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Solevita Jul 7, 18 2:51 am

Originally Posted by PeteM01 (Post 29946695)
Even the signage by the lift to the lounge area at MAN still mentions the Escape Lounge for AF/KLM, so it is not just the website at fault. It still seems like a temporary arrangement and the staff in the 1903 lounge do not know if it is to be made permanent. All users should praise 1903 whenever a chance arises!

By the way, I found out that the papers in 1903 cannot be taken away by PAX. So it is not quite perfect...

Well, I know two people who have asked to be Quality Observers on an upcoming ex-MAN flight and I'm sure they'll leave very positive comments about the lounge ;)

Goldorak Jul 7, 18 6:01 am

Originally Posted by Zarmakuizz (Post 29936672)
interesting. The Dzahri lounge is closed. TAP and Iberia pax are redirected to the AF lounge instead.

OMG ! :eek:

Andy49 Jul 10, 18 2:21 am

CAN VIP lounge T2
Please remove or resize if required

A very nice lounge with a reasonable selection of food and drink and many types of seating. WiFi is good but most social media is blocked. The only view is of the corridor s and shops below.


Goldorak Jul 10, 18 5:16 am

Not bad indeed !

wallertown Jul 17, 18 4:10 am

duplicate post deleted

Goldorak Jul 17, 18 5:58 am

Originally Posted by wallertown (Post 29982351)
Hi all. Iíll be flying from LHR-SFO via CDG later this week in La Premiere, and I have a nice layover at CDG. That means Iíll have a fair amount of time in the La Premiere lounge. As it happens, my partner will be transiting CDG at the same time with a similar layover (also on AF, not in La Premiere, and not the same flights).

Does anyone know the details/policy about having him join me in the lounge? It seems straightforward (I let them know whatís going on, he checks in at the desk, and then comes in once Iím there). But any advice or insight is welcome.

Many thanks.

no need to ask in several threads. Multiple posting is not allowed on FT.

Neilgcal Jul 18, 18 3:15 pm

Does anyone know if I am on an AF ticket arriving into terminal 2E but departing 2C if I can gain lounge access in 2E before transitting? The onward flight is an AF codeshare but I have over 6 hours to kill and the lounge I can access in 2E only opens 3 hours before that flight hence using a lounge on arrival in 2E.

Thanks for any assistance

SkyteamEP Jul 19, 18 1:03 am

You cannot access 2E lounges without a boarding pass for a flight departing from 2E.

Goldorak Jul 20, 18 4:05 am

MUC- Munich AF/KL lounge
Name of the lounge: MUC - AFKL lounge

Location : Terminal 1, D gates, airside on the mezzanine (after security, turn right until the end of the hall and go upstairs)

Opening Hours: 5:30 am to 20:20 pm

Entry requirements: usual AFKL/Skyteam requirements

Food offer : several kind of sausages (this is Germany ;) ), fruits, sandwiches, bakeries, snacks

Drinks offer: water, coffee, tea, wines, liquors. Surprisingly, no fruit juices and no sodas.

Wifi: no specific network. You have to use the terminal network. Connection not so easy (if I didn’t have another device with cellular signal to obtain the confirmatory e-mail they send you to confirm your registration, I would have never succeeded to register). Works not so well sometimes (get so slow sometimes that you’d better disconnect.
Showers: no
Toilets: no
Quiet zone: no
Loungers/sleep area: no
Business area: no
Spa: no
TV area: no
Passengers are called: yes
Information screen: no
Newspapers: yes

Other information
Number of seats: approx 50
Level of noise: low
Design: typical AF refurbished lounge
View: no
Multi floors: no
Terrace: no
Smoking area: no
Direct boarding: no

There is a reserved area for Ultimate and La PremiŤre passengers.

