Hotel theft

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Hotel theft

Brand new to this forum. Wish I had checked it out before my vacation. My wife and I checked in to 5 star hotel. We're told our room would not be ready for an hour. The front desk assured us that our bags would be locked up in the bellman's area and we were given tags for our luggage. We went to lunch and returned an hour later. To make a long story short my 2 bags were not just missing but stolen. The police arrived and viewed video surveillance tape and saw that our luggage was not locked but put in an employees hallway of the front lobby. The double doors to this hallway were unsecured. Gross negligence if you ask me and the police. Hotel ignored my wife and I until we checked out the next morning to fly home due to needing meds and to change locks. Approx 12k worth of clothing, camera equipment, electronics and one piece of jewelry. Hotels insurance company is offering one thousand dollars. Any suggestions?
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This is horrible so sorry this happened.

I don't have any specific advice, except that there may be some limits of liability that you agreed to in someway when you book a room at this hotel. I'm not familiar with laws governing personal property at hotels, except that once you're in your room there's usually sign saying the hotel isn't responsible for personal property. Is there anything written on your luggage tag itself that limits their liability?
If your losses are as you suggest, it may be worth at least speaking with an attorney to see what your rights are in the situation. If the insurance company does not want to negotiate with you perhaps they will negotiate with an attorney.
And please do file a police report – in San Francisco the police often don't come to scene of a crime unless there was a weapon involved. Can file a report after the fact which might force the hotel to keep the footage if there's any kind of legal case.

While I'm not always in favor of outing a hotel or other company, it might be helpful to know if this is a large chain hotel or a freestanding establishment. And again not imputing your description, but if it is truly a five-star hotel you may have a different recourse than if it is not.
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You should check with your homeowners insurance carrier. Most policies provide coverage for personal property, such as lost and stolen luggage, while traveling.
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First, others may have had similar poor experiences at the same property but won't know unless you provide the property's name. Perhaps someone else here can help you out, but never will. Nothing to protect by not naming the place.

Second do you know how the property's insurance company came up with $1,000? Just because the insurer is offering $1K, doesn't mean that the property isn't on the hook for more. But, I presume that the insurer wants you to release the property in return for the $1K.

Third, as others note, start checking your own insurance policies. Homeowners, credit cards used for the travel (although this is sticky because you may not have checked in). It may be easier to make this claim against one of those and let them slug it out. It may also be easier to simply claim against the property. If it really is a 5* (are there really any in SF?) it ought to be able to pay a $12K claim.

Having said all of this, you may have a mess on your hands. You may want to check California law on liability here. It may limit the "innkeeper's" liability and if it does you may be SOL.

To be fair, whether a bag is locked in a room accessed by a bunch of bellmen or in an employee's-only hallway, I can't conceive of leaving $12K worth of items including medication and jewelry. That kind of stuff stays with me no matter what.
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Ugh I'm so sorry! But glad you posted because the above advice is good.
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