Bangkok tips

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Bangkok tips

Hi all-

I've been "lurking" for a while, and have gotten lots of great tips so far, and finally decided to join in! Going on my first trip to Bangkok in September, and wanted to get good advice on restaurants, sights, etc.... Definitely looking forward to this trip, as it will finally get me elite status on CO (through NW alliance), which is no small feat for my not-so-frequent-travel life. I'd appreciate any/all comments for those of you who have been to Bangkok before.
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Great city, Bangkok. My best single bit of advice is to get a good hotel near where you want to be most of the time, because traffic is unbelievable, and you can waste 90 minutes going from one end of the city to the other.

I have stayed at the Hilton in Nai Lert park, and enjoyed it, andthe Royal Orchid Sheraton is lovely too.

Try to act not too much like a tourist, get off the beaten paths, and interact with the Thai people, who are incredibly nice. My favorite experience was the weekend market in Chatuchak (sp.) Park.
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What do you want to know? Many FT's with frequent trips here! It's one of my personal favorite cities in the world and great food is just part of it!

Where are you staying? Business too or just pleasure? (No, NOT NaNa Plaza type of pleasure!) This is a G-rated board as Catman says.

If you're going NW, I do hope you are prepared to return quite early! I usually don't even bother to retire when I take NW and just head straight to the airport! It's a long flight and using miles to upgrade is a real goo idea. Last year I stayed for 8 days at the relatively new JW Marriott on Sukumvit and it was okay, especially on the Executive Floor. The fitness center is superb, possibly the best in town. If you just are doing a holiday you may want to stay along the Chao Prah River. The Marriott Royal Garden Riverside runs a boat very frequently and it is kind of a resort style hotel a littel away from the hustle and bustle. Anyway, service is wonderful and the prices are very cheap.

If this is you first trip to Asia then you are in for both a surprise and a delight. Interesting and fun! The Thai people are wonderful!
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Though it is a little touristy. I really enjoyed taking a tour of the klongs (rivers) in Bankok. You catch a boat that holds about 10-15 people and has a V-8 engine mounted on the back of it with a long (10-20 ft) propellor shaft that the operator dips into the water when wants to go. Takes you along some of the outskirts of Bankok and you can get food, trinkets, snakes show, etc. along it. Is a lot of fun. At least they did this 15 years ago when I was there. Assume they still do it. Visit some of the temples too. I believe they have the worlds largest Buddah there (someone correct me if I am mixing this up with another city). Any way enjoy you trip.
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Welcome on board with your first post. May you post many, many more, all in good health and happy travels.

I will be very interested in your report on Bangkok. I have not been there but am going in February '00, providing our gracious and good Lord give me the non expiring policy now given by AA and UA.

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I suggest the Sheraton Royal Orchid on the river. It is beautiful and all rooms have a river view. It should cost no more than about $ 100. per night. Visit They are the biggest travel agency in Thailand and you can book your hotels through them. I have personal experience and can tell you that they are very reliable. Thier hotel prices for all of Thailand are absolutely the cheapest. Have a great time!
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Welcome studentflyer!
Bangkok is an assault on the senses. The city is teeming with activity, the sights and smells like no other. The Thais are a friendly people and "the land of smiles" is just that.
If you are not going on a World Vacations package, then I recommend to book your accomodations. I have used them, and they are extremely professional AND inexpensive. I much prefer the hotels on the Chao Phraya (pronounced Jo Prya) to those on Sukhomvit Road. These include The Royal River (inexpensive), the Marriott Royal Garden Riverside (moderately expensive), The Sheraton Royal Orchid (moderately expensive), The Shangri-La (moderately expensive and my personal favourite), The Oriental (expensive landmark) and the new Peninsula (very expensive and currently considered the best in BKK).
BKK has a reputation as a shopper's paradise, but bear in mind that the Asian flu does not extend to imported goods. They are similar in price to the US. Food, locally made products and anything involving labour is cheap.
Do go to the D a m n o e n S a d u a k Floating Market. It is very interesting AND entertaining. Don't miss the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. They are impressive, and you can get there easily and cheaply by river express boat. Once you are on the Palace grounds and have passed the entrance fee wicket, there is a waiting area on the left hand side where you can await a scheduled free official english-speaking guide. Much better choice than the for-hire types.
Night markets abound in BKK and they are best enjoyed after 9 PM. Souvenirs, knock-off designer clothes and watches and various local goods are sold at VERY negotiable prices (about a third to a half of the asking price).
Do a lot of research on the web, as the sites you stumble across all have a useful tidbit or so. Try the newspapers online such as The Bangkok Post to get a feel for the city and also any goings-on.
If you want more detail, e-mail me with your questions or interests. I'll gladly provide you with as much information as I can.

BTW, D a m n o e n S a d u a k is written in this fashion because if you write it in the normal manner D a m n becomes ****. Since when is that a four letter word?

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Try these:

And ENJOY!!!!
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doc- yes i am flying NW, and it is a very early departure on the return indeed. I'm really looking forward to every aspect of the trip, except the long flight in coach, and because it is a NW vacations fare (really low!) i can't use miles for an upgrade, unfortunately. Oh well, i will just have to spend all that time thinking of what to do with all the FF miles i am getting.

Thanks for all the info so far, i am staying at the royal river, which i think you mentioned, flyme2. It is not quite in the heart of the city, but the price is definitely right. This is not my first trip to asia (but it is a first for my friend going along), I lived in Tokyo last summer and got hooked on travelling, and accruing miles of course.

Anyone have any specific restaurants to suggest, i love thai food and plan on splurging on a few great meals. I appreciate all the advice, and I will definitely post my "novice" FT trip report once back from my vacation in the far east.

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In my experiences in Asia. I avoid the mainstream restaurants and tend to go for the street vendors and Mom and Pop type restaurants. This way I have been able to get a real taste of the local cuisine. Even tried rat on a stick from a street vendor. Not bad (of course had about 4 beers first). My philosophy is experiment with the local flavor. Have plenty of Imodium handy just in case but I have never gotten sick from doing this.
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I just went to Bangkok in May and loved it!! I stayed at the Amari Watergate Hotel and it was an amazing hotel. Very clean, nice people, and nice big rooms. They also have nice restaurants in the property. The best thing I liked there was the buffet breakfast! Talk about a variety of foods!!

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Silham (sp?) road has amazing night life. The open market there is going til dawn. You can buy just about anything very cheap there. Be sure to haggle. It's quite close to the Grand Hyatt.

I loved Bangkok when I went there in May. I'll be heading back at the end of September.
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If memory serves me, the Sheraton Royal Orchid that Vulcan mentioned has a Chinese restuarant that serves the most incredible Peking Duck I've ever eaten! It overlooks the river also.
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