7. Have you had other roles that relate to FlyerTalk?

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7. Have you had other roles that relate to FlyerTalk?

What other roles do you have (or have you had in the past) that relate to the topics discussed on FT? [In particular, are you (or have you ever been) a moderator, senior moderator, or Ambassador? Do you own or play a leadership role in some other travel related bulletin board or website? Do you have a travel related blog? Do you organize or present material at FF seminars or related events? Do you own or work for an award booking service? Are you a travel agent, travel/FF consultant, or other travel industry professional? More generally, are you trying to make money from any activities related to FT?] How do you view the relation between these other roles and your potential TB membership? If there might be a conflict of interest, how would you propose to handle the situation?
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I have been a moderator in the Southwest Rapid Rewards forum for about 10 years. I have had some other shorter-term moderation roles where a need arose. I have written and presented training material for moderators.

I have no blogs and no leadership role in any website outside FlyerTalk. I don't make any money from FlyerTalk. It's just my hobby.

I don't have any conflicts of interest, nor do I anticipate any. Frankly, I find it insulting and/or disingenuous for anyone to suggest that established FT members could be bought off by favors from travel companies or banks. We are all adults with real lives. While everyone may have his price, our price is completely unaffordable.
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During my almost 12 years of membership on FlyerTalk, I:
  • Have been a moderator for greater than ten years
  • Was one of the original Senior Moderators for six years
  • Author two weblogs related to miles, points and travel; plus I authored a temporary weblog for Delta Air Lines which documented its emergence from bankruptcy on April 30, 2007
  • Have co-organized two major Delta Air Lines FlyerTalk events; as well as two luncheons thanking the employees of Delta Air Lines and volunteers from FlyerTalk for assisting with those events
  • Co-organized several gatherings of FlyerTalk members, including the Who Will Be The Next FlyerTalk Member To Post gatherings in El Paso and Ljubljana
  • Was one of the original founding board members of the Frequent Travel Awards and Frequent Traveler University
  • Have officially presented on behalf of FlyerTalk at the Chicago Seminars

I foresee no conflict of interest on my part if I am elected as a member of TalkBoard. In fact, I believe that my knowledge of FlyerTalk part of which resulted from the aforementioned partial list of internal and external activities will help to enhance my role as a member of TalkBoard.
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No, I have not held any other roles that relate specifically to FT. However, in my role as an executive at my firm, I report to our Board of Directors, so I feel that my insight into their views and objectives would be very helpful on TB.
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I've never been a moderator, senior moderator, or Ambassador on FT.

On MilePoint, I'm an Original Member and also Gold.

In addition, I've participated in sqtalk and travelingbetter.

I don't have a blog or booking service, nor do I have any financial interest in the travel industry (other than trying to make my own travel as productive and pleasant as possible without spending an inappropriate amount of money).

If a conflict of interest were to arise, I would recuse myself from the discussion and vote; I would resign from TalkBoard if a continuing significant conflict of interest were to arise. I don't consider disclosure to be unreasonable.

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