Zarmakuizz Jul 20, 18 5:22 am

Wow, 3 different kind of sausages! That is the triple of what is offered at STR. :D
(Of course, MUC lounge is at least triple the size and capacity of what STR could offer :D )

af fp Jul 30, 18 7:54 pm

Orly West Hall 4
Maybe helpful for some (I posted questions earlier): Hall 4 at Orly Ouest does not have a AF lounge. There is a Icare lounge, EUR 30 per person, fairly decent but nothing special, not in the Priority Pass network either. They say Priority Pass is coming, no word about AF (whereas in Hall 1, the Premium Traveller lounge is accessible to Platinum). Not really worth it unless you have a very long layover. No bathroom (one is just outside), no shower.

Goldorak Aug 11, 18 7:22 am

Francfort (FRA) - Air France lounge

Name of the lounge Francfort (FRA) - AFKL lounge

Location: Terminal 2; concourse D; on the right after security between gates D25-26 and D27.

Opening Hours: 5:45 to 20:30

Entry requirements: usual AFKL/Skyteam requirements. Priority Pass accepted

Food offer : very limited (sausages, a few sandwiches not very appealing, a few cold cuts and packaged cheese). Quite disappointing.

Drinks offer: liquors, white and red German wines; sparkling wine (mousseux); soft drinks, coffee, tea

Wifi: yes (Telekom network, not specific to the lounge)
Showers: no
Toilets: no (toilets are in the terminal)
Quiet zone: no
Loungers/sleep area: no
Business area: yes
Spa: no
TV area: no (one TV but not in a special area)
Passengers are called: no
Information screen: yes (only one)
Newspapers: yes

Other information
Number of seats: about 80
Level of noise: depends on occupancy
Design: typical old AF style for lounges, but the seats are in good conditions
View: no (there is a window but no airport ops view)
Multi floors: no
Terrace: no
Smoking area: no
Direct boarding: no

Chuvash Aug 15, 18 9:21 pm

I can see that JIB is still a question mark.
Happy to report that passengers can use the Air France lounge at JIB.

I was on a KQ flight so I canít comment on the specifics of the AF flight, but I can say the following for sure:

The lounge is after gate 1 security and opens c. 1 hour before boarding time
There are c. 25 seats so it must get really crowded before the AF flight
Good selection of beverages, food consists mostly of mignardises and is not super filling
The bathroom is really shabby, donít plan on number twoing at the airport

Lounge entrance

Bar area with snacks, beverages, and newspapers

Another sitting area

Goldorak Aug 16, 18 12:12 am

Originally Posted by Chuvash (Post 30087825)
I can see that JIB is still a question mark.
Happy to report that passengers can use the Air France lounge at JIB.

Thanks for reporting :)

Marco Koevoets Aug 19, 18 11:59 am

Originally Posted by Goldorak (Post 29514817)
As promised, here are some pictures of the beautiful newly renovated CDG 2E-L lounge. It is only half-open at the moment. Full reopening is scheduled for June 2018.
It is really nice. AF has sone a great job there.
The entrance has changed (but I donít know if this will be permanent or if it is just a temporary entrance during the renovation work). When you pass security in L concourse, you have to go to the extreme right and you will see signs for the lounge.

In the access coridor, itís a huge TV wall displaying small bubbles mimicking a Champagne glass. Well done. Then you arrive in the main room. Similar design as in 2G or ORY hall 2 lounges. There is an open kitchen area which was not in function when I was there (it was outside meal times).

Then you have corridors leading to :
- the Clarins spa (bigger than before) where you can register for a massage via an I-pad
- restrooms, showers
- some quieter smaller rooms
- a rest area similar as the one in the P lounge
- and the private room for Ultimates ;) Ö with its private bar and newspaper/magazines selection !

One personal criticism : all the secondary area of the lounge are blind (no window).
Again, big thumbs up to AF for making such a nice lounge ! ^ ^ ^

Hello I am new here :)

I have a question about this lounge, would I be able to get here when flying Schengen? I know in Amsterdam you can easily move between the schengen and non-schengen areas at the airport to use the other lounge. Is this possible in CDG?

The reason I am asking is that I will fly schengen (CDG to AMS) and would love to use this lounge. I will plan either a long layover or arrive to the airport well before my flight.

Hope somebody can answer me :)

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