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A new Cat Trick that sometimes works

A new Cat Trick that sometimes works

Old Sep 7, 99, 2:23 pm
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A new Cat Trick that sometimes works

The real Credit goes to my buddy wanderlust for this discovery (which is on my cat tips list with the words "As inspired by wanderlust!"

Here the scenerio: You are waiting for a buddy at an airport (let's say EWR) and you don't have a ticket but you want to cool your heels at your favorite airline club (For example: the Red carpet Club)

But there's a problem: the club's past Security with a big sign saying "Ticketed passengers only beyond this point."

What do you do? You can wait outside security or go to the bar down the hall and get hammered. Or you can show your airline club card and get in.

It probably won't work every time but it did for Wanderlust and me at EWR (He did have a ticket but we flashed the cards and went in. he also had an e-tix!)

But it's nice to know that if I have to meet someone I can go in through my Red Carpet card!

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Old Sep 7, 99, 2:37 pm
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I know some airports do that (only allow ticketed passengers) but I've been lucky that I had my eticket receipt the few times I've been asked. However after flying 100 times on eticket without ever having a problem I don't carry the receipt anymore. I'd assume I could tell the security agent this and get in -- I've seen others do it. No club membership required
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Old Sep 7, 99, 2:37 pm
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How refreshing--someone trying to follow the rules!! It has been my experience that no one reads, heeds, or enforces that "ticketed passengers only" sign. That is why when deplaning we must wade through Grandma, Grandpa, junior, Uncle Bob, Auntie Sue, and assorted other family members meeting another family member who has been gone for all of three days. I'm sure they didn't flash either tickets or club cards!
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Old Sep 7, 99, 2:50 pm
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I have only been asked to show my ticket at one airport, ever (in USA). That was SBA. I have always had to show my ticket in Singapore, Penang and Narita.
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Old Sep 7, 99, 5:06 pm
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I was going to the RCC and my gate at EWR over Memorial day weekend, and the security guy was looking up names on a manifest of people with e-tickets.
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Old Sep 7, 99, 5:30 pm
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JFK is very strict about ticketed passengers only. I prefer that to LAX where you no sooner walk off the plane and you have to run the obstacle course of limo drivers, car services, relatives, and people asking for donations!

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Old Sep 7, 99, 6:50 pm
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Here's a little horror story about JFK and their strict "no unticketed passengers allowed" policy. A few months ago my girlfriend was leaving for an anthropological dig in Hungary, and was flying Syracuse-JFK-Frankfurt-Budapest. (She spent most of the summer in upstate New York with her parents; we both live in California for the rest of the year) Since her birthday was coming up, I thought it would be nice if I flew SFO-JFK and surprised her at JFK with a birthday/going away present. So I shelled out $350 in "voucher money," and got on a plane to JFK.

When I got to JFK, I decided to go meet her at the gate. Getting into the "secure" area at the American Airlines domestic terminal at JFK was no problem - I just flashed my old boarding pass I got at SFO and they let me in. My girlfriend's plane from Syracuse was supposed to arrive at gate 42 at 2:24p, so I just sat by the gate and breathlessly waited for her to arrive. When she didn't show up by 2:54, I went to the nearest gate agent and asked if the flight from Syracuse came in yet. She said, "yes, 20 minutes ago, at gate 40" They didn't even bother announcing the gate change and all TV monitors still said "gate 42" for that flight! Perhaps this is done on purpose to confuse people who "illegally" try to wait by the gate?

Anyway, I quickly realized the seriousness of the situation. I had 1.5 hours before my girlfriend would board a plane to Frankfurt, and I had no idea where she could be in the huge terminal building. There was only one place where I was guaranteed to meet her - the departure gate for the Frankfurt flight. So I ran over to the American Airlines International Terminal, and again tried using the "old boarding pass" trick to get into the "secure" area. This time, though, I was caught, and they would not let me into the gate area despite my appeals that it was vitally important for me to meet someone at the gate.

