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My Points phone number


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Originally Posted by stevemkaufman View Post
I too appreciate the numbers posted. Have been using their site for quite a few years and up until last year they were good at posting points. When traveling I book hotels and car rentals through their website. Late last year they stopped posting points for Marriott Hotels. When I wrote I was told you have to wait 60 days before contacting them....they decided that was the new rule for travel related purchases. They had been posting my purchases until November when they stopped posting any Marriott purchases. I wrote and at first they would ask for more info and each time I wrote I would include all the info they required. They write back saying it needs to be 60 days after the purchase even after it has been more than 60 days. After responding they write back saying they will resolve the issue in 2-3 weeks and they don't. When you write again they ask for the same info again. I give it to them one more time then they say they gave me the points two months ago! I explain I stay at the same hotel for the same price every two or three weeks and they send the same email back to me over and over again. They now owe me thousands of points I fear I will never see. I am tired of them.
Hi Steve & Welcome to Flyertalk!
Sorry you are having problems reaching MyPoints, hope the fax number provided by MaxM will help but if not, before you abandon your points there is another option, file complaint with Better Business Bureau. From previous complaints, it's possible this program has intentionally made reaching them quite difficult. I know when I had trouble with on line service & could not reach them by any method, they definitely responded to a call from the BBB!
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if it's of any use to anyone...

when it comes to companies that have no phone access, I tend to avoid trusting them beyond the teasers such as the mypoints 5 point yellow bar.

99% of the time I just use mypoints only to get the 5 points per email click and that's about it. On some very rare occasion when an ad happens to fit exactly what I need and it's not available elsewhere for mileage bonus gain, I might bite and on the 2-3 times I can recall doing it I have been both nervous about it and also frustrated by their delays. I had to call or write them on one occasion but that was back when this was a bit easier to do.

When dealing with such entities, I do keep very detailed records of everything I did in that transaction and I print every email and web link that I do in it. You cannot rely on something that WAS on the web say two weeks ago because links change, and you may not be able to find all of your own emails or information about a deal if you scramble to look for it 6 weeks later. I use Yahoo and frankly it's search engine kinda stinks (but I admit to having many opened but saved emails in my acct)

I also found that with mypoints, if you click the offer to get the 5 points but then go back, say, 3 days later to do the deal in the offer, it may not register those offer points because it thinks you already did something. This is why I had to contact them on one of my occasions of actually doing an offer in one of their email ads. I remember them being in Canada or SF and while they were accommodating once I got thru, it was a real pain to get there. Those numbers no longer work.

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the crooks at my points

this phone number works also the fax number is 415-829-6122 a very nice young man answers the phone at least when i called but still full of B.S. We need to start a class action suit against these people or at least contact the better business people.

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how about a email contact? I cant seem to get them by phone and I also cant log into my account all of the sudden. The lost password feature is not working.
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oh wait, sorry

I got this thread mixed up with POINTS.com

MyPoints only does things with an email contact form now not by calling them.
I rarely buy anything at MyPoints but I just go for the 5 point clicks

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