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4. What can Talkboard do to improve FlyerTalk besides create new forums?

4. What can Talkboard do to improve FlyerTalk besides create new forums?

Old Nov 10, 14, 5:10 pm
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4. What can Talkboard do to improve FlyerTalk besides create new forums?

If so, what?
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Old Nov 10, 14, 5:47 pm
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I try to evaluate every potential change according to whether it adds or subtracts value from the member experience, mostly readers but also posters. For example, TalkBoard member jackal tirelessly promoted the idea of in-thread Wikis until one day Internet Brands surprised us with a full implementation. Improvements like this may seem to come out of the blue, but most of the time someone has been working on the concept for quite a while.

As I mentioned in Question 3, I am encouraging Internet Brands to set up a Wiki framework which will allow all FT'ers to contribute and edit long-lived reference material. Like Wikipedia, the material will have tables of contents and hyperlinks, features which are cumbersome at best using per-thread Wikis.

I'll address my current pet project for TalkBoard action in Question 5.
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Old Nov 10, 14, 6:17 pm
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I continue to believe that "the next generation" remains the most important to FT, so I'd like to find a way to improve our message to new or novice members. The Wikis are a great start, but we need to find ways to reach new members, to encourage them to participate and share their perspectives, and to learn from them, too.

Being a father to 3 children under 11 years old, I learn every day that they have tons to contribute to our family. Their thoughts and opinions matter, and they get more and more reasoned and logical every day. I see similar things in FT, as novice members have stepped up and become valuable contributors in many areas. We need to continue to foster that kind of "family".
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Old Nov 10, 14, 6:34 pm
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I do not believe the responsibility lies solely with TalkBoard to improve FlyerTalk.

Rather, I would like to see more members of FlyerTalk in general become more involved and take advantage of using TalkBoard as a way to help improve FlyerTalk by offering suggestions, thoughts and opinions in the TalkBoard forum.

In turn, TalkBoard members would collaborate with the members and each other to attempt to implement those ideas in the hopes of improving FlyerTalk and providing win-win-win situations for all.

I believe there are plenty of good ideas which already exists amongst many FlyerTalk members on how FlyerTalk could be improved but have not been publicly expressed; and I would like to hear of those ideas.

In my opinion, TalkBoard serves the membership of FlyerTalk as a vehicle for the conveyance of creative ideas to improve FlyerTalk to management and administrative personnel who have the capabilities to implement positive changes...

...so as a member of FlyerTalk, what do you believe needs to be done to improve FlyerTalk in your opinion? If I am elected as one of the members of TalkBoard, I want to know how to help improve your experience on FlyerTalk for the future.
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Old Nov 10, 14, 6:35 pm
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BA trip reports where they belong. In the BA forum. My grandfather died in the war for these freedoms. And for Tier Points (according to my grandmother)
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Old Nov 10, 14, 8:48 pm
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I believe that the improvement suggestions lie with the people who use the Boards...they need to be the driving force behind any changes that we would consider. I take in all of the information, weigh the pros and cons and then make a decision based upon the data I have.
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Old Nov 11, 14, 10:54 am
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4. What can Talkboard do to improve FlyerTalk besides create new forums?

Listen to member suggestions
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Old Nov 13, 14, 6:54 am
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Listen, learn and evaluate. FT is a forum for the members. We need to listen to what is required and take on board the positives and the negatives.
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Old Nov 14, 14, 1:39 pm
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I don't want to downplay TalkBoard's role in defining FT's forum structure, but I think our more nebulous role in representing members should not be forgotten. TalkBoard sometimes advises the Community Director and other FT/IB admins about a variety of issues, which could include the desirability of certain potential innovations on FT (including the vBulletin extensions, the FT app, the reporting of newsworthy material, etc.). TalkBoard is an obvious organized (maybe not?) group of manageable size that the CD (SanDiego1K) can consult. If not for TalkBoard (and Ambassadors for fora that have Ambassadors), the only systematic feedback would be from moderators.

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