb 22, 12 9:28 am

Very sad news to hear this morning. May he rest in peace with eternal upgrades.

My thoughts and prayers are with his family,

ScottC Feb 22, 12 9:30 am

So tragic :( Sad, sad sad.

JDiver Feb 22, 12 9:31 am

Jim has been an invaluable member of FT and the American AAdvantage Moderator team.

But more, Jim was a courageous and indomitable friend (and a fiendish flyer!) I last enjoyed dinner with Jim in London earlier this month, and as the inveterate traveler he was, with us living ~100 miles apart, he arrived in London via NRT and DFW, returning home via JFK to meet up with fellow mod dstan.

Many of us will miss Jim's perpetual smile and twinkle in his eyes, take-it-easy views, sometimes quirky dry humour, his referee's point of view to illuminate all positions before rendering an equitable opinion, his resilience. The Jim we knew gave of himself until there wasn't much more to give, at which point he dug and found even more to give.

His soul is free to travel unbound; may his spirit sow his joie de vivre and peace wherever he may roam.

Randy Petersen Feb 22, 12 9:32 am

In the history of FlyerTalk, in the history of our corps of volunteer Moderators, in the history of the unknowns behind a keyboard who become friends and in the history of those who have earned my utmost and most personal respect Jim/Magic111 is one of those that did make a difference for all those who call FlyerTalk their base station for miles, points and general travel information. The number of times I recall great conversations with Jim of reason and valuable contributions toward the success that is FlyerTalk reaches well into the double digits. His particular passion for the right thing for all the visitors to the AAdvantage forum and beyond still guides me today and will forever.

This is a man whose time clearly was cut too short. This is a member whose contributions are so imbedded in the mantra of FlyerTalk for wanting to help others, that he will always be part of the history that will be written for FlyerTalk.

We are all here for his memory today, tomorrow and for every day after. I am truly quite saddened by this news, FlyerTalk has truly lost a dear, dear friend.

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