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TripIt v. TripCase v. Anything else?

TripIt v. TripCase v. Anything else?

Old Nov 3, 17, 7:43 pm
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I am a Tripit fan. I tried TripCase long-time ago, so they may be improving it a lot. Will definitely try for my upcoming trip.
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Old Nov 4, 17, 8:29 am
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Try Kayak too.

Just flew Southwest, and Kayak texted me a minute before T-24. Pretty helpful.
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Old Dec 30, 17, 11:27 pm
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Have used TripIt and TripCase - love TripCase. Send all my itineraries to [email protected] and loads into my profile. I can merge trips, edit info, share with others but most importantly syncs to my Outlook calendar on my computer and my mobile devices. For a free app it is indispensable.
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Old Jan 7, 18, 10:39 am
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I'm a fan of Amadeus CheckMyTrip (https://www.checkmytrip.com) for simply checking flight updates, itinerary info and basic other stuff (seat map, weather).

App works quite nicely, and there's a web interface too.
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Old Jan 7, 18, 7:26 pm
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Originally Posted by josephstern View Post
I've been using TripIt for many, many years. I had Pro back when Barclays covered that cost.
Every time I've tried to dump TripIt before (Kayak, Google Trips, a few others I can't remember) I've humbly come running back. I'm hoping this is the big switchover.
Originally Posted by Cozmo456 View Post
Try Kayak.
@Cozmo456: Op's already tried Kayak.

@josephstern: What issues did you face with Kayak?
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Old Jan 8, 18, 5:02 am
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I’m fully on Kayak again now and really liking it.

I don’t remember what problems I had now, but that was back in the Kayak Pro days.

Today, I find it to be the best.
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Old Jan 15, 18, 11:29 pm
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I have never tried Kayak but I'm going to have to give it a go.
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Old Jan 16, 18, 8:03 am
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Originally Posted by Whowouldanewman View Post
I have never tried Kayak but I'm going to have to give it a go.
I've recently been flying Southwest a bit. They text me about five minutes before check-in time to give me a heads-up. Very nice bonus!
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Old Jan 22, 18, 2:24 pm
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I'll have to take a look at Kayak.

I've been using TripIt for a long time. Generally I like the web version. Not a huge fan of the mobile app as it seems to be a pretty crippled version of the web experience.

I just booked a few flights on Virgin Australia and they include a link to TripCase in their itinerary email so I thought I'd see how they compare. The idea of having to manually merge trips seems tedious and unnecessary.

I wish Google would make Trips more usable.
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Old Apr 2, 19, 7:54 pm
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issue w/tripcase

Just forwarded a Jan, 2020 r/t itinerary to Tripase and it changed the dates to Jan, 2019!! Three times. Now it shows only in Past Trips. Is this a known issue and can one call CS and get help? Frustrating.
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Old May 13, 19, 4:19 pm
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https://tripism.io is good if you can get an invite
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Old May 14, 19, 11:17 am
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My recent experience with Kayak was quite poor. My United flight to DCA was delayed 2 hrs which meant I would have missed my connection to LHR. Luckily, I reached the airport early and UA offered me alternates that worked. Kayak didn't notify me about the delay until 3 hrs before the original departure time. Last week, I got a text message from the airline 7 hrs before departure that the flight was delayed an hour. 3 hrs before departure, Kayak still said it is on time (it wasn't, was eventually delayed 3 hrs due to LHR issues).
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Old May 14, 19, 11:20 am
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Originally Posted by flyerkit View Post
https://tripism.io is good if you can get an invite
Not for individuals, looks like.
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Old Jan 7, 20, 4:05 am
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just discovered this thread today by chance from google

i can give you feedback on 3 major players


These 3 are provided by concur , sabre and amadeus

I decided to use them as alternative to google trips (RIP my fella !!!) after it was killed by google without providing any valuable solution

So , my goal , is to have an app that help me to manage my itineraries + hotels stays in a static way, especially if i travel with another airline/hotel than usual , and i dont want to install 348302 apps from companies that i use maybe once a year

From start i can tell you that i removed trip it , cause i dont like it , maybe later i will give another try

I will focus on checkmytrip and tripcase

1 * ) introduction

They both offer same services

trip management
Mobile boarding pass uploading
update about delays and gate changes
update about flight status
weather forecast
automatically add trips sent by email

Other services offered by 3rd parties through the apps

activites = getyourguide
Lounges = loungepass
transfer = servantrip , taxitender , uber
Tourism = skyscanner
airports maps = openstreetmaps , pointinside
maps = google maps
parking = dont know , cause i dont have driving license
disruption = airhelp , blue ribbon

2 * ) personnal experience

I find both pretty useful , often providing updates by notifications or emails even before the airport FIDS or airline

You can automatically add trips to your profile . You need to forward confirmations from the email adress you registered , and wait couple of minutes however it is far from perfect , because not all companies use same pattterns/standards

So most of the time you will need to correct it . Me i decided to do everything manually , to keep better control over my data

In case of delays it can be good to know beforehand rather than when you arrive at gate or airport . As an AVgeek i can do it also with flightradar or other apps , but iam also a flight-reporter , so i can't look at my both my phone and camera at same time

About services provided by 3rd parties , i'am not a big fan , as they are mostly acting as middle-men trying to make more money rather than improving user experience . Those services are available through their own apps , or competitors often offer something much better

Both apps suffer from same problems

1 = Randomly log you out , so better not forget your password
2 = Not designed to work offline
3 = You can't add past trips or flights

checkmytrip = you can't choose the currency , cause its attached to language , so all english speakers will have USD as their currency . Good way to go global

Fair enough if they dont want to dedicate effort for each country in the world , but then why do they offer option to use fahrenheit when its used by less than 5% of world population ??? Aren't they aware that travel now is global ? Fun fact , amadeus is a french company . I guess the lead for this project was an alcoholic

3*) Conclusion

The real differences are in details and UX/UI , which means you might find one more user friendly than the other

i would suggest you to install both and then after a while you will pickup your favourite one

Treat them as a partial replacement for google trips designed purely for travel management .

Regarding the "Tourist side" i havent found good candidate so far , so i still use google maps with location tags and offline maps

Sorry but in 2020 , they should know that internet is not available everywhere/everytime

With checkmytrip and tripcase you have most of the features you will get in the paid version of TripIT , and as a member of this forum , you should have more knowledge about travel industry so you will be able to get by yourself what tripit ask your money for

Only 1 good thing from trip it pro = less or no ads

Warning = Don't be dumb by forwarding entire bookings with all your personal details

Advice = don't blindly trust these apps like an idiot, but rather as a secondary source of information about flights status . Because situation might change quicker than apps can inform you

Hope everything is clear

Happy new year
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