Crab beehoon

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Crab beehoon

After chili and black pepper crab, the newest crab dish in Singapore is crab beehon. Here's a review from a Singapore paper:,00.html

I plan to be Singapore around Chinese New Year (begins on Feb 9th' 05).

Yummy ...

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just in case the link expires one fine day, i've copied and pasted the article below..


No. 3'S curry crab is No. 1

No. 3 Crab Delicacy Seafood in Outram Road serves crab in many ways. Try the curry crab which can turn into laksa


CHICKEN rice may be Singapore's national dish but the crab is crawling into a comfortable second spot.

Though most of the crabs we eat may have come from Sri Lanka, seafood restaurants here have come up with such winning ways of cooking the crustacean that it is no wonder we love it so much.

While chilli and black pepper crab are already icons of the Singapore culinary scene, another crab dish that is popping up in menus is crab beehoon. It comes in two versions - with thick gravy or a milky soup.

The soupy version is one of the top sellers at No. 3 Crab Delicacy Seafood, a small air-conditioned eatery near Tiong Bahru.

But it was its curry crab (about $35 for a crab, enough for four people) that bowled me over.

The meaty Sri Lankan crab was lightly cooked in a thin but delicious curry broth that was spiced with aromatic curry leaves.

The watery texture of the curry, with just a hint of coconut milk, also meant that it did not mask the natural sweetness of the crab - definitely a plus point.

The staff normally suggest you accompany the dish with deep-fried buns. But I prefer to add some thick beehoon ($2 a plate) and turn it into a laksa.

No. 3 serves crab in more than 10 ways, including claypot crab porridge, cold crab and butter-stewed crab.

I tried the popular claypot crab beehoon and found that while the crab itself was perfect, I had tasted better soups at other eateries.

But there are plenty of other interesting dishes to try besides crab.

The drunken cockle ($8 for small) is an original creation that is simple but tastes great.

Cockles on half shell are marinated in a diluted soya sauce laced with liquor and bits of chilli padi. Served chilled, the plump and juicy shellfish make a great appetiser.

Some unique dishes are not even on the menu. I was intrigued enough by the waitress' description of what she called 'prawn crackers' ($16) to give them a try, and did not regret it.

The cracker was made by sandwiching minced prawn paste between two triangular sheets of popiah skin and deep-frying till golden. The result was a crispy delight that crackled in the mouth. It was a trifle salty but was perfectly complemented by an accompanying sweet sauce.

The cabbage chicken ($28) was another winner. It was deep-fried spring chicken wrapped in cabbage leaves and stewed till everything was melt-in-the-mouth tender.

The long slow cooking made the vegetables so sweet that you would want to drink up the broth in the plate.

Alternatively, check out the rojak-style chicken ($12), which is an original idea that combines a deep-fried chicken cutlet with rojak sauce. It may sound odd but tastes pretty good.

Besides, with its multi-cultural roots, this truly rojak creation would make a great national dish.
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Pshaw! The One True Crab Beehoon is served at Sin Huat Eating House, Geylang Lorong 35, smack dab in the middle of Singapore's red-light district. Open-air kitchen, red plastic stools, service with a snarl, the highest prices in Singapore ($36/crab, serves 2), and expect to wait at least 40 minutes as all dishes are made to order... but it's worth the wait.
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Sin Huat Eating House - Oh my god you spoliled my day in NYC. The best Crabs in Singapore.......
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