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Buy Back and Boost / Buy Up Status for 2019

Buy Back and Boost / Buy Up Status for 2019

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Old Dec 16, 18, 2:36 pm   -   Wikipost
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AAdvantage Buy Back and Boost / Buy Up Status

AA generally offers members reasonably close to requalifying for status near the end of the year the option to buy back their existing status, or on occasion to buy up to the next highest status tier.

These offers are generally made by email to AAdvantage members beginning some time in November.

If you have not received an offer or would like to see your offer (if any), you can see it by visiting https://elite.aa.com

If you havenít flown sufficiently, youíll probably sign in and see

No offers available

Thanks for visiting. Our records show that youíre not eligible to receive an fifer at this time. If you need more information about your account, visit aa.com/youraccount
Please peruse this thread to see offers reported by members.
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Old Oct 31, 18, 10:11 pm
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Buy Back and Boost / Buy Up Status for 2019

I'm hearing that people that go to elite.aa.com are being presented with offers to buy up to a higher status for 2019, but when I tried with my account, I didn't get an offer for Executive Platinum. I'm not too far off though. Did anyone else get anything?
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Old Oct 31, 18, 10:31 pm
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Perhaps itís too early? We usually donít see buy back of buy up offers until the year is over or close to over, iirc.
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Old Oct 31, 18, 10:43 pm
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I already requaled for EXP. But I checked wife, who is PPRO this year and will probably only keep PLAT next year, and she was offered to keep PPRO for $1995. (She is currently at $6246 EQD, 60,230 EQM, and 37 EQS.)

She has a ton of stickers in her account and gets upgraded at my window when we fly together anyhow, so no way I'd pay $95, let alone $1995.
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Old Oct 31, 18, 10:46 pm
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Thanks, platbrownguy.

In my case, after 17 years as EP, Iíd not qualify for Gold this year, so thatís probably why I got that message then.
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Old Oct 31, 18, 10:52 pm
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Hahah - I'm about 95 miles short for EXP and it offered me $495 to EXP - will catch the missing miles in the next 24 hours for a posted flight and likely be 125K all in - met the EQD's already. Really odd.
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Old Nov 1, 18, 3:13 am
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I'm 412 miles short of EXP with two more TATL (in Y) to do this year so will have no problem but for giggles I thought I'd log in and see what they offered! $895 to buy up to EXP! Crazy!
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Old Nov 1, 18, 5:01 am
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Interesting that the money spent to buy up counts toward EQD's for 2018 and rolling EQD's for upgrade priority.
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Old Nov 1, 18, 6:49 am
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I'm 33 EQD from Platinum and they offered me a $325 buy up 😂
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Old Nov 1, 18, 6:56 am
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Iím short of EXP by 80 EQD and 700 EQM. Buy up offer is $1,445. Terrible offer.
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Old Nov 1, 18, 6:57 am
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The vast majority of people have never heard of a MR and would never do one if they had. They either pay out for the offer or not as they choose. It goes without saying the offer will never be a simple cost-effective means to achieve or maintain status because it is not intended to be that.
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Old Nov 1, 18, 6:59 am
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My issue will be EQD for Plat. My current buy up offer is $1595, less than what I'd need to spend to get the EQD threshold...for now. That, of course, will change with several flights yet to come in 2018. It'll be close as to whether I earn enough EQD for Plat by flying, or by grabbing the buy up late in the year.

To Often1: If in December I'm $600 short of EQD and the buy up offer is $595 or even $995, then yes, buy up will be a simple and cost-effective way to secure Plat status for 2019. It would certainly be more time-effective than putting myself on a plane for an EQD run late in the year.
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Old Nov 1, 18, 7:27 am
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I'm at $15k EQD but short EQMs by 2,882 miles. $1,195 to buy up. Heckuva bargain.
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Old Nov 1, 18, 7:28 am
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2k eqm short of PPro (14k spend) and offered up to PPro for $995. Have 2x TATL trips before year end, paid J and F, so will hit EXP no problem.
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Old Nov 1, 18, 7:29 am
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Current Plat Pro:
EQD: 18,276 EQM: 75,815 EQS: 81

Offer is Executive Plat for $3475.

Uhh no thank you. I'm eyeing a mini vacation/mileage run to Jakarta or Tokyo for a third the price.
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Old Nov 1, 18, 7:37 am
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I got an offer for Platinum for $3045. I'm just over gold so no way I would make Plat anyway but for fun I wanted to see what they offered. For $3045, I will just take a vacation that will give me the miles and eqds LOL
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