With less than 1 hour remaining on the "countdown clock" for Frankfurt boarding, I ran to the American Airlines Information Desk and asked them if there was any way for me to enter the gate area. I was told that they have a "sterile concourse" policy (making me sound like a parasite they want to keep off their concourses ) and that there was no way they would let me enter the secure area. The Information clerk did agree to page my girlfriend, though, and did her usual "Cassandra Hamilton please meet your party at the Information Desk" thing on the PA. I waited 10 minutes with no results. I then asked her to page her at the Domestic Terminal, thinking that she might have stopped there for lunch or something. The Information agent, obviously pretty tired of me at this point, obliged. I waited another 20 minutes, and still no sign of my girlfriend. Finally, with less than 15 minutes remaining before Frankfurt boarding, I asked her to page my girlfriend again. This time, she finally showed up! You can imagine how surprised she was to see me!

So, instead of having lunch together like I planned, we only had time for a quick kiss goodbye. She told me that she didn't hear my first page because she was eating lunch at the airport McDonald's at the time, which is outside of the terminal PA system. I guess that I'm pretty lucky that I got to meet her at all.

All in all, I found this "sterile councourse" policy a major pain in the butt. Another time, I was at JFK with a friend who wasn't traveling, and they refused to let him enter the gate area. While the "sterile councourse" policy sounds good in theory, I think exceptions should be made in certain circumstances.

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Old Sep 7, 99, 9:50 pm
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I wouldn't mind running the gauntlet of well-wishers and greeters at the gate, except that they stand DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE EXIT DOOR FROM THE JETWAY !! Where do they think the arriving passengers are going to go? (Answer: we don't. We back up in the jetway.) These are the same people who stop at the bottom of escalators to have conversations, without stepping off to the side.

I'm only in it for the mileage

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Old Sep 8, 99, 8:42 am
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Air Canada Super Elites are allowed into any non-transborder lounge any time. The biz. class check-in writes out a special card that allows security passage.

This is great when dropping someone at the airport. I can take them into the lounge, have a drink and split.

This means I can fly non-Star Alliance and still use the AC lounge.

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Old Sep 8, 99, 9:46 am
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It would be a hassle, but couldn't someone just buy a fully refundable ticket to get into the restricted area? Then they could cancel the reservation later for a refund. Passport requirements might be a problem if the terminal is used exclusively for international departures.
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Old Sep 8, 99, 12:59 pm
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It's a good idea, but unfortunately the people at JFK require a BOARDING PASS for a departure on that day to enter the gate area. I'm pretty sure that you can't get a refund once you check in for your flight and get a boarding pass. I had a ticket for travel JFK-SFO the next day, and they still wouldn't let me in.
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Old Sep 8, 99, 1:00 pm
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I've never been stopped from getting to an airline club that's past the security check. The security people know what clubs are down there, know we don't necessarily have to fly to use them, and in my experience have always let me through with a membership card. (It probably doesn't even have to be a current one. They didn't seem to check that closely. OTOH, I don't know how they'd respond to that assortment of cards, from AmEx Platinum through all the partners, that get you into some lounges these days.)
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Old Sep 13, 99, 12:29 pm
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Gisela just met me this last friday at UA's RCC in JFK after my long red-nose-flight LAX-JFK. She has no Club pass (or ticket for that day) - but I informed the RCC staff when I entered after my flight, that hopefully my wife will come and meet me.
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Old Sep 13, 99, 12:33 pm
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... and my RCC club pass rules say, good for me and two companions (or my whole family) - same-day travelling MAY be required in some clubs (they asked for it at LHR, nowhere-else so far for me).
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Old Sep 13, 99, 12:38 pm
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Darien- What makes you think that you can not get a refund after obtaining a boarding pass? Did you try and find you were refused or given the run around? My experience is that Ilike to have a boarding pass but that it does not in fact mean very much! It's a psychological benefit.
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