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You and your Boss, Upgrades and not. . .

You and your Boss, Upgrades and not. . .

Old Jul 13, 05, 8:03 am
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You and your Boss, Upgrades and not. . .

So a bunch of us that work together that FLY everywhere were talking at dinner last night. We recounted a story when we all worked at the same company and FLEW EVERYWHERE for work. Once the CEO of the company was going to fly with us, well we were all upgraded to First and he wasn't. At the time one of the co-workes and the CEO were not on good terms and told his supervisor that if anything was said about us all being in first and the CEO being back in coach, he would quit his job (at the time we were all at a point where we wanted to quit).

Sure enough, as we all preboarded and sat there in first drinking and such, the rest of the cabin began to fill in, the CEO of our company at the time boarded and well as he walked past under his breath he said "you f***ers". Needles to say the one that threatened to quit did that week. Over the course of two years we all were either fired or quit that were on that flight and we all formed a sorta co-op of working together and are WAY better off now than ever before.

That being said, when you travel with your upper mangment, and you get upgraded and they don't purchase a First ticket, do you feel bad? I don't. I have had my BIS for way to many miles to care. If they have a problem with it, they need to go and purchase or sit their BIS for that many miles. When I am on the road for over 1/2-3/4 of the year away from my loved ones, it is the price or the perk of my job.
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Old Jul 13, 05, 9:26 am
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I Agree

....let those CEO's buy a FC seat or earn it hard way.....BIS.

When I worked in the corp world, it was never a problem because my upper management flew more miles than me. If it was a longer flight, they got to purchase an F seat.
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Old Jul 13, 05, 9:41 am
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Soon after taking a new job several years back I took a business trip to Milan with our CEO (my immediate boss). We were both in Y.

Connecting at ZRH on the return, I spent a bit too much time shopping. By the time I got to the gate my seat had been given to someone else. All was not lost, however: Swissair found space for me in F.

When my boss boarded, he walked past where I was reclined, sipping champagne and having grapes peeled for me (or whatever). He didn't say a word - then or later. He was very uncommunicative, the type who would send a memo to ask the time. I left the job soon after and never regretted it.
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Old Jul 13, 05, 10:20 am
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Interesting. In one case, we have a CEO making a comment resulting in an employee quitting. In another case, we have a CEO not making a comment and an employee quitting.

The only time I ever traveled with my boss (about 15 years ago), I got upgraded. He took it well, and just called me "lucky". Later in the boarding process, they just told people to take any empty seat, and my boss took that opportunity to grab the seat next to me. The crew never said anything, but my boss and I joked for quite a while on that one.

So all we've learned here is that it doesn't matter what your boss says or does, some people will quit. Or is it that you should never travel with your boss if you already hate your job?
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Old Jul 13, 05, 10:34 am
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I've been the boss, with the higher elite status, getting the upgrade. And I've given it to my junior colleague.

Wouldn't on a transpac, though!
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Old Jul 13, 05, 10:41 am
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I've only had it happen to me once. My boss at the time and I were good friends so while he teased me on the way by, I knew it wasn't a problem.

When the door was shut, the seat next to me was still empty. I told the FA that my boss was in the back and if they could find it in their hearts to move him up my life would be considerably better. They did!!

Bad news is that we worked all the way home and the FA's teased me every time they walked by. I told them next time put a pretty woman next to me <G>.
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Old Jul 13, 05, 10:56 am
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Originally Posted by 900at
I told them next time put a pretty woman next to me <G>.
LOL - i'd have to agree. . .
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Old Jul 13, 05, 2:06 pm
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My experiences are completely different. I would never consider sitting in a class higher than that of my superior. To me, that would be like making my mom/dad/girlfriend sit in coach while I enjoyed first class. I have always had a tremendous amount of respect for my boss, and to me, that would include trading seats.

I was EXP and he was Platinum, but there was never a situation where I was upgraded and he was not. If it would have occurred, I would have insisted that he take the first class seat.

On my last job, I was responsible for our travel. I made sure that my boss always had the better of available seats when selecting online. I would feel uncomfortable the entire flight if I were in a better spot. Of course, in retrospect, I should have given him the worse seat and then switched when we got on the plane. He probably never realized that all the good seats were by design.

I did use my upgrades (3) on a flight when we were both Platinum and decided to upgrade at the gate since he did not have enough coupons in his account.

One of the reasons I was able to attain EXP is because my last boss allowed me to fly AA even when it wasn't the lowest fare. Of course, the reason I was able to fly at all is because I had a job, and he was responsible for that.

It just seems that the boss deserves the preferential treatment. Now, I have my own company. I would expect the same treatment.

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Old Jul 13, 05, 2:11 pm
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If the boss was a jerk, I would want to be as far as away from him/her.

If the boss was a reasonable person, I'd be all for attempting to offer him/her my seat even.
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Old Jul 13, 05, 3:00 pm
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How about if you were a extreme FF and your boss flew once a year on co. business?

Would you still pass up your upgrade even w/ your Deep Vein Thrombrosis?
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Old Jul 13, 05, 3:04 pm
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Hmmm never thought about this. All but 2 of my bosses I have had I would have sent cargo if they let me. Of those 2, 1 always had status so wouldnt be an issue. The last is tricky to answer, he used to be my boss and we are now business partners, I do enjoy his company, so having him in F wouldnt be bad I guess. But I dont think I would sit in coach so he could be in First. If I couldnt upgrade him to First I guess we would both being going coach.

I think the trick on all this is also remembering how you got status...if you are an elite because your company paid for all the trips (or their clients did) it seems a little selfish for you to take a better seat than the person who essentially got you the status. I guess they should be in the same class you are in, but not the seat next to you *smile*.
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Old Jul 13, 05, 3:11 pm
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I had a tough as nails female boss for a while who used to make a big production of upgrading me to the seat next to her. She never showed emotion other than rage to those of us who worked for her but once seated together in first class, she'd have too much to drink and cry on my shoulder about the owner of the company.

I quickly learned that there are often benefits to being smashed shoulder to shoulder with strangers in coach. I had to start scheduling onto very incovneient flights and routings to avoid flying with her and having her upgrade me.
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Old Jul 13, 05, 3:20 pm
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I work for myself some the situation you desrcibed are never an issu,e but if I was upgraded and my "boss" were not, well tough luck. I am in a bit of aew though it wouyld help cause the end of a job for some people... Thats a bit petty prolly on the bosses part for making you feel uncomfortable...

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Old Jul 13, 05, 4:34 pm
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I skied with my boss once and took her on a trail that kicked her butt. She is good but had not told me she had tweaked her knee so I simply took her on a trail I knew that she would be able to do (I knew the mountain so she said to show her) and only later did she indicate it sucked for her. I said "so it IS good to whine and complain then, because if the roles were reversed, I would have!" We laughed and she got me back by making me buy the margaritas later.

we get a long as friends but if we flew I suppose it would not matter. She has status anyway and I do not right now.
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Old Jul 13, 05, 6:56 pm
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So this seems to be the right thread for this week's Dilbert. I'm not linking this as I believe it's against their TOS... but Mon and Tues were about flying with one's boss.
Mon: http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/di...-20050711.html
Tues: http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/di...-20050712.html

I'll leave it for someone else to post today's to one of the hotel threads.